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West Coast Office National delivers for free in Aurora.
Stationery, Printing, Copying, Office Furniture, Samsung copiers as well as comprehensive IT & Computer Support.
We pride ourselves on listening to our clients needs, what can we help you with?

Aurora - Roman Goddess of Dawn

Like the aurora borealis in the arctic, Aurora on the Cape West Coast is best experienced after dark. Established in 1906, the town was named after the Roman goddess of dawn, presumably not for its spectacular dawn light, but the night-time stars that makes it appear as though morning is around the corner.

Remote and inland, Aurora has all the attributes you might look for in a stargazing location. The area is so suitable, in fact, that the French astronomer Abbe De la Caille used the spot to determine the shape of the earth in 1751. De la Caille went on to describe Aurora as the “centre of the universe”, to go along with his somewhat controversial finding that the earth is shaped like a pear.

Office Supplies Delivered to you in Aurora

Below are 20 Categories of Office Supplies available for delivery to your front door. We have a massive variety of stationery, IT, Printing and Furniture solutions for you Office all under one roof.

There is no need to drive out and get your weekly supplies when we can just bring them to you.

Order a Free Catalogue and we will get it brought to you. 




Offices might be filled with keyboards and computers, but writing equipment is as important as it’s ever been. Looking for something to write, highlight or erase with can take ages and waste precious working time.

Make sure you have what you need within reach with our wide range of writing and correction stationery. Start over with correction tape and fluid available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Erase mistakes with quality erasers.

For the times that forgetting is not an option, stock up on markers and kokis. We have everything you need from permanent markers to whiteboard markers to kokis of all the colours you can think of. Highlight important information, take down notes and more.

If you need to pencil in an appointment or make a sketch, we’ve got you covered. From H to HB through to B2 you’ll find what you need. Keep your pencils sharp with state-of-the-art sharpeners and erase without a trace with quality erasers. Have a look at our sundry offers and stock up on executive sets.

books icon



At West Coast Office National you’ll find a variety of exercise books, manuscript books, notebooks, counter books and memo books to fill in with important notes and information.
Stay on top of the numbers with thread-sewn accounting books and easily remove pages from wiro-bound shorthand notebooks.
Make entries in duplicate or triplicate on spiral-bound, two-hole punched pads.

Travel costs is where your business could lose money fast if you don’t keep track of who is going where, with what, when.

Choose from access control books, driver’s route schedule and motor vehicle log books.
Don’t let a kilometre be travelled unnoticed and keep a lid on expenses.

Good bookkeeping is at the heart of a successful small business. Without a paper trail you’ll quickly loose your way. Keep a careful record of transactions on white-wove paper numbered with printed headings.
Write out invoices, credit notes, orders and deliveries on durable thermoplastic bound carbon books.

And, when you’re at a loss for words, choose one of our dictionaries to help you out.
We also have novelties and legal stationery, as well as refills to make sure you never run out of what you need.

Business technology



Inefficient laptops, desktops and printers can slow down an entire office and decrease productivity. A business that uses outdated technology might just see its profits plummet. To keep your office running smoothly and effectively, it’s important to have high-performance hardware that works fast and efficiently.  

A laptop that switches on in a flash and never freezes could mean the difference between meeting a deadline, and missing one. Ease of use and performance is vital in the hardware you probably spend the most time working on.

From notebooks to tablets to curved monitors, our business technology devices will impress you with their array of functionalities and brands, and your clients with their sleek designs. Boost office morale with the latest models from the world’s leading technology brands.

Choose from the latest Dell, Lenovo and HP machines for trusted performance. Make your life easier with a fingerprint reader-enabled laptop and cut down on eye strain with an anti-glare LCD screen. Choose from top-of-the-range Samsung monitors and tablets, or AOC screens including curved monitors.

Our stationery catalogue also has your printing needs covered. Say goodbye to paper jams and cut down on waste. Ensure your printouts are clear, whether printed full colour or black and white, with a printer to suit your pocket and needs. Print, copy, scan and fax with reliable hardware that gives you speed and versatility. Choose between laserjet and ink printers and make sure your paperwork is in order.   

