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Known as the Heart of the Swartland, Malmesbury is characterised by silos from where the wheat grown on the farms surrounding the town is distributed to the world. But wheat is not the town’s only agricultural product.

In 2014 and 2015 local farmers started supplying the then SAB Miller (later to merge with AB InBev) with two different strains of barley. Canola has also found its way to the fertile soil of the region and is currently being farmed planted in between the wheat.

Malmesbury was founded, among other things, on the belief that a mineral spring in the town could cure disease. The town has seen extensive development since those early days and today boasts the provincial Swartland Hospital and a number of general practitioners, with a new Netcare hospital planned for the near future. Needless to say, the magic spring has lost its appeal and all that remains is a decorative fountain on the site it was once found.

Following the widening of the N7 highway to a dual carriageway from Cape Town Malmesbury has been placed firmly on the map as both a business hub and viable home for people who want the quiet country life and commute to the city for work.

The drive to Cape Town now takes only about 25 to 30 minutes, which adds to the town’s potential for growth.

With a high standard of schools and good infrastructure, Malmesbury is the largest municipal area in the Western Cape and offers plentiful economic opportunities.

The word Swartland translates to ‘black land’. So named for the unique renostersbos (rhino bush) that grows in the veld around Malmesbury, and turns black in the winter.

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In any office it’s important to keep track of what’s going on. Without a careful record of things such as purchases, travel mileage and attendance your business can quickly spiral out of control. Make sure everyone is on the same page, so to speak, and order the specialised books you need to cross your t’s and dot your i’s.


Deed Lodgement cover and high court form

Post it Notes

3M Post it Notes

Pen Carbon book

A5 Pen Carbon book Invoice

At West Coast Office National you’ll find a variety of exercise books, manuscript books, notebooks, counter books and memo books to fill in with important notes and information. Stay on top of the numbers with thread-sewn accounting books and easily remove pages from wiro-bound shorthand notebooks. Make entries in duplicate or triplicate on spiral-bound, two-hole punched pads.

Travel costs is where your business could lose money fast if you don’t keep track of who is going where, with what, when. Choose from access control books, driver’s route schedule and motor vehicle log books. Don’t let a kilometre be travelled unnoticed and keep a lid on expenses.

Good bookkeeping is at the heart of a successful small business. Without a paper trail you’ll quickly loose your way. Keep a careful record of transactions on white-wove paper numbered with printed headings. Write out invoices, credit notes, orders and deliveries on durable thermoplastic bound carbon books.

And, when you’re at a loss for words, choose one of our dictionaries to help you out. We also have novelties and legal stationery, as well as refills to make sure you never run out of what you need.

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Inefficient laptops, desktops and printers can slow down an entire office and decrease productivity. A business that uses outdated technology might just see its profits plummet. To keep your office running smoothly and effectively, it’s important to have high-performance hardware that works fast and efficiently.  

A laptop that switches on in a flash and never freezes could mean the difference between meeting a deadline, and missing one. Ease of use and performance is vital in the hardware you probably spend the most time working on.

Business executive backpack

Black Backpack

total security bitdefender software

Bitdefender software

epson printer

Epson printer

From notebooks to tablets to curved monitors, our business technology devices will impress you with their array of functionalities and brands, and your clients with their sleek designs. Boost office morale with the latest models from the world’s leading technology brands.

Choose from the latest Dell, Lenovo and HP machines for trusted performance. Make your life easier with a fingerprint reader-enabled laptop and cut down on eye strain with an anti-glare LCD screen. Choose from top-of-the-range Samsung monitors and tablets, or AOC screens including curved monitors.

Our stationery catalogue also has your printing needs covered. Say goodbye to paper jams and cut down on waste. Ensure your printouts are clear, whether printed full colour or black and white, with a printer to suit your pocket and needs. Print, copy, scan and fax with reliable hardware that gives you speed and versatility. Choose between laserjet and ink printers and make sure your paperwork is in order.  

Protect your equipment against shocks and falls with a wide variety of bags and cases. Choose from shells and backpacks to cases specially designed to carry portable hard-drives. They come in a variety of colours, with added features to suit your style and needs. 

