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Branded Promotional Gifts for Corporates

Make Business Branding Part of Your Everyday Life

Branded Promotional Gifts

Today’s consumers look for branding before anything else when purchasing a product. Personalisation has become more important than price value for more than 86% of buyers, as this survey by Infosys reveals.

The advent of business branding enables both large corporations and small startups to promote themselves and enhance their profits with more efficiency.


Whether you choose to invest in corporate gifts, logo-printed clothing or personalised lanyards, you are bound to boost brand awareness and obtain a substantial return on investment.

What is Business Branding?

Business branding is the best way to present your products or services to consumers. It is a straightforward marketing tool that you can use to help customers identify your brand when it is on the same shelf with your competition’s products.

Having a powerful brand means more than an eye-catching logo or a whimsical slogan. A reflection of it is present in everything your business displays from advertising materials to staff uniforms and all the way to your customer support service.

Business branding makes you stand out in the crowd and transforms your company into an authoritative figure in your business niche.

A brand needs time to develop into an easily recognisable concept in the mind of the consumer. A strong brand is the collection of memories, user experiences and marketing strategies that the product or service that you offer has spurred since its early beginnings.

Business branding polishes and curates this “collection” to give consumers more confidence in your products. It also transforms them into loyal customers whose business will guarantee recurring, long-term profits for your company.

There are several ways in which you can employ business branding to increase brand awareness and enhance your visibility on the market. Personalised marketing can provide you with powerful promotional products, such as:

  • Corporate gifts
  • Branded Headwear
  • Personailes Clothing
  • Logo-Printed Office Supplies
  • Embroidered Corporate Items
These are just a few of the products that you can use to make your presence known where it matters. With the right strategy, you can make business branding a part of your everyday life and a lasting presence in the lives of your business partners.

10 Reasons Why Business Branding Matters

Business branding helps you establish a strong connection with your customers. It also works as a way of engaging them into a recurrent sequence of transactions that benefits both parts. There are several Reasons for using promotional branding, and the most important ones are:

It Saves Money

In the world of business, it is a common habit for companies to give branded gifts to their partners, their customers and even to their employees. When you invest in promotional branded products, you save a serious chunk from your budget. Corporate presents usually come at a much lower price than other forms of showing your gratitude and appreciation.

It Improves Image Perception

When you give out corporate gifts, you reveal another facet of your company, a humane one. You show that your business means more than just increasing your sales. It proves to your business partners and customers that you have goodwill and cordiality, which in turn increases their trust in your brand.

It Builds a Long-Term Relationship

Whether you use business branding on embroidered clothing or printed office supplies, you make a definitive step in building a long-term relationship with your business partners and your customers. You increase mutual trust and certainty, which can extend your business accord for years to come.

Need something branded?

Talk to us about what you want branded. We have a selection of office supplies and clothing options that can have your logo on them....

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It Raises Brand Awareness

With every promotional branded product that you give as a gift, you increase awareness over your brand. If you are just starting out, this strategy can do wonders for your visibility among customers and business partners alike.

It Increases Loyalty

The receivers of a branded gift get to see your logo or your slogan almost every day, especially if you gift them a personalised pen, bag or a notebook. This way, there is a higher chance of them returning to do business with you in the future.

It Increases Loyalty

The receivers of a branded gift get to see your logo or your slogan almost every day, especially if you gift them a personalised pen, bag or a notebook. This way, there is a higher chance of them returning to do business with you in the future.

It Gets More Referrals

Branded corporate gifts are a fantastic method of keeping your company’s brand under the nose of current and potential new clients. When they think of a business problem they need to solve, then your brand is the go-to company because your branded gift is in their pocket, on a sticker or on their mouse pad.

It Generates More Leads

Every time you use corporate branding and give out branded gifts you enhance the pool of potential customers. A pen that has your logo can travel from your business partner to his friends, family, and their own clients, all of whom may be unaware of your company. These people could eventually be driven by curiosity or necessity and visit your store or your website.

It Emphasizes Unique Selling Points

should be a part of your marketing strategy. Personalised items can highlight your uniqueness and attract new customers from markets that you would not expect otherwise.

It Boosts Sales

People are more inclined to do business with you if they receive gifts sporting your brand. A pen that boasts your logo will cost you next to nothing. However, it can generate substantial profit from the receiver who now has enough trust in your company to acquire your products or your services.

It Shows Others the Winning Way

Last, but not least, corporate gifts and branded promotional products show others that you are a winner. In the world of business, everyone wants to be on the winning side. Your customers and business partners may regard you as a successful model, and they will have even more motivation to engage with your company in fruitful enterprises.

How to Develop Your Business with Personalised Branding

The secret to using personalised branding efficiently is employing the services of a promotional products provider that is an authority figure in the field.

A company that is expert in producing branded and corporate gifts can deliver premium quality items that will bring you all the benefits of business branding.

Some of the branded gifts that you can use to help grow your business include:

  • Promotional Drinkware
  • Custom Bags
  • Writing Instruments
  • USB Drives
  • Custom Calendars
  • Clothing
  • Custom Bags
  • Caps
  • First Aid Kits
  • Mouse Pads
  • Desk Accessories
  • Office Supplies
  • Key Chains
  • Lanyards
  • Stickers

You can have your logo placed on all of these products to produce memorable and inspiring corporate gifts. By working with highly-skilled professionals in the field of promotional branding you can create remarkable branded gifts that will energise the receivers and will build a trusting relationship between your company and your business partners or your customers.