Protect your equipment against shocks and falls with a wide variety of bags and cases. Choose from shells and backpacks to cases specially designed to carry portable hard-drives. They come in a variety of colours, with added features to suit your style and needs. 

All hardware needs software. Equip your machines with the best from Microsoft Office. Once installed, your software will need protection. Stay safe in cyberspace with leading internet security software brands such as Norton, Kaspersky and Bitdefender.

Also choose from telephones, cameras, TVs and multi-function machines to keep your office running like clockwork.


ADDIS - BINS All Purpose 60L

No one likes to do their job hungry or in an unclean environment. Constantly thinking of food or refreshments leaves little space for concentration, which can have a negative impact on the quality of the work you produce. Clean air, floors and desks help to create an office space where you want to be.

In the West Coast Office National catalogue you’ll find a wide selection of beverages, sweets and biscuits. Choose from teas, long life milk, creamer and the all-important coffee to keep the wheels turning. Stock the fridge with soft drinks and mineral water and the snack bar with sweets. Equip the kitchen with quality crockery and cutlery for lunch breaks and breakfasts. We also have your disposable goods covered with serviettes, paper towels and more.

Our range of cleaning equipment is made up of products that are both durable and efficient. Keep floors and surfaces spotless with brooms, brushes, mops and more. Get into cracks with sponge scourers and dusters. Keep the office and kitchen tidy with refuse bags and bins, pedal-operated or other. Choose from Addis and other leading cleaning equipment brands.

Whether you need them in large measure or small, our cleaning products will do the job. Multipro is a high-quality brand for all your home and office cleaning needs. From floor polish to air freshener, the range we offer will suit your needs. Also available are household names like Sunlight, Omo and Windolene.


A clean office is a productive office. Use resources from our catalogue to make the maintenance of your work space the last thing to worry about.



It’s easy to forget about appointments when each day is busier than the last. Careful planning can help to ensure you don’t overstretch yourself. You can also prioritise and organise new events as they pop up.

Put your important dates front and centre with our branded desk calendar which gives you the space you need to keep on top of things. Accessible yet out of the way, it’s a practical office supplies item designed to help you organise your life, not to mention taking down that all-important phone number when a notepad is out of reach.

Whether stitched, bound, pocket or executive, our diaries are your life between covers – hard or soft polypop. Schedule appointments and events on layouts featuring a page-a-day or 15-minute increments. Choose your diary from a variety of colours and designs to suit your tastes, avoid mistakes with non-glare paper and much more.  

Our A6 or A5 personal organiser starter kits allow for a more detailed way to plan your day. Don’t miss a beat with daily to-do-sheets, finance sheets and telephone pages. The organisers come in easy-to-use filofax binders with secure clip-ons to protect its contents. There is space for business cards, bank cards with refills available for especially busy times.

Sometimes it’s necessary to see your schedule at eye level. Pick a wall planner that suits your planning style, whether that’s writing big or small. Plan your week, month, day or year on write and wipe or traditional paper planners. Choose from magnetic aluminium framed or frameless, mounted with double-sided tape. 

In our stationery catalogue you’ll also find diary stands and legal diaries to make sure you always have a plan, and know where to find it.

Electrical Appliances icon



Running an office with old and worn electrical accessories is both dangerous and annoying. The lights could go out at any moment, plus hardware could suffer irreparable damage after an electrical surge.

Cut down on the time spent looking for extension cords and create a safe environment with trusted multi-coloured quality Ellies products. Make sure it’s all systems go with Ellies multiplugs, and protect your hardware with Ellies surge protectors, with illuminated on/off switches.

At West Coast Office National you’ll also find the batteries you need to stay powered up on the go. Choose between Duracell and Energizer batteries across a wide range of strengths and durability. Re-use with a battery recharger and rechargeable batteries on hand, or pick from lithium coins, alkaline batteries and more.

Find the right power solutions to solve your electricity problems to keep the lights on. Speaking of which, get the lighting you need for the requirements you have, whether that be overhead or on your desk. Never drop a call with trustworthy telephone accessories.

Envelopes Icon


C6 ENVELOPES 114 X 162mm Peel-&-Seal

Sending documents and items through the mail is still very much a requirement for the modern office. Not having an envelope on hand, whether through good old forgetfulness or thinking the days of snail mail are over, could see you end up high and dry.

