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We take  great pride in being from the Weskus. There is nowhere else in the world quite like it. Is your home on the list below, if not let us know, we can add it to our weekly Delivery Route. Get your Office supplies brought to you...

We have 3 Primary Delivery Routes. Saldanha Bay Regions can be delivered to short-notice, anytime. Swartland, Berg River, Cederberg & Beyond gets visited at least once a week.

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How can I order my office supplies?


Whether you are looking for a once-off purchase or an ordering system for your regular office needs we can tailor offer an ordering solution to suit your business setup. At West Coast Office National we understand that the modern age beckons us to open new and improved communication channels. As such we have made ordering your stationery and office supplies available in a variety of options ranging from online orders to Whatsapp to even Facebook Messenger.  


An office is a stationery consumption monster.
Even a one-man business will continually consume paper, pens, files, staples and so on.
Take away the hassle of disturbing your daily duties by feeding the beast and let us feed it for you!
By opening an Account with us and using one of our smart ordering systems your office supplies will arrive right when you need them. Stay ahead of the hungry office monster.


Any one say FREE Delivery?

We're coming passed anyway....

Did we mention we deliver your goods for free? If your order is more than the value of R200 you qualify for FREE DELIVERY. We have a weekly West Coast route schedule serviced by 2 Delivery Vehicles. Our Drivers cover all ends of the West Coast - right up from Malmesbury to Clanwilliam along the interior and from Lambert’s Bay to Yzerfontein along the coast.

Each town is visited at least once a week.
You can have a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or even quarterly regular visit if you like. Let’s look at the options:


Just like we all did in the Good Old Days. Come visit us in our physical store in Vredenburg.
We are located right next to the Picknpay in the centre of town with plenty of parking.
In store you can enjoy the wonders of our colourful aisles of arts and crafts, we are stocked with every pen, paper and filing system you could need or browse and test our Office Furniture in the Showroom upstairs.  
Our staff are ready to help you.


If our store is out of your way, too far away or just honestly a waste of your time and petrol then call or email us when you need something. Wether its printing, stationery, furniture or IT help, services or products you require someone on the other side of the line can arrange it for you and make sure it’s brought to your front door.

CALL: 022 713 11 11     EMAIL:


Let us Call You!
We can arrange for a regular “check-up call” to see if you are in need of anything.
One of our lovely sales assistants will make a fixed call to your office to see if anything can be brought on the next delivery run.
If you have an account the items will automatically just get added to that or you can make use of COD (yes with cards too).

Tell us if you would like a call every week, every second week, once a month or even only once quarterly. We don’t want to waste your time, so let’s make sure it’s convenient for you.

Office Supplies and Desk Accessories Icon


Basic accessories like staplers, adhesive, clips, pins and punches are the nuts and bolts of any office. Without them within arm’s reach or, at the very least, on the premises, your day can go from great to grey in an instant. With the West Coast Office National stationery range, your desk accessories needs are met.

Choose between clear tape, double-sided tape and many more, whatever your adhesive needs. We have Prestik, Pritt and Bostik Super Glue for your basic sticking needs as well as glue dots and super clear tape for more specialised requirements. Find wood glue, Bostik Clear and more.

When it comes to filling a notice board or any other pinning you may need done, have a look at our wide range of pins in a variety of colours. We have clips of all sizes and shapes. Choose between two leading brands of paper clips and find the perfect magnetic dispenser to prevent a desk littered with clips.

Find bulldog clips, foldback clips and more.

We have all the desk accessories, filing accessories and organisers you need to keep your workspace tidy at all times. Keep your office clutter free with bent prong filing fasteners and econo filing laces. Other desk accessories include tape dispensers and a wide variety and forms of corrective tape from leading brands.

Find the pencil sharpeners and the rulers you need. We also have telephone and business books for those all-important contact details, and book coverings to keep your books protected and as good as new. For all your other needs, have a look at our sundries section.

Order your desk accessories online and we’ll deliver them free anywhere on the West Coast. And if we don’t have it, we’ll get it for you.

Business technology


Raise Laptop
HP Priner officejet

Inefficient laptops, desktops and printers can slow down an entire office and decrease productivity. A business that uses outdated technology might just see its profits plummet. To keep your office running smoothly and effectively, it’s important to have high-performance hardware that works fast and efficiently.  

A laptop that switches on in a flash and never freezes could mean the difference between meeting a deadline, and missing one. Ease of use and performance is vital in the hardware you probably spend the most time working on.

From notebooks to tablets to curved monitors, our business technology devices will impress you with their array of functionalities and brands, and your clients with their sleek designs. Boost office morale with the latest models from the world’s leading technology brands.

Choose from the latest Dell, Lenovo and HP machines for trusted performance. Make your life easier with a fingerprint reader-enabled laptop and cut down on eye strain with an anti-glare LCD screen. Choose from top-of-the-range Samsung monitors and tablets, or AOC screens including curved monitors.

Our stationery catalogue also has your printing needs covered. Say goodbye to paper jams and cut down on waste. Ensure your printouts are clear, whether printed full colour or black and white, with a printer to suit your pocket and needs. Print, copy, scan and fax with reliable hardware that gives you speed and versatility. Choose between laserjet and ink printers and make sure your paperwork is in order.   

Protect your equipment against shocks and falls with a wide variety of bags and cases. Choose from shells and backpacks to cases specially designed to carry portable hard-drives. They come in a variety of colours, with added features to suit your style and needs. 

All hardware needs software. Equip your machines with the best from Microsoft Office. Once installed, your software will need protection. Stay safe in cyberspace with leading internet security software brands such as Norton, Kaspersky and Bitdefender.

Also choose from telephones, cameras, TVs and multi-function machines to keep your office running like clockwork.

Office Furniture Icon


Without any furniture your office would simply be carpet, walls and a roof. Unless you’re running a yoga studio, that simply won’t do as a working space. Along with atmosphere and creating a good impression when clients walk in, the furniture in your office sets the tone for a healthy and efficient working environment.

From the boardroom to the canteen through to the reception, you won’t have trouble filling space with the wide selection of office furniture and accessories we have available. Choose from wraparound black wood working stations to modern designs. Pick between differently contoured desk walls for privacy in an open-plan office.

As far as seating goes, we have what you need both outdoor and in. Desk chairs range from deluxe to standard in a variety of colours to suit your tastes. Transform the interior of your reception area with elegant single or double seater couches. Furnish the canteen with the latest in workplace design.

Store your documents in style in beautifully-finished top retrieval cabinets to go with the rest of the furniture. Impress clients from the moment they step in the door with a stylised doormat and keep the wheels turning with durable chair mats and carpet protectors. Choose from filing cabinets and, even, lockers.

From training to conferencing through to day-to-day life at the office, we have the furniture you need to create the space you want. Order online and we’ll will deliver it to your door, free of charge.

Free Delivery to You

Have your Office Supplies & Printing Needs delivered to your door step every week.

Call us to find out more or to open an account and never worry about going out to get stationery, paper and coffee again. We'll bring it to you - for FREE.

CALL: 022 713 11 11

E&EO last updated 180621 *FREE delivery for all clients with an account and orders over R200

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