You can add your brand to pens, handbags, office supplies and many more through state of the art technologies like:

  • Digital Printing
  • Debossing
  • Digital Transfer
  • Direct-to-Product Printing
  • Foil Hot Stamping
  • Embroidery
  • Heat Transfer Printing
  • Laser Engraving
  • Pad Printing
  • Laser Etching
  • Sublimation Printing
  • Screen Printing

You can have your choice from a multitude of colours, designs, and procedures to create outstanding branded promotional products.

We provide a broad offer of personalised branding corporate products that will make your company stand out when and where it matters. We use industry-leading standards and machinery of the latest generation to produce high-quality results.

You can choose from 18 branding techniques and from over 1 200 promo-centric products to create the ultimate corporate gifts for your company.

Our team of expert professionals ensures that the final product always meets the client’s needs and that it acts as a bulletproof way of raising brand awareness and benefitting your business.

Regardless of the branded promotional products that you choose, we guarantee that you will receive a premium quality design, a unique presentation and a powerful reaction from the receivers.

You can choose to place your logo or your company’s slogan on clothing from 6 distinct brands and 9 categories that match almost any style from corporate attire to casual to sporty and all the way to that of a daily uniform.

Contact us TODAY and give us the opportunity to provide you with top branding business solutions and high-quality branded gifts for your company!

Get Your Branded Gifts

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You can Email, Whatsapp or Drop Off your documents with Michelle in our Print Department to get the ball rolling without even leaving your Office.  Then come and collect your corporate gifts in store or let us deliver it to you. 

Regardless of the printing needs you have, we will find an affordable solution for you.

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Everything You Need to Know About Laminating

Protect your Documents

We all get into a flat spin sometimes. And as the deadline nears and you find yourself slurping through coffees and lunch at your desk…. An inevitable disaster is waiting to happen. Bang… and your documents are soaked in cappuccino.

Do you want  to protect your important documents? If yes, then it is the right time for you to consider laminating your papers.

What is laminating?

Let’s get technical. Lamination is the process of enclosing a material in another. Usually two or more layers are used to ensure that the new "combined material" accomplishes enhanced strength, appearance, stability or sound insulation.

A laminate is generally a permanently assembled element created by heat, pressure, welding or adhesives. In essence it a process to cover or protect one object by combining it with another.

Why You Should Laminate Your Documents?

Protection from tears and spills

The truth is paper isn’t the sturdiest material. It is also quite susceptible to rips & tears. Plus, grubby hands and liquids can easily damage the paper or compromise the contents. If you have ever spilled water or tea on an important document accidentally, then you may know how annoying and stressful this situation can be. Covering your docs in a layer of plastic will help you to prevent these types of frustrating situations. If you accidentally spill anything on it, then you can wipe away with ease.

Need something laminated?

We can laminate your A4 documents and A1 posters in store while you wait. It only takes a few minutes. We also sell lamination machines... if you going to be doing a lot of laminating.

 Phone 022 713 1111

To preserve your documents

Another reason why laminating documents is a good thing is to preserve them. They can stay in a good condition for years, and amazingly, it won’t fade or yellow as easily. Help make your documents resistant to the effects of nature by going for UV pouches.  These provide protection to your sensitive work from harmful sun rays.

Keep things looking new - no matter how old they are....

Prepare your documents for excessive handling

Paper is fragile material, which means if you handle it too much, then it will  wear down and get damaged. Extra protection is crucial, especially for those documents that you need to handle a lot. If you know you are going to use the same paper again and again then consider covering it in plastic. In the long run it will save you money (as well as time) as you don’t need to re-print your documents.

Enhance the look

If you want to enhance the look and feel of your documents, then the best thing you can do is laminate them. Colour documents, presentations or instructional charts will not only last longer but stand out and shine.

What are the lamination types?

If you have never purchased a laminating machine, then you may probably don’t know that there are two different ways of laminating documents. If you are planning to buy yourself a machine make sure you have the right one for you.

Hot Pouch Laminators

These are the most popular form. They are used for encapsulation documents within a pouch that comes with two connected sides in which document is placed before sealed.

Cold Pouch Laminators

This option is best for heat-sensitive documents, such as photos & faxes. They offer much better UV protection as compared to the hot version.

Get your Docs Printed & Laminated
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Send us your Work - We'll print it quick sticks.

You can Email, Whatsapp or Drop Off your documents with Michelle in our Print Department to get the ball rolling without even leaving your Office.  Then come and collect your laminated documents in store or let us deliver it to you. 

Regardless of the printing needs you have, we will find an affordable solution for you.

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Plan Printing

Quick, efficient, high quality plan printing

Professional Plan Printing 

  • Large Format Printing
  • Large Format Scans
  • Up to A0 Size
  • Colour or Black & White
  • We print any plans for:

    Architectural Plans, Engineering Drawings, Landscaping Plans, Plumbing/Electrical Drawings, Circuit Diagrams, Shop-fitting Layouts and Product Designs

    We print on any size from A6 – A0, copied in full colour and black and white, plan copying and printing. And these are just a few of our services.

    Complete the Inquiry Form HERE
    call 022 713 1111
    Email: print@pencil.co.za

    Cake Printing

    Need a specialised Cake for an event?

    Printing on Cakes

    Occasions that surely call for a
    "Photo on a Cake"

    There is no doubt that cake printing has become more and more popular over the years. Maybe you can remember getting a Spiderman or Barbie cake for our 5th birthday?

    But on the West Coast, where do you go to get a cake like this without having to drive all the way to Cape Town?