Whether peel and seal, opaque, white or manila, we’ve got you and your mail covered. Choose from a variety of sizes including B4, B5, C3 pocket, C4, C5 and C6. Send your business correspondence in a window banker envelope that’s cello-wrapped, or not.

Protect your discs and valuable data with CD sleeves and send fragile items with peace of mind in bubble-lined padded envelopes. Keep wages organised and secure with peel and seal wage pockets available in Kraft and manila, colour or white, with or without printed wage details.

Take care of your stationery postal needs with DL envelopes and a selection of sundry items to choose from. And for those times when a stamp isn’t near, or you’ve forgotten what it costs to send mail, stock up on prepaid envelopes.

You may not have a mailroom and trolleys in your building anymore, but the mail still matters. With us, you’ll find what you need and have it delivered to your door by none other than the postal service.

Filing and Storage Icon



For see-through clarity, and the perfect way to protect and display documents, see our West Coast Office National A4 display files. These multi-purpose lightweight display books have anti-static sleeves, which makes it easy to flip through, one page at a time. We also have a wide variety of filing pockets with or without spines.

If it’s files you’re after, we have them. Choose from a variety of lever arch files and stack them where you can see them, with easily identifiable spine labels. Choose between board and PVC soft touch in a variety of colours. For file accessories and cases, see our Stor-A-File file organiser with five compartments you can turn on its side and use as a shelf, or divide your work with strip file dividers.

Let your fingers do the searching with suspension files with metal encapsulated rods to make it easy to slide on their railings. Work faster and more efficiently when you look up and find specific documents, indexed from A to Z.

Folders and covers for presentations and simple storage are always handy. From index folders to secretarial folders to folders with DIY covers there’s a wide variety to choose from. Store elusive documents in a top retrieval system, with files printed with an alpha and numeric scale. Find what you’re looking for in one quick glance and cut down on time-wasting.

Inks toners and ribbons icon



The lifeblood of any office is the ink that runs in its printers. Faded copy – or even invisible copy! – is a nightmare and can leave you red-faced in front of clients and colleagues. Keep your printer’s “tanks” full with ink, toners and ribbons from leading brands.

We stock all the major names in print and ink. Choose from Brother, Canon, Citizen, Epson, HP, Kyocera, Lexmark, Mannesman Tally, Minolta, Oki, Panasonic, Samsung, Seikosha and Xerox.

Computer Products & Accessories Icon



It’s the little things that count. In the case of computers, little to medium-sized things such as flash drives, mouse pads and hard drives. Without accessories your laptop or desktop will not perform to its fullest potential. You need the bells and whistles to make it sing.

Few things are as annoying as standing with a device in your hand without a cable to plug it in with. Make the connections and order lightning cables, male to female cables and micro USB cables online from West Coast Office National. Choose from leading brands such as Amplify, Volkano and Gizzu. If there’s a cable missing in your office, you know where to find a new one.

CDs, DVDs, data cartridges and memory discs are the mobile filing cabinets of today. Store movies, music, sound bites, presentations, important documents and more. We stock the best from Verbatim, SanDisk and PQ1. For mass storage devices choose from Transcend, Seagate and others for high-performance hard drives. Don’t lose sleep worrying whether you’ve lost all your work. Make back-ups and get a good night’s rest.

For those times that you need to plug in more than one device, or maybe seven, have a look at our hubs and switches. From three-port to four-port to, yes, seven-port we have them all. Charge two devices at the same time with specialised power banks or jump start a flat battery up to 20 times with a jump starter. It’s all in our catalogue.

A good keyboard and mouse can go a long way to improving your work experience. Choose between wireless and wired in a variety of colours and designs to suit your needs and tastes. Have a look at our wide range of mouse pads, with memory foam wrist support and more, or treat your fingers to a new keyboard with the latest designs for ultimate typing comfort. 

An office party simply isn’t an office party without the best sound technology around. We can supply you with speakers that could literally rock your world. Have a high-end Bluetooth media speaker delivered to your door free of charge. And get webcams to improve the quality of your face time and Skype chats. Whatever your requirements, we have the accessories you need.  

