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Lets face it…
Ink cartridges and toners are a pain in the ass super expensive and always running out.
(We know we buy 1,000’s every month)

Here at West Coast Office National we try and take the pain out of ink cartridges by giving you the best deal you can find on the West Coast.

Simply put  if you can find the same ink cartridge anywhere on the West Coast at a better price, return the cartridge and we will give you your money back no questions just smiles. 

The packaging must be intact, meaning it has not been opened, your have the original receipt/invoice, and its no more than 7 days of the purchase date, because the price of ink cartridges are calculate every day on the dollar and we purchase ink cartridge everyday and the prices change everyday with the US Dollar, so can only offer this price guaranteed for 7 days.

Easy steps to getting the best price on an ink cartridge.

1. take a picture of the printer and cartridge you require, whatsapp us the pictures and we will whatsapp you the price of the replacement cartridge, as simple as that. whatsapp 022 713 1111

If you are a busy entrepreneur or a student, you most likely rely on printer ink toners every day of the week.
Having full ink cartridges helps you print datasheets, courses, and other essential documents without too much hassle.
To make things even easier for you, we offer a one-stop-shop where you can find high-quality ink cartridges, printer toner, and ribbon replacements.

How Many Types of Ink Are There?

If you are in the market for a new printer, you will notice that there are various kinds of printers, and the type of ink that they use makes all the difference.
The most common types of printer inks include: 

Vinyl Printer Ink

Also known as liquid ink, vinyl ink is present in most inkjet printer cartridges. It comes in two versions.
One is dye-based, which makes the printed colours fade in time, and therefore, cheaper.

The other, more expensive vinyl ink for printers is pigment-based. It produces vivid colours and is more resistant to UV radiation.
This printer ink is ideal for printing eye-catching vinyl stickers.
In some places, you might find it as “labels ink” because many printer shops use it to produce high-quality laser inkjet labels.

Toner Printer Ink

Laser printers sometimes referred to as toner printers use a different type of printer ink, which is dry, and made of countless tiny pigment particles. It's called a toner, and you can use it to print long-lasting images in brilliant colours, the toner is sprayed onto the paper and tried using a very high temperature heater roller.

Solid Printer Ink

Some printers use a highly-solid ink, similar to crayon, that is generally used for printing large text on the packaging, referred to as thermal printing or dye sublimation.

Ribbon Printer Ink

Industrial and matrix printers employ a system of inked ribbons to apply pigment to the material.
Ribbons are large printer cartridges that pass through a massive ink reservoir before sending it into patterns towards the page.
Most ribbons are monochrome or dual-chrome.

Edible Printer Ink

Edible ink is ideal for cake printing with funny images or messages.
The edible ink cartridges contain a mix of water, glycerine, ethanol, and safe, edible colorants.
If you want to surprise someone with a personalized printed cake, you can count on edible ink and an ink edible printer to produce the desired results.

Hand-in-hand with copy paper, ink and toner help your workplace to flow smoothly.
You’ll want to keep a back-up supply in the storeroom so you never run out at an ink-convenient time!
Print perfectly with all the brands you know and trust in ink cartridges, laser toner, fax film and various printer ribbons.
As well as genuine branded products from well-known brands like Brother, Canon, Fuji-Xerox, HP and Samsung, we also stock compatible and remanufactured alternative consumables at huge savings.
A new laser printer usually comes with only a half yield toner, so it’s a good idea to buy at least one back-up at the same time. 

What Are the Best Brands of Ink Cartridges?

After deciding on the type of printer you want, you have to buy the ink cartridges.
Your best choice is to avoid no-name refill ink cartridges and opt for major brand ones, such as:

Brother Ink Cartridges

Choose from a wide variety of Brother inks, toners, and cartridges, all capable of producing high-quality images.
Whatsapp for best prices.

Canon Ink Cartridges

Have your pick from one of the many top-quality ink cartridges, including those for Canon edible ink printers South Africa 
Whatsapp for best prices.

Epson Ink Cartridges

Epson produces some of the best ink cartridges. If you are looking to print labels, you cannot go wrong with the vinyl printer ink from Epson. 
Whatsapp for best prices.

HP Ink Cartridges

When it comes to top-shelf printer ink cartridges, you should look no further than HP ink supplies.
There are numerous professional printing tools that you can use, from HP 650 ink to HP ink cartridges 652 and hp 650 ink cartridge compatible printers.
Whatsapp for best prices.

Lexmark Ink Cartridges

Another category of high-end ink printers for sale and printer ink cartridges comes from Lexmark, a household name in the printer ink industry.
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Inks, Toners & Ribbon Brands available at West Coast Office Supplies


Our competitively priced inkjet cartridges and laser toner is even more economical when you buy in bulk, and with over 3000 products to choose from you’re sure to find the one you need. Use our handy Ink and Toner Finder to quickly find what you need now.

The lifeblood of any office is the ink that runs in its printers. Faded copy – or even invisible copy! – is a nightmare and can leave you red-faced in front of clients and colleagues. Keep your printer’s “tanks” full with ink, toners and ribbons from leading brands.

We stock all the major names in print and ink. Choose from Brother, Canon, Epson, HP and Lexmark.

Where to Buy Printer Ink Near Me?

Whether you are looking for printer inks, toners, ribbons, or food ink printer machines, you can count on us!

We take pride in being among the few edible ink suppliers in South Africa that also provide a wide range of ink printers, laserjet printers, ribbons, toners, vinyl labels for inkjet printers, and the best price for Canon ink cartridges.

We supply printer essentials across South Africa.
We supply everywhere, from the West Coast areas to Saldanha Bay and from Langebaan to Vredenburg, Citrusdal, and all the way to Aurora.

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