    Designer cakes can also be very expensive. Our solution to both these problems: Do it Yourself.

    Let us print your icing sheets or if this is something you are going to need often we can even look at organising you your very own cake printer.

    Birthdays and special events: 

    Add that personal touch by including memorable photos, or even embarrassing ones.  

    Whether it's a birthday for kids or older people, a wedding anniversary or even a bachelor party adding that "nostalgic factor" can make a big difference.

    2  Business catering

    It used to be Location Location Location. Now with the dawn of the internet it doest always matter where you are. Today it's about Branding Branding Branding.

    Putting custom designs on cakes at corporate events is a great way to get added branding awareness. Either by branding your own business or offering your suppliers a slice of the advertising potential, excuse the pun.

    Need a cake printed for your event?
    Speak to us about printing your design or photograph.

    Either wait as we do it in store - or drop it off and we'll give you a call when it's done. Phone 022 713 1111

    What is Edible Ink? 

    There are two types of edible ink.

    The First one: edible ink used freehand.

    It means that cake decorators have various options, such as bottles, or pens that enable them to draw, paint, and spray, and pictures, and textures on a cake directly.
    If you consider yourself an artist and know how to draw or paint well, then you can use these edible inks with ease.
    But most of us can’t do this and for us, there is option 2.

    Second option: edible ink printers. 

    They work exactly the same as  regular  printers, but there is obviously a difference. It simple is able to process and print on materials that are safe for our consumption. 

    You can create and download a picture from the internet, and print copies on an edible paper. Then cut the design using scissors or craft knife as per your choice.

    Buying a Cake Printer

    Tips to choosing the right "Edible Ink Printer"

    So you don't just need a once off cake - you want to do this often.

    Then you must know that there are various edible printers are available on the market.  
    Here are some tips that can help you in buying the right one:

    Check reliability 

    You must check whether it is designed by a reputable company. When you are looking at the different edible-ink printers that are available, read reviews so that you can have an idea about the reputation in the market.

    Consider your requirements 

    The model and make you select depends on what you are going to print. Are you going to print in large or small format? Quality of print capable of High Definition details? Are there unlimited colour options... These things will lead you to the final decision.

    Check compatibility with edible inks 

    Don’t simply rush out and purchase any printer. You have to make sure that it is compatible with edible inks that are available. Some brands will sell you a great printer but never have the edible ink and paper in stock.

    Consider maintenance 

    It is important to select a printer that comes with removable print heads.
    Access to clean the parts will not make it last longer but keep hygienic for consumption purposes.

    These are some of the tips to think about when selecting the right edible ink printer. If you are really interested in owing your own one then give us a call and ask for Eon to help advise you in the right direction.

    Get your ​​Cake Sheets Printed
    It really is quick & easy.

    Send us your Work - We'll print it quick sticks.

    You can Email, Whatsapp or Drop Off your documents with Michelle in our Print Department to get the ball rolling without even leaving your Office.  Then come and collect your Cake Print Sheets in store or let us deliver it to you. 

    Regardless of the printing needs you have, we will find an affordable solution for you.

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    Signage & Vinyl Banners

    Is Your Business
    Not Getting Noticed ?

    Make your mark with signage

    There is no doubt that signage attracts your eye. It is one of the most cost-effective and simple ways to create brand awareness with minimal effort. Here, at West Coast Office National, we can provide the best Banner printing service on the West Coast.

    What do you think of our new Vinyl Signs?

    Let your potential clients know who you are and what you do.

    Signage is any kind of visual representation which conveys information to a target audience about any office, store, street, park or building. Signs can provide a couple of purposes which include promoting, identifying, providing information and giving directions or raising safety awareness.

    Drive down the street, and you will see road signs demonstrating you at which speed you should drive or the directions to a nearby town. At the workplace, you should see health & safety and other types of signs guiding you about your way.

    Your business needs to be as obvious to the passers-by as these everyday signs. At first glance people should go: Ah thats where they are. Ah thats what they do.  And that is all about branding.

    Vinyl Banners - Durable & Affordable

    The most commonly used material in the sign making industry is vinyl.

    When it comes to making banners, vinyl is one of the most preferred materials and all credit goes to its durability and affordability.

    Whether you are a business seeking a way to promote your new store using a sign, or an event planner seeking an incredible way to guide guests to the right destination, any purpose, vinyl banners are one of the most versatile and affordable signage forms.

    What is Vinyl?

    Many people are familiar with the terms vinyl banners, vinyl flooring, vinyl siding, etc, but you may still not know what it actually is.

    It is not a natural material, but synthetic man-made substance. It is plastic made from chlorine and ethylene. When both substances are processed, they form PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), which is commonly known as vinyl.

    Discovery of Vinyl

    In 1920, it was first created by scientists wanted to build a material, which would aid in manufacturing daily-use products. Things that were simple and easier to develop, cheaper, and more durable as compared to what was available at the time . At present, vinyl is the 2nd largest manufactured plastic resin all over the globe.

    Because of vinyl's durability and flexibility it enables it to roll and unroll for convenient shipping, printing, and installation. Vinyl banners are becoming increasingly more and more popular form of advertising. 

    Advertising that will enhance your business

    Because of its cost-effective, durable and lightweight nature, vinyl banners are the ultimate investment for advertising your business. Not sure how it works? Don’t panic!
    Below we will explore some interesting facts about advertising & branding, and how it helps you have a greater exposure to your target customers.

