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It’s the little things that count. In the case of computers, little to medium-sized things such as flash drives, mouse pads and hard drives. Without accessories your laptop or desktop will not perform to its fullest potential. You need the bells and whistles to make it sing.
Few things are as annoying as standing with a device in your hand without a cable to plug it in with. Make the connections and order lightning cables, male to female cables and micro USB cables online from West Coast Office National. Choose from leading brands such as Amplify, Volkano and Gizzu.

If there’s a cable missing in your office, you know where to find a new one.
CDs, DVDs, data cartridges and memory discs are the mobile filing cabinets of today. Store movies, music, sound bites, presentations, important documents and more. We stock the best from Verbatim, SanDisk and PQ1. For mass storage devices choose from Transcend, Seagate and others for high-performance hard drives. Don’t lose sleep worrying whether you’ve lost all your work. Make back-ups and get a good night’s rest.


For those times that you need to plug in more than one device, or maybe seven, have a look at our hubs and switches.
From three-port to four-port to, yes, seven-port we have them all.
Charge two devices at the same time with specialised power banks or jump start a flat battery up to 20 times with a jump starter. It’s all in our catalogue.

A good keyboard and mouse can go a long way to improving your work experience.
Choose between wireless and wired in a variety of colours and designs to suit your needs and tastes. Have a look at our wide range of mouse pads, with memory foam wrist support and more, or treat your fingers to a new keyboard with the latest designs for ultimate typing comfort. 

An office party simply isn’t an office party without the best sound technology around.
We can supply you with speakers that could literally rock your world.
Have a high-end Bluetooth media speaker delivered to your door free of charge.
 And get webcams to improve the quality of your facetime, zoom and Skype chats.
Whatever your requirements, we have the accessories you need. 

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