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Sometimes a bigger job is called for. Sometimes papers need to be shredded or cut with perfection. It’s not necessary to run to a specialist shop to get laminating done, or binding combs installed. With the right equipment you can do it in the office and save yourself time and money.

Bind presentations and reports professionally with home office binders built for the job. Choose from entry level machines for small office needs or larger models for a more industrial approach. Get plastic bind combs in a variety of colours or stock up on wire binding elements if metal is the way to go.


For posters, signs and cards or any other laminating you need done, have a look at our selection of laminators. With super-fast warm-up times and a variety of widths, you cover and seal documents with ease. Choose from leading brands such as Parrot, Fellowes and others.

Protect company secrets and keep the competition guessing with shredders that are jam-proof, quiet and fast performing. No shredding job is too big or too small for the range we have. And if it’s more selective cutting you need, have a look at our trimmers and guillotines, which come in a variety of cut lengths, styles and sheet capacities.

Crunching numbers? We have the calculators you need to make the sums you have to. Choose from premium desktop calculators to scientific models. Find the perfect pocket calculator or specialise with a tax calculator. We also have cash registers, and don’t miss our bundle promos.

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