     Cost Effective, Customisable & Versatile

    You can order vinyl banners in bulk or as an individual print. The material used is not expensive, so if you already have a design in mind you pretty much just need to go to print.

    Vinyl banners are easily customisable in terms of size, color, and design. This provides you the flexibility to make your banner your own. It is recommended that you have your banner colourful and bright, and try to choose the color that stands out or represents your business CI.

    Hang your sign just about anywhere. Fixed feature, roaming or store them for next event, this is the perfect option. Vinyl is light weight and easy to hang or move in various places both outside or inside. Its durable nature makes it an ideal choice when it comes to having outdoor signage.

    Attention Grabbing

    When creating your banner, you should remember that most of the people are attracted to a banner containing fewer words.  Get to the point and make a bold statement. Vinyl banners are the right choice when it comes to conveying a precise message to your target audience.

    Logo & Brand Awareness

    There is no doubt that brand recognition is one of the major parts of success for your business. Vinyl banners are a great way to reinforce your logo or brand design.

    Tips for Designing an Eye-Catchy Vinyl Banner 

    For effective branding, creating a banner with a relevant message is crucial. Here are some tips you can follow to design an impressive banner.

    Go for a Simple Message 

    When it comes to the world of signage, less is more. It means that short, concise and clear messages are more attractive to the target audience. A successful banner is very simplistic in regards to the text content. Remember that no one has time to read a long paragraph, and that’s why keeping simple, is an essential thing.

    Size Does Matters

    Obviously the space you have is restricted to the space you have. 

    When creating a banner try to maximise the use of the available area, because honestly bigger is better.

    Consider Color 

    Your banner color should match the identity of your brand.

    So, choose the color wisely as it can have –a greater impact in attracting target people towards your banner. 

    Graphics and Fonts 

    When it comes to picking fonts and graphics, the key is simplicity. Avoid fonts that are quite hard to read, especially from a distance. Graphics must be in high resolution, and complimentary your message.

    Get your Vinyl Banner
    Designed & Printed
    It really is quick & easy.

    Send us your Work - or send us a brief.

    You can Email, Whatsapp or Drop Off your brief with Michelle in our Print Department to get the ball rolling without even leaving your Office.  Then come and collect your Banner in store or let us deliver it to you. 

    Regardless of the printing needs you have, we will find an affordable solution for you.

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    Malmesbury, Western Cape

    Malmesbury Office Supplies, 
    Printing Services & Office Furniture

    Known as the Heart of the Swartland, Malmesbury is characterised by silos from where the wheat grown on the farms surrounding the town is distributed to the world. But wheat is not the town’s only agricultural product.

    In 2014 and 2015 local farmers started supplying the then SAB Miller (later to merge with AB InBev) with two different strains of barley. Canola has also found its way to the fertile soil of the region and is currently being farmed planted in between the wheat.

    Malmesbury was founded, among other things, on the belief that a mineral spring in the town could cure disease. The town has seen extensive development since those early days and today boasts the provincial Swartland Hospital and a number of general practitioners, with a new Netcare hospital planned for the near future. Needless to say, the magic spring has lost its appeal and all that remains is a decorative fountain on the site it was once found.

    Following the widening of the N7 highway to a dual carriageway from Cape Town Malmesbury has been placed firmly on the map as both a business hub and viable home for people who want the quiet country life and commute to the city for work.

    The drive to Cape Town now takes only about 25 to 30 minutes, which adds to the town’s potential for growth.

    With a high standard of schools and good infrastructure, Malmesbury is the largest municipal area in the Western Cape and offers plentiful economic opportunities.

    The word Swartland translates to ‘black land’. So named for the unique renostersbos (rhino bush) that grows in the veld around Malmesbury, and turns black in the winter.

    Malmesbury Info

    Malmesbury Service Offering

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    In any office it’s important to keep track of what’s going on. Without a careful record of things such as purchases, travel mileage and attendance your business can quickly spiral out of control. Make sure everyone is on the same page, so to speak, and order the specialised books you need to cross your t’s and dot your i’s.


    Deed Lodgement cover and high court form

    Post it Notes

    3M Post it Notes

    Pen Carbon book

    A5 Pen Carbon book Invoice

    At West Coast Office National you’ll find a variety of exercise books, manuscript books, notebooks, counter books and memo books to fill in with important notes and information. Stay on top of the numbers with thread-sewn accounting books and easily remove pages from wiro-bound shorthand notebooks. Make entries in duplicate or triplicate on spiral-bound, two-hole punched pads.

    Travel costs is where your business could lose money fast if you don’t keep track of who is going where, with what, when. Choose from access control books, driver’s route schedule and motor vehicle log books. Don’t let a kilometre be travelled unnoticed and keep a lid on expenses.

    Good bookkeeping is at the heart of a successful small business. Without a paper trail you’ll quickly loose your way. Keep a careful record of transactions on white-wove paper numbered with printed headings. Write out invoices, credit notes, orders and deliveries on durable thermoplastic bound carbon books.

    And, when you’re at a loss for words, choose one of our dictionaries to help you out. We also have novelties and legal stationery, as well as refills to make sure you never run out of what you need.

    Insert Image


    Inefficient laptops, desktops and printers can slow down an entire office and decrease productivity. A business that uses outdated technology might just see its profits plummet. To keep your office running smoothly and effectively, it’s important to have high-performance hardware that works fast and efficiently.  

    A laptop that switches on in a flash and never freezes could mean the difference between meeting a deadline, and missing one. Ease of use and performance is vital in the hardware you probably spend the most time working on.