Labels and Labeling Machines Icon



Who’s is this? What is this? Where does this go? These are the questions you’ll often hear in an office without labels and labelling machines. Whether it’s with a round coloured sticker or a custom-printed label printed on specialised tape, labelling your office equipment, files, books and, yes, your favourite stapler can organise an office the way you want it to be.

Writing addresses on envelopes when you’re mailing a ton of people is both hard work and time consuming. With address labels neatly packed in dispenser boxes you can make bulk mailing as easy as pull and stick. Every business person needs a business card. Network successfully and build your contacts with high-quality business cards.

Add a touch of colour to your working life and make use of colour coding to organise the office. We have round colour code labels, high glow shelf talkers and more. Stick labels on your files to know what’s going on inside. Label their spines so you know where they go. Get a labelling machine and make labels in the office. Choose from a variety of sizes, Bluetooth-enabled and more.

With A4 inkjet laser label templates you can use the printer you have to print labels in-house. Available in various formats and tablet layouts, the templates make it easy to create your labels simply using MS Word in Microsoft Office. Print labels fast and on-demand. For messages that are often used, choose pre-printed labels with words such as ‘FRAGILE’ and ‘CONFIDENTIAL’.

And for the messages only you can write we have white roll labels in all shapes and sizes. With a smudge-resistant surface they’re ideal for price-marking, organising and filing. We have all your labelling and stationery needs covered. All the more reason to stick with us!

Wellbeing and Safety Icon



It might not look so at first, but the workplace is filled with health and safety risks. From big risks like fire to smaller risks like slippery floors and even unknown risks like sitting wrong, there are many ways unforeseen events can impact productivity, or worse. Feeling at risk is not the best way to get work done. The workplace should be a safe space, so make sure you have what you need to feel secure.

The good news is we’ve got your wellbeing and safety covered from head to toe, and beyond. Sitting with bad posture at your desk can have long-term consequences. Make sure you’re comfortable at your desk and choose from a wide range of laptop risers, lumbar-support chairs and foot and wrist supports.

Equip yourself for emergencies with fire extinguishers, first aid kits and flashlights. We have a range of emergency kits including burn kits. Prevent accidents on the stairs with indoor and outdoor anti-slip tape. Find safety masks, safety spectacles, industrial safety caps and safety signs, from exit signs to wet floor signs and more.

For peace of mind when you’re not at the office, select a high-quality safe and we’ll deliver it to you for free. Keep important documents and items behind a tree to eight-digit user code. Secure lever arch files, petty cash boxes and more. Choose from a range of high-security electronic safes in different sizes and locks.

Ergonomics and security are important considerations in any working environment. At West Coast Office National we take your wellbeing seriously. Contact us for products to suit your every safety need. And if we don’t have it, we’ll get it.

Office Furniture Icon



Without any furniture your office would simply be carpet, walls and a roof. Unless you’re running a yoga studio, that simply won’t do as a working space. Along with atmosphere and creating a good impression when clients walk in, the furniture in your office sets the tone for a healthy and efficient working environment.

From the boardroom to the canteen through to the reception, you won’t have trouble filling space with the wide selection of office furniture and accessories we have available. Choose from wraparound black wood working stations to modern designs. Pick between differently contoured desk walls for privacy in an open-plan office.

As far as seating goes, we have what you need both outdoor and in. Desk chairs range from deluxe to standard in a variety of colours to suit your tastes. Transform the interior of your reception area with elegant single or double seater couches. Furnish the canteen with the latest in workplace design.

Store your documents in style in beautifully-finished top retrieval cabinets to go with the rest of the furniture. Impress clients from the moment they step in the door with a stylised doormat and keep the wheels turning with durable chair mats and carpet protectors. Choose from filing cabinets and, even, lockers.

From training to conferencing through to day-to-day life at the office, we have the furniture you need to create the space you want. Order online and we’ll will deliver it to your door, free of charge.

Office Machines and Accessories Icon


GBC - FUSION 7000L A3 Laminator

Sometimes a bigger job is called for. Sometimes papers need to be shredded or cut with perfection. It’s not necessary to run to a specialist shop to get laminating done, or binding combs installed. With the right equipment you can do it in the office and save yourself time and money.

