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At West Coast Office National you’ll find a variety of exercise books, manuscript books, notebooks, counter books and memo books to fill in with important notes and information. Stay on top of the numbers with thread-sewn accounting books and easily remove pages from wiro-bound shorthand notebooks. Make entries in duplicate or triplicate on spiral-bound and two-hole punched pads. 

Adhesive notes have revolutionized the business world, making it easy to jot down notes and stick them in handy spots. Books and pads are just as important for note taking, or however you need to fill them.

Where would we be without those amazing little bits of paper that stick with a glue that lets them be moved and removed? It would be near impossible to keep track of things in the workplace without adhesive notes. While digital continues to encroach on the office, we’ll never stop needing real books and pads. In fact, the art of handwriting is so valuable because it helps generate ideas, spark creativity, and commit concepts to memory. Plus the texture and smell of a real book can’t be beaten.

Repositionable notes and tape flags are among the most popular office supplies for good reason. They bring colour and functionality to the workplace, making life that bit easier. Spiral notebooks, ruled pads, books and refills provide handy ways to take notes for meetings or at your desk. Many small businesses and sole operators still prefer to use specialised business books including account books, duplicate and triplicate books, telephone message books and business record books. Each is designed to meet their specific need, offering a solution without having to use a computer. Exercise books, visual art diaries, binder books, journals and graph books have lives beyond the classroom, offering solutions for business and home use.

Books, Pads & Legal Categories

Travel costs is where your business could lose money fast if you don’t keep track of who is going where, with what & when.

Choose from access control books, driver’s route schedule and motor vehicle log books.
Don’t let a kilometer be travelled unnoticed and keep a lid on expenses.

Good bookkeeping is at the heart of a successful small business. Without a paper trail you’ll quickly loose your way. Keep a careful record of transactions on white-wove paper numbered with printed headings. Write out invoices, credit notes, orders and deliveries on durable thermoplastic bound carbon books.

And, when you’re at a loss for words, choose one of our dictionaries to help you out.
We also have novelties and legal stationery, as well as refills to make sure you never run out of what you need.

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