    Business executive backpack

    Black Backpack

    total security bitdefender software

    Bitdefender software

    epson printer

    Epson printer

    From notebooks to tablets to curved monitors, our business technology devices will impress you with their array of functionalities and brands, and your clients with their sleek designs. Boost office morale with the latest models from the world’s leading technology brands.

    Choose from the latest Dell, Lenovo and HP machines for trusted performance. Make your life easier with a fingerprint reader-enabled laptop and cut down on eye strain with an anti-glare LCD screen. Choose from top-of-the-range Samsung monitors and tablets, or AOC screens including curved monitors.

    Our stationery catalogue also has your printing needs covered. Say goodbye to paper jams and cut down on waste. Ensure your printouts are clear, whether printed full colour or black and white, with a printer to suit your pocket and needs. Print, copy, scan and fax with reliable hardware that gives you speed and versatility. Choose between laserjet and ink printers and make sure your paperwork is in order.  

    Protect your equipment against shocks and falls with a wide variety of bags and cases. Choose from shells and backpacks to cases specially designed to carry portable hard-drives. They come in a variety of colours, with added features to suit your style and needs. 

    All hardware needs software. Equip your machines with the best from Microsoft Office. Once installed, your software will need protection. Stay safe in cyberspace with leading internet security software brands such as Norton, Kaspersky and Bitdefender. Also choose from telephones, cameras, TVs and multi-function machines to keep your office running like clockwork.

    Insert Image


    No one likes to do their job hungry or in an unclean environment. Constantly thinking of food or refreshments leaves little space for concentration, which can have a negative impact on the quality of the work you produce. Clean air, floors and desks help to create an office space where you want to be.

    In the West Coast Office National catalogue you’ll find a wide selection of beverages, sweets and biscuits. Choose from teas, long life milk, creamer and the all-important coffee to keep the wheels turning. Stock the fridge with soft drinks and mineral water and the snack bar with sweets. Equip the kitchen with quality crockery and cutlery for lunch breaks and breakfasts. We also have your disposable goods covered with serviettes, paper towels and more.

    addis cleaning equipment

    Lint Remover

    coffee classic

    Nescafe coffee 1 kg

    Addis all purpose bin

    All purpose bin

    Our range of cleaning equipment is made up of products that are both durable and efficient. Keep floors and surfaces spotless with brooms, brushes, mops and more. Get into cracks with sponge scourers and dusters. Keep the office and kitchen tidy with refuse bags and bins, pedal-operated or other. Choose from Addis and other leading cleaning equipment brands.

    Whether you need them in large measure or small, our cleaning products will do the job. Multipro is a high-quality brand for all your home and office cleaning needs. From floor polish to air freshener, the range we offer will suit your needs. Also available are household names like Sunlight, Omo and Windolene.

    A clean office is a productive office. Use resources from our catalogue to make the maintenance of your work space the last thing to worry about.

    Insert Image


    It’s easy to forget about appointments when each day is busier than the last. Careful planning can help to ensure you don’t overstretch yourself. You can also prioritise and organise new events as they pop up.

    Put your important dates front and centre with our branded desk calendar which gives you the space you need to keep on top of things. Accessible yet out of the way, it’s a practical office supplies item designed to help you organise your life, not to mention taking down that all-important phone number when a notepad is out of reach.



    a5 journal notebook

    A5 Journal Black

    A4 diary

    A4 Diary 2 tone

    Whether stitched, bound, pocket or executive, our diaries are your life between covers – hard or soft polypop. Schedule appointments and events on layouts featuring a page-a-day or 15-minute increments. Choose your diary from a variety of colours and designs to suit your tastes, avoid mistakes with non-glare paper and much more.   

    Our A6 or A5 personal organiser starter kits allow for a more detailed way to plan your day. Don’t miss a beat with daily to-do-sheets, finance sheets and telephone pages. The organisers come in easy-to-use filofax binders with secure clip-ons to protect its contents. There is space for business cards, bank cards with refills available for especially busy times.

    Sometimes it’s necessary to see your schedule at eye level. Pick a wall planner that suits your planning style, whether that’s writing big or small. Plan your week, month, day or year on write and wipe or traditional paper planners. Choose from magnetic aluminium framed or frameless, mounted with double-sided tape.  

    In our stationery catalogue you’ll also find diary stands and legal diaries to make sure you always have a plan, and know where to find it.

    Insert Image


    Running an office with old and worn electrical accessories is both dangerous and annoying. The lights could go out at any moment, plus hardware could suffer irreparable damage after an electrical surge.

    Cut down on the time spent looking for extension cords and create a safe environment with trusted multi-coloured quality Ellies products. Make sure it’s all systems go with Ellies multi-plugs, and protect your hardware with Ellies surge protectors, with illuminated on/off switches.

    At West Coast Office National you’ll also find the batteries you need to stay powered up on the go. Choose between Duracell and Energizer batteries across a wide range of strengths and durability. Re-use with a battery recharger and rechargeable batteries on hand, or pick from lithium coins, alkaline batteries and more.

    Find the right power solutions to solve your electricity problems to keep the lights on. Speaking of which, get the lighting you need for the requirements you have, whether that be overhead or on your desk. Never drop a call with trustworthy telephone accessories.

    What is Ergonomics

    Maintain a good posture with
    Ergonomic Office Chairs

    Ergonomics is the study of people's efficiency in their working environment.

    Change your seat, change your life, improve your health.

    Sitting for extend periods of time has become the norm for most office bound employees and employers.

