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Browse through our Office Furniture catalogue to view our stylish office furniture solutions or visit our office furniture showroom in Vredenburg and speak to one of our consultants. At West Coast Office National we pride ourselves on selling South African manufactured Office Chairs.




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All South African manufactured chairs for sale carry a quality Guarantee of 5 Years.

Office chairs manufactured in South Africa are strong and durable for the South African market.
We strongly advise against purchasing cheap imported chairs sold at wholesale and retail outlets as they just don't last.
Office chairs manufactured in South Africa are designed to carry much heavier loads than cheaper imports. SA manufactured chairs carry loads ranging from 120 kgs(standard) to 160 kgs (heavy duty chairs) and are Guaranteed for 5 Years.

We carry stock of certain locally manufactured chair ranges for urgent orders and fast delivery purposes.
These chairs are available for viewing and test driving at our showrooms located in Vredenburg.

We specialize in the sale of ergonomic office chairs, orthopaedic chairs and heavy duty seating.
These chairs are specialized office chairs designed to cater for heavy duty staff and  for those who experience pain and discomfort while sitting for long periods. Ergonomic chairs are ideal for people who sit behind a desk for 8-12 hours per day.
Heavy duty chairs carry loads of up to 160 Kgs and are essential for heavy duty operators.
Orthopaedic chairs offer advanced lumbar support for those suffering with back ailments which cause pain and discomfort while sitting. These chairs assist to relieve pain and discomfort experience while in the seated position while offering maximum comfort and lumbar support. Contact us today!

We have an Office Furniture showroom on Plein street in Vredenburg. In our showroom we have a large selection of office chairs and other office desking and office furniture solutions.

There are thousands of style and design which can make it difficult to decide on the which colour and styles will best fit your style and office space.

Ergonomics, door & window position can play a big role in deciding on a office furniture layout and product selection, if you would like our advice then please contact us and we will come for a free site visit and consultation at your office.

Fabric and the colour of the fabric on your chairs can be manufactured with your company logo on it, or choice from our exclusive range of fabrics, from our fabric swatch available in our full colour furniture catalogue.

If your workday consists of many hours of sitting whether behind your keyboard, talking on the phone and just meeting with clients and coworkers, your back, neck and shoulders will suffer if your chair is not suitable.

Like buying a new motor vehicle the most important part of the process in choosing a new office chair is the ‘test drive’ to make sure that the new chair adjusts properly for your height and body weight. You are after all going to be spending a lot of time sitting in that chair!

Research has shown that there are certain factors that contribute to maximum comfort and safety in office chairs.

How to choose an Office Chair.

Chair Height: As it is important to sit comfortably with both feet flat on the floor, a chair with gas-lift height controls will allow you to adjust the height for your particular leg length.

The Seat: A chair seat has to be comfortable for a long period of time. Ensure that the seat has enough hard wearing foam padding to reduce stress on your butt, hips and thighs. It should be wide enough to provide a little space on either side of your body. Some types of seat contours can alleviate pressure on the back of the thighs. If your chair has seat depth controls, you should look to adjust the front edge of the chair so it is 5 – 8 cm from the back of your knees. If the back of your legs do touch the edge of the seat, you will have difficulty leaning against the chair’s back support.

The Backrest: Look for a chair that has an adjustable back support that raises or lowers to a height that will support the curve in the small of your back. Adequate lumbar support is essential if you are to avoid stress on your spine. A chair’s backrest should also be slightly curved to follow the natural contours of your spine. Ideally you should be able to adjust the tilt of the seat up and down independent of the back support. Reclining rests the back muscles, while a forward tilt encourages good back posture and takes the stress off the muscles and discs of the spine. Controlling the tilt tension will also allow you to adjust for varying body weights and lets the chair rock or tilt with the correct amount of resistance.

Armrests: Well-cushioned arms that adjust in height and width can help you maintain straight wrist posture for computer work, avoiding carpal tunnel syndrome and reducing sore muscles in the neck, shoulders and back. Armrests that are too high will not allow you to relax your shoulders, while armrests that are too long can prevent you from getting close enough to your desk and may cause back discomfort. Armrests spaced too wide apart will make your elbows stick out from your body in an uncomfortable way.

Health and Safety: Always look for durable construction that has been tested and certified. The best chairs have caster wheels that let the chair move easily on the floor, and a five-point base that provides stability and minimizes the chance of tipping the chair over. Adjustment controls should be easy to operate from a seated position and not require forceful hand movements. Office chairs come in vinyl, leather, and cloth. Cloth upholstery isn't as easy to clean as vinyl, and cloth-covered foam may harbor dust mites. However, vinyl or leather coverings don't breathe as easily as cloth, which may cause discomfort after prolonged sitting.

"And finally, remember to get off your butt once an hour for a good stretch. The future you will thank you!"

Office Furniture product ranges available in our Catalogue

Desking, Screens, Seating, Reception, Soft Seating, Boardroom, Training, Presentation, Accessories, Business Machines, Canteen, Education, Public Seating, Filing, Bankers Box, Steel Furniture, Fabric Swatches.

Different types of material used to manufacture Office Desks in South Africa

Veneered Boards

Veneered boards use either a BisonBord or SupaWood substrate, surfaced with a genuine timber veneer. They are ideal for flat surface wood finishes that can be combined with matching solid timber molded to shape. They offer an affordable solution to using solid timber. They are primarily used in upmarket applications such as executive offices and boardroom furniture as well as paneling or wall cladding. Veneered boards are supplied with a raw and unfinished surface, requiring a surface treatment by the fabricator.

Over the years, as demand has increased and supply decreased, using solid timber, in applications such as kitchens and once furniture, has become a costly affair. To still provide the look and feel of solid timber, but ease the expense of the job, veneered boards, which offer solid timber aesthetics at a fraction of the cost, are used. Available in the most popular timber species, veneered boards use a veneer layon, bonded to either a BisonBord or SupaWood substrate and balanced with an appropriate backer. Species dependent, the veneer layons are either sliced or rotary cut and available in either Single or Double Face.
Veneer layons, as the thin sheets of timber are called, are produced by glue stitching individual veneer leaves together. These leaves are produced by a slicer that slices thin layers of the desired log, otherwise known as a flitch.

Depending on the application, there are many Finishes which can be applied. All Finishes will slightly alter the original colour of the veneered board and are used to enhance the colour and texture of the wood grain. These finishes include lacquers - lacquers are generally applied by spraying and add depth and richness to the original colour. Lacquers form a protective layer which lends hardiness and durability to the veneer.

95% of our chairs are made in South Africa.

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