Bind presentations and reports professionally with home office binders built for the job. Choose from entry level machines for small office needs or larger models for a more industrial approach. Get plastic bind combs in a variety of colours or stock up on wire binding elements if metal is the way to go.

For posters, signs and cards or any other laminating you need done, have a look at our selection of laminators. With super-fast warm-up times and a variety of widths, you cover and seal documents with ease. Choose from leading brands such as Parrot, Fellowes and others.

Protect company secrets and keep the competition guessing with shredders that are jam-proof, quiet and fast performing. No shredding job is too big or too small for the range we have. And if it’s more selective cutting you need, have a look at our trimmers and guillotines, which come in a variety of cut lengths, styles and sheet capacities.

Crunching numbers? We have the calculators you need to make the sums you have to. Choose from premium desktop calculators to scientific models. Find the perfect pocket calculator or specialise with a tax calculator. We also have cash registers, and don’t miss our bundle promos.

Office Supplies and Desk Accessories Icon



Basic accessories like staplers, adhesive, clips, pins and punches are the nuts and bolts of any office. Without them within arm’s reach or, at the very least, on the premises, your day can go from great to grey in an instant. With the West Coast Office National stationery range, your desk accessories needs are met.

Choose between clear tape, double-sided tape and many more, whatever your adhesive needs. We have Prestik, Pritt and Bostik Super Glue for your basic sticking needs as well as glue dots and super clear tape for more specialised requirements. Find wood glue, Bostik Clear and more.

When it comes to filling a notice board or any other pinning you may need done, have a look at our wide range of pins in a variety of colours. We have clips of all sizes and shapes. Choose between two leading brands of paper clips and find the perfect magnetic dispenser to prevent a desk littered with clips.

Find bulldog clips, foldback clips and more.

We have all the desk accessories, filing accessories and organisers you need to keep your workspace tidy at all times. Keep your office clutter free with bent prong filing fasteners and econo filing laces. Other desk accessories include tape dispensers and a wide variety and forms of corrective tape from leading brands.

Find the pencil sharpeners and the rulers you need. We also have telephone and business books for those all-important contact details, and book coverings to keep your books protected and as good as new. For all your other needs, have a look at our sundries section.

Order your desk accessories online and we’ll deliver them free anywhere on the West Coast. And if we don’t have it, we’ll get it for you.

Paper Icon



Without paper, your printers won’t run and neither will your office. Paper is needed for everything from taking notes in a meeting to putting together a presentation. Without paper, faxes won’t come through and the copier won’t work. Paper – from a piece to a ream – is essential to keep your office functioning.

As a paper supplier, we have arguably the biggest range in the region. Let your imagination take flight with exclusive premium bond paper suitable for all printers, copiers and fax machines, with ultra-whiteness and smoothness guaranteed. Or choose from leading paper brands like Rotatrim, Typek and Double A.

If it’s coloured paper you’re after, we have deep tints, pastel tints, marble and more. Stock up on laser paper specially treated for brilliant colour reproduction. Or have the colours of the rainbow on hand with a ream of mixed coloured paper for use in mono/colour copiers, fax machines and inkjet printers. Boards are ideal when you need paper with some extra stability, stiffness and bulk. As with our paper selection, we have a variety of coloured boards available.

Make sure your cash register is never without paper with thermal or bond cash register rolls. Keep the printing production line going with continuous feed paper available in eyeline, blank and pastel. Stock up on laser payslips and specialised paper for use with Pastel/Sage accounting software.

We also have thermal fax paper, copier paper and a wide range of other specialty paper in our catalogue. With us, you’ll never have to run out of paper of any kind ever again. Order today online.

Presentation Icon



With a successful presentation you can gain a new client and grow your business. It’s with presentations that you train staff and explain concepts and come up with strategies in front of a large group of people. Without the boards and projectors to do a professional and smooth presentation, you might lose business and fall behind the competition. Or you may simply have an office where ideas aren’t shared and no one knows what’s going on.