    Through the ages, technological advances in business mean that many adults are now employed in sedentary occupations and South Africans have one of the highest rates of inactivity in the world.

    Sitting in a chair without proper support can cause poor circulation, back discomfort and over all fatigue.

    With the new ergonomic chairs, you can improve your posture, overall health and wellbeing. 

    What is the correct posture?

    Correct posture involves training your body to stand, walk, sit and lie in positions where the least strain is placed on your supporting muscles.

    This is also important to remember during weight-bearing activities.

    Correct lumbar and pelvic support promotes better posture, better breathing, and less fatigue.

    Ergonomic principles state that the chair should first fit the user, then fit the task, and then allow for posture change.

    Office Chair Selection

    We have a wide range of Ergonomic Office Chairs available in store.

    Check out our online showroom to get more info.

    The correct posture will ...

  • Keep your bones and joints aligned so that muscles are being used properly.
  • Decrease the stress on your ligaments.
  • Prevent the spine from being fixed in an abnormal position.
  • Prevent fatigue, because muscles are being used more efficiently,
           allowing the body to use less energy.
  • Prevent strain on your muscles, backache and muscle pain
  • Got Back Tension?

    You need proper back support.
    Sitting in a chair without proper support can cause poor circulation, back discomfort, and overall fatigue. See some examples of chairs below.

    Ergonomic Office Chairs Made in South Africa

    The Oxygen Chair is locally produced with 90% of the parts created & moulded right here in SA.
    The great thing is it still carries a very competitive price compared to the imported office chairs. 
    Support local is always good for the growth of the South African economy.

    Side profile of green office chair

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    Business Cards

    Are Business Cards Still Needed?

    Why you must have a business card in the digital age and how it can further your career?

    Modern technology plays a major role in the way we interact nowadays. At the touch of a button, you can contact people from all social circles or work fields even if they are on the other side of the globe.

    You can tweet a major corporation, comment on your favourite actor’s Instagram post and even write on the President’s Facebook wall.

    With communication made so easy, do we still need to pass business cards around? And are they worth the time and money you invest in their design?

    The answer is an emphatic YES!

    Contrary to the general misconception, business cards still represent a standard of elegance and professionalism that the digital age cannot wash away into in-existence.

    Whether you are part of a large company or an entry-level entrepreneur, investing in high-quality business cards is one of the best moves you can make to further a career.

    Let’s look at some of the main reasons why you need business cards!

    Straightforward communication

    In the world of business, you get to interact with many individuals on a daily basis.

    These people may be your clients, your collaborators or potential investors.

    They may come from different backgrounds, speak other languages than your own, have various personality traits and talents, and they may have a diverse cultural view on communication.

    print business cards with free design

    A business card is a simple means of dialogue that breaks down all these barriers and establishes the first contact in a clear and appropriate fashion.

    Handing out your business card does not require additional explanations. That small piece of paper contains all the personal, professional and contact details that your discussion partner needs to know about you.

    Got an existing card you want printed?

    Choose a method to talk to us. Just send us the artwork and we'll print your business cards in a jiffy.

    Chat to us on Whatsapp

    Chat to us on Whatsapp and even send your artwork. Just click on the link to get started.

    Chat to us on Facebook

    Chat to us on Facebook Messenger Just click on the link to get started.

    Or just use the conventional ...

    Pop in at 7 Plein street Vredenburg or call us at: 022 713 11 11

    Contact Michelle at:

    A brief look back into the history of business cards

    Business cards first appeared in the 17th century when European merchants and aristocrats used them to announce their impending arrival in a city. Just like now, back then it was one of the best and simplest ways of letting someone know that you mean business.

    Not everyone is tech savvy

    Now, you might think that business cards are redundant nowadays. You could argue that you can always email or text someone your business details without having to print out anything.

    That is perfectly true!

    However, you might miss the fact that not everyone is as tech savvy as you are.

    Not everyone has a smartphone, and not everybody is so keen on using digital technology to establish a dialogue.

    There are still plenty of successful entrepreneurs and investors out there who were doing business long before the Internet was even a real thing.

    Handing out a stylish business card shows that you are ready to advance the business relationship with someone past their understanding or use of modern technology.

    Furthermore, it prevents reluctant businesspersons from using “I did not get your email / I do not have your contact details” as excuses for not wanting to collaborate with you.

    A brief look back into the history of business cards

    In the 18th century, today's equivalent of not being tech savvy was illiteracy. There was no point of giving someone a detailed, printed account on who you are and what you do if that person could not read. So, many people of that time would draw small symbols of their trade on the business cards that they would hand around. Through tiny drawings of fruit, paint brushes or teeth you could find out if you were dealing with a merchant, an artist or a dentist.

    Distinction and legitimacy

    When you establish your first business contact with someone it is natural for both you and your future collaborator to experience trust issues.

    Business cards have the essential role of dispersing the fog of doubt and the fear of unknown.

    They show that you put your reputation on the line by advancing this business relationship from dialogue to action.

    A business card is also a sign of sophistication, elegance and it pays homage to the classic way of doing business.

    It says “Here are my contact details. Please feel free to use them for the betterment of our business collaboration.” It is simply more personal and profound than a formal text message or a self-completing email template that you send.

    A brief look back into the history of business cards

    By the 19th century, business cards had become a staple of high-society. While lounging in their quarters, aristocrats would receive tens of such cards every day. They were each presented on a silver tray by their servants while the senders would patiently wait for an audience in the parlor. The lucky ones who would get to see the master of the household were those whose business cards had the best or most appealing design.