All hardware needs software. Equip your machines with the best from Microsoft Office. Once installed, your software will need protection. Stay safe in cyberspace with leading internet security software brands such as Norton, Kaspersky and Bitdefender. Also choose from telephones, cameras, TVs and multi-function machines to keep your office running like clockwork.

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No one likes to do their job hungry or in an unclean environment. Constantly thinking of food or refreshments leaves little space for concentration, which can have a negative impact on the quality of the work you produce. Clean air, floors and desks help to create an office space where you want to be.

In the West Coast Office National catalogue you’ll find a wide selection of beverages, sweets and biscuits. Choose from teas, long life milk, creamer and the all-important coffee to keep the wheels turning. Stock the fridge with soft drinks and mineral water and the snack bar with sweets. Equip the kitchen with quality crockery and cutlery for lunch breaks and breakfasts. We also have your disposable goods covered with serviettes, paper towels and more.

addis cleaning equipment

Lint Remover

coffee classic

Nescafe coffee 1 kg

Addis all purpose bin

All purpose bin

Our range of cleaning equipment is made up of products that are both durable and efficient. Keep floors and surfaces spotless with brooms, brushes, mops and more. Get into cracks with sponge scourers and dusters. Keep the office and kitchen tidy with refuse bags and bins, pedal-operated or other. Choose from Addis and other leading cleaning equipment brands.

Whether you need them in large measure or small, our cleaning products will do the job. Multipro is a high-quality brand for all your home and office cleaning needs. From floor polish to air freshener, the range we offer will suit your needs. Also available are household names like Sunlight, Omo and Windolene.

A clean office is a productive office. Use resources from our catalogue to make the maintenance of your work space the last thing to worry about.

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It’s easy to forget about appointments when each day is busier than the last. Careful planning can help to ensure you don’t overstretch yourself. You can also prioritise and organise new events as they pop up.

Put your important dates front and centre with our branded desk calendar which gives you the space you need to keep on top of things. Accessible yet out of the way, it’s a practical office supplies item designed to help you organise your life, not to mention taking down that all-important phone number when a notepad is out of reach.



a5 journal notebook

A5 Journal Black

A4 diary

A4 Diary 2 tone

Whether stitched, bound, pocket or executive, our diaries are your life between covers – hard or soft polypop. Schedule appointments and events on layouts featuring a page-a-day or 15-minute increments. Choose your diary from a variety of colours and designs to suit your tastes, avoid mistakes with non-glare paper and much more.   

Our A6 or A5 personal organiser starter kits allow for a more detailed way to plan your day. Don’t miss a beat with daily to-do-sheets, finance sheets and telephone pages. The organisers come in easy-to-use filofax binders with secure clip-ons to protect its contents. There is space for business cards, bank cards with refills available for especially busy times.

Sometimes it’s necessary to see your schedule at eye level. Pick a wall planner that suits your planning style, whether that’s writing big or small. Plan your week, month, day or year on write and wipe or traditional paper planners. Choose from magnetic aluminium framed or frameless, mounted with double-sided tape.  

In our stationery catalogue you’ll also find diary stands and legal diaries to make sure you always have a plan, and know where to find it.

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Running an office with old and worn electrical accessories is both dangerous and annoying. The lights could go out at any moment, plus hardware could suffer irreparable damage after an electrical surge.

Cut down on the time spent looking for extension cords and create a safe environment with trusted multi-coloured quality Ellies products. Make sure it’s all systems go with Ellies multi-plugs, and protect your hardware with Ellies surge protectors, with illuminated on/off switches.

At West Coast Office National you’ll also find the batteries you need to stay powered up on the go. Choose between Duracell and Energizer batteries across a wide range of strengths and durability. Re-use with a battery recharger and rechargeable batteries on hand, or pick from lithium coins, alkaline batteries and more.

Find the right power solutions to solve your electricity problems to keep the lights on. Speaking of which, get the lighting you need for the requirements you have, whether that be overhead or on your desk. Never drop a call with trustworthy telephone accessories.

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