We have the equipment you need to put your best foot – and work – forward while sharing your ideas. From accessories like data projector ceiling mounts to laser pointers, we have the nuts and bolts for you to feel secure that everything will go according to plan. Place your projector on a steel trolley for ease of movement and make use of a USB laser presentation remote.

Keep track of jobs or hold that all-important brainstorming session with the help of a magnetic whiteboard. We have a wide range available including the exclusive West Coast Office National aluminium-frame magnetic whiteboard with a pen tray, magnetic eraser and two black markers included. Or choose from Parrot whiteboards, with foldable pen trays, moulded corners and more.

For neat and highly professional ads, notices and posters around the office, have a look at the display cases in our catalogue. You have many options including spring-action aluminium frames for quick and easy poster changes. Or get a double-sided window poster frame and display double-sided posters behind non-reflective media covers.

Easels and easy rail systems make light of the work associated with presentations to ensure everything runs smoothly. Have a look at our flip charts and state-of-the-art projectors. When it comes to screens we have what you need to present like a pro. Choose between pull-down screens, tripod screens and electric screens. The best sign that your business is doing well is a high-class sign that says so. Choose from a variety of signs in our catalogue and show the world what you’re made of.

Rubber Stamp Icon


COLOP - PRINTER LINE DATER Printer R30 Dater 30mm Diameter Round

Create new marketing opportunities with our printer line stamp. Newly designed with a branded plastic cover, the stamp integrates all the advantages of a stamp with a sleek and modern design. Or find the ideal custom and embosser stamp for reliable repeated use. 

To stamp, a stamp needs a pad and ink. We stock metal stamp pads and endorsing ink from all the leading brands including Foska and Penguin. Find pre-printed, self-inked stock text stamps and repeat the same message up to 20 000 times before having to re-ink. The stamps come in a variety of ergonomic designs and sizes to make sure your stamping work runs like clockwork.

We also have numbering stamps and embossers for you in our stationery catalogue to leave the marks you need on the documents that require them. Order online today, and we’ll deliver it anywhere on the West Coast for free.

Security Icon


YALE - PADLOCKS 40mm Long Shackle

Whether you have money, expensive equipment, sensitive documents – or all of the above – on your premises, it’s important to keep it safe and secure to avoid serious damage to your business. Theft of property is a loss that’s easy to prevent with reliable locks and safes.

We have the protection you need for peace of mind that your valuables are safe behind lock and key. Choose from leading padlock manufacturer Yale’s extensive range of full brass body padlocks suitable for indoor or outdoor use, with variable U-metal lengths and thicknesses.

We also stock Yale’s range of safes. For compact storage, have a look at the Yale laptop safety box big enough for devices with up to 15” screens. Get a professional safety deposit box with an LCD keypad and fully motorised lock. Or ensure the security of your office files with an electronic file safe purposefully built to fit lever arch files and other office valuables.

At West Coast Office National we love stationery. We also love safety and security, so order your safes and locks today and we’ll deliver it free to your door wherever you are in the West Coast.

Warehouse and Packaging Icon


PACKAGING CARTONS No. 3 250 x 150 x 250mm

Boxes that tear apart and seals that break can cause untold damage to equipment and products. When it comes to packaging, reliability is key to ensure you don’t suffer losses that could have been prevented. From boxes to buff tags, everything on the packaging production line – large scale or small – must be of a high quality.

Make sure you have the tools you need to pack in the warehouse with accessories including our new exclusive cutting knife range, with stainless steel metal sheaths and two spare blades in the body. Make sealing boxes a dream with the Gemnes packaging tape dispenser, which pulls and cuts off with ease. Be mobile and maintain an excellent health and safety record with a fold nose trolley.

We have the pallet rap you need to seal and secure with ease. Or stock up on protective bubble wrapping for all those extra-important items, equipment and products. Objects that need protection aren’t always flat, square or rectangular. Guard against damage with durable, re-usable postal tubes in a variety of sizes, with end caps included.

For added safety on your packaging and in the warehouse, have a look at our wide variety of security tapes and seals available. From highly visible, brightly coloured information labels that carry important dispatch and handling information to black and yellow barrier tape, we have the products you need to be secure. Find fragile tape, tamper-evident tape, floor marking tape and more.

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