    A Timeless Networking Tool

    We know that you took extra time and care to set up an attractive LinkedIn profile.

    That’s an excellent career move for marketing your business or your profile online.

    However, there is still a big, wide world out there that rarely uses virtual tools to engage in business collaborations. 

    Without a business card, you will be missing a lot of great opportunities to further your career.

    When you have a set of premium quality business cards with you, you can hand them around to all the potential clients and investors that you meet.

    They work as excellent networking tools at conventions, workshops, and conferences. Giving them to the other participants at these events enables you to reach a wider audience and maybe get the attention of people you would never have the opportunity to meet online.

    A brief look back into the history of business cards

    In the 20th century, the advent of print technology made business cards available for everyone. They soon became a must-have marketing tool for everyone that was involved in any sort of business. From company directors to car salespersons to exterminators every work category required them. As a result, there was an explosion in design features, colours, and presentation. Even a difference in font could spell success or failure depending on the client's perception of your sense of aesthetics.

    How to raise eyebrows with your business card

    Now that you have discovered the undeniable benefits of having a business card it is time to create some of your own.

    Unless you dispose of a remarkable talent in graphic design, you should always approach the services of professionals.

    An experienced graphic designer will use your indications and provide you with a high-quality product that matches your expectations.

    A professional business card should make you stand out from your competition.

    In this regard, it should include essential details such as:

    • ID and contact information
    • An eye-catching image/symbol of your services
    •  A location map of your business
    • An appealing font
    • A call to action

    Additionally, you can spend an extra buck to have the card cut in a certain shape that differs from the classic rectangular format.

     Let’s say you sell bar accessories and tools. You could opt for a business card that comes in the form of a bottle opener.

    To create an even bigger impact when you hand out business cards, you can opt for striking features like:

    • Textured effects
    • Bright colours
    • Minimalist design
    • Engraved fonts

    All of these details are available during the creation process, and you can access them only when working with a skilful graphic designer that has a solid experience in this field.

    Remember that business cards reflect your professional side, your attention to details and your commitment to high standards of quality.

    Therefore, you must always ensure that you get the best possible products that will impress your potential collaborators, clients or employers.

    Our expert graphic designers will provide you with top-notch quality for your business cards. Making great use of their creativity and hard-earned skills they can provide you with eye-catching designs that will make everyone who receives them raise their eyebrows with awe and admiration.

    Whether you are looking for business cards with a simple, straightforward look or a unique, stunning design we have what you need!

    We offer premium quality business cards that match your profession and give you a competitive advantage over your peers.

    We provide eye-catching designs in full accordance with your requirements and guaranteed to act as elegant presentations of your high level of professionalism and approach to business.

    Contact us TODAY and give us the opportunity to help you further your professional career with high-quality business cards and premium promotional solutions!

    Business cards print and Design.

    Fast, affordable quality design and printing services, for your business cards.

    Get your Business Cards Printed

    Send us your Cards - We'll print them in a flash.

    You can Email, Whatsapp or Drop Off your design or request with Michelle in our Print Department to get the ball rolling without even leaving your Office.  Then come and collect your Business Cards in store or let us deliver it to you. 

    Regardless of the printing needs you have, we will find an affordable solution for you.

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    A1 Printing Now available in Vredenburg

    A1 Colour Printing
    The best all-in-one Poster Printing Solution

    Printing anything bigger than an A4 page starts to become tricky. Most people only have a regular document printer at home or in the office, which is fine most of the time. But what if you need A1 colour printing - and you need it now?

    When that odd project comes along and you need print a poster sized colour image or document, you usually have to drive off to some far away print shop right? Then get sent home to get a higher resolution image and then back again. STOP RIGHT THERE!!!

    Send us your docs to us via EMAIL or Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp or whatever you want.

    Let us have a look and advise you if we need anything else. We can let you know when it's done or even send it to you. We deliver to various locations all across the west coast daily. (including Malmesbury)

    A1 Printing cuts the cost

    A1 paper is the second largest  size in the selection of available printing options. We recently acquired a brand new A1 Colour printer.

    Ordering A1 sheets is more cost effective than buying pre-cut paper. We can now either print your full A1s or even cut your A2 & A3 posters  for more cost effective results.

    If you only going to use the printer a couple of times a month rather talk to us about setting up a regular print run and cut your costs. 

             Standard paper sizes A series from A0 to A10

    Seed up the Printing Process

    Two things are important here. How much does it cost and when can i have it!!!

    Rather than printing one colour page at a time we can now process loads of your final product in one go. No Colour print is too big, small or difficult. We want to get it done now.

    Our goal is to be efficient as possible and that means we must implement a printing system that works for you. Choose any method to communicate with us:

    The Bigger the Poster - The Stronger the Message - Choose A1

    Chat to us on Whatsapp

    Chat to us on Whatsapp and even send your artwork. Just click on the link to get started.

    Chat to us on Facebook

    Chat to us on Facebook Messenger Just click on the link to get started.

    Or just use the conventional ...

    Pop in at 7 Plein street Vredenburg or call us at: 022 713 11 11

    Contact Michelle at:

    What type of A1 Colour Printing do you need?

    We can think of a number of reasons to get it done. Is it on this list? If not let us know anyway....

    Event Posters

    Are you hosting an event? Perhaps it's in the arts like a band playing down the road in Langebaan or a school theatre show right here in Vredenburg.

    Create Colour Birthday Banners Or Year End Function Notifications.

    Let people know you want their attention. We can help protect your colour poster from the elements by either laminating it putting it on hardboard for you.

