Office Furniture from West Coast Office National

office-furniture-vredenburg-saldanha-0227131111The office furniture from Office National has been especially hand picked for the South African market. There are thousands of style and design which can make it difficult to decide on the which colour and styles will best fit your style and office space. Ergonomics, door & window position can play a big roll in deciding on a office furniture layout and product selection.
Fabric and the colour of the fabric on your chairs can be manufactured with your company logo in it, or choice from our exclusive range of fabrics, from our fabric swatch available in our full colour furniture catalogue.

If you would like help choosing the right Office Chair or furniture for your company, and you are on the West Coast of South Africa, why not pop onto our store (directions here) or give us a call 022 713 1111 and we will come and see you or we can drop a catalogue at your office. You can also view our furniture catalogue online

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95% of the products are made in South Africa.

Did you know that South Africa has its very own 4×4 chair for those big boys and girls out there.

Veneered Boards
Veneered boards use either a BisonBord or SupaWood substrate, surfaced with a genuine timber veneer. They are ideal for at surface wood nishes that can be combined with matching solid timber moulded to shape. They oer an aordable solution to using solid timber. They are primarily used in upmarket applications such as executive oces and boardroom furniture as well as panelling or wall cladding. Veneered boards are supplied with a raw and unnished surface, requiring a surface treatment by the fabricator.

Over the years, as demand has increased and supply decreased, using solid timber, in applications such as kitchens and oce furniture, has become a costly aair. To still provide the look and feel of solid timber, but ease the expense of the job, veneered boards, which oer solid timber aesthetics at a fraction of the cost, are used. Available in the most popular timber species, veneered boards use a veneer layon, bonded to either a BisonBord or SupaWood substrate and balanced with an appropriate backer. Species dependant, the veneer layons are either sliced or rotary cut and available in either Single or Double Face.
Veneer layons, as the thin sheets of timber are called, are produced by glue stitching individual veneer leaves together. These leaves are produced by a slicer that slices thin layers o of the desired log, otherwise known as a flitch.

Depending on the application, there are many nishes which can be applied. All nishes will slightly alter the original colour of the veneered board and are used to enhance the colour and texture of the wood grain. These nishes include lacquers – lacquers are generally applied by spraying and add depth and richness to the original colour. Lacquers form a protective layer which lends hardiness and durability to the veneer.

Office Furniture product ranges available in our catalogue
Desking, Screens, Seating, Reception, Soft Seating, Boardroom, Training, Presentation, Accessories, Business Machines, Canteen, Education, Public Seating, Filing, Bankers Box, Steel Furniture, Fabric Swatches.