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Did you know? Adhesive Labels & Post It Notes.

Did you know?

Adhesive Labels & Post It Notes.

In 1937, in the midst of the Great Depression, young entrepreneur R. Stanton Avery manufactured the world’s first self-adhesive ( or pressure sensitive) labels in a 100-square foot rented loft space in Los Angeles. These labels were attractive to consumers who wanted to remove labels from the products they purchased and to retailers who realised

that prices fluctuated and that removable labels were useful. Since then, self-adhesive labels have become an essential office product for everyone who manages the organization of materials and information.

Dr. Spence Silver, a 3M scientist, is busily researching adhesives in the laboratory. In the process, he discovers something peculiar: an adhesive that sticks lightly to surfaces but does not tightly bond to them. While singing in his church choir, Art Fry, another 3M scientist, tires of losing his place in the hymnal. He dreams of a bookmark that’s lightly adhesive. Then he remembers Silver’s adhesive, and his dream begins to become real.
History of the post it note.