    It's actually quite important to have a massive print of the building plans on site.

    Builders and Architects rely heavily on these to keep your building on schedule and up to standards.

    Colour Plans are useful for quickly identifying which sections and systems are where. 

    Make sure you don't mix those plumbing lines with electrical ones.

    Extra Tip - Place your A1 Colour Prints in an open area so that when contractors have discussions and meetings they are not standing in a tight passage way.

    Product Promotion

    Ever noticed how often your local Spar or Pick-n-Pay changes the posters on their walls?

    That is because prices and products keep changing.

    Keep your customers up to date with your latest offerings, products, services & specials with regular new colour posters. 

    Health & Safety Notices

    We'd like to say this is an absolute must for any business to have mounted on the walls. Keep the guidelines of the health and safety rules BIG and VISIBLE to avoid disputes when things go wrong.

    It's unfortunate but one must protect oneself, but at the end of the day you also want to protect your employees so make the rules speak out loud and clear.

    Restaurant Menu

    An alternative to the chalk board option is to print your Menu on A1 Colour sheets. 

    Naturally the design is very important to prevent your menu from looking cheap.

    Our high quality Printers will do the trick.

    Let us know if you need help with your designs.

    Classroom Posters

    Visual Educational posters are vital to a child's development.

    We all remember those ABC and 1+1 posters in our first class room.

    With thousands of templates available online you can pick and choose the educational posters that best suit your classroom.

    FREE Catalogue

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    Get your ​A1 Colour Prints
    It really is quick & easy.

    Send us your Work - We'll print it quick sticks.

    You can Email, Whatsapp or Drop Off your documents with Michelle in our Print Department to get the ball rolling without even leaving your Office.  Then come and collect your A1 Colour Prints in store or let us deliver it to you. 

    Regardless of the printing needs you have, we will find an affordable solution for you.

    Binding your Reports add that Professional Touch

    Binding your Reports
    Add that Professional Touch

    It  can really be embarrassing when you arrive for a presentation and you find you’ve misplaced a page.

    Maybe you were about to show someone your portfolio and that pesky South Easter wind blows your work off down the Langebaan Lagoon.

    Or perhaps your children simply keep messing up the page-order on that school project you helped them with.

    Keeping it together
    West Coast Document Binding

    The simple solution is to buy a stapler and keep those darn things together. But there are drawbacks to stapling together a carefully laid out Report.

    The kink in the corner will eventually look like a chewed off ear and it’s just missing that touch of professionalism.

    Don’t get us wrong a stapler is really useful for binding all sorts of documents. It’s quick, easy and cheap, and guess what so is binding.

    What are the benefits of binding?

    There are many benefits of binding your papers . This will not only make your work look quite impressive, but it also enhances its shelf-life. Here are the benefits of putting a ring on it:

    Professional look

    Binding provides a professional look to your work.

    Imagine your annual report, training material or CV is neatly bound on presentation day, it will surely leave a good impression on your teachers, colleagues & superiors.

    Nowadays there are plenty of amazing pre-made binding covers you can use to seal the work off with a touch of class.

    You can also talk to us about designing a unique cover to match your business identity.

    I bound by CV with a custom cover and look at me now!


    Binding enhances the shelf life of your work and documents.

    Unbound papers don’t stay intact forever, easily getting separated and lost over time.

    Accounts, contracts and reports are documents you will need in the future and keeping them locked together will ensure their integrity.

    Filing Boxes are a great way to keep all your bound documents packed away. 

    Bind it.  Box it.  Store it. 

    What type of binding do you need?

    Like with lamination, there are many different types of binding options are available. Let’s quickly look at the most efficient types so you can have an idea of which type is the right for what you need:

    Plastic comb binding

    This process is a pretty easy and cheap way to bind your important documents.

    It is commonly used for regular daily office documents.

    Because it only takes a few minutes to do, Moms often pop in to quickly bind their children's school assignments. 

    Wire Binding

    This option is similar to the above, but a much better way to bind documents to provide a more professional look & feel.

    It is a bit more expensive, but is less likely to wear out over time.

    Its shows a commitment to long term dedication and is great for binding a CV. Show them you are here to stay!

    Slide binders

    Side binders are a pretty easy and quick way for getting non-punched documents together in a logical order.

    It's very popular amongst college & university students. Thesis Binding is really important to Universities.

    The quick access enables for easy adding & removing of pages, which is great if you want to update your work on a regular basis.

    This a way to Do-It-Yourself, saving you the time and hassle of having to run back and forth to the print shop.

    Thermal binding

    Thermal binding uses heat to glue the backs of pages together.

    It gives a great polished look to your work. This is most often used for books.

    Create your own log book, invoice books or even come and bind your Novel.

    We use thermal binding to put together our very own Office National Stationery Catalogue. 

    Looking for a FREE Binding Sample?

    If you would like a great example of a finished Thermal Binding Product, then get your own FREE Office National Catalogue delivered to you.

    Get your Work bound.
    It really is quick & easy.

    Send us your Work - We'll bind it quick sticks.

    You can Email, Whatsapp or Drop Off your documents with Michelle in our Print Department to get the ball rolling without even leaving your Office.  Then come and collect your bound work in store or let us deliver it to you. 

    Binding is a quick job that happens while you wait. Pop into our store, drop your papers or a flash-drive and get your documents bound while you wait. Or kill two birds with one stone and do your shopping at Pick n Pay right next door. 

    Regardless of your binding needs you have we will find an affordable solution for you.

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