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Basic accessories like staplers, adhesive, clips, pins and punches are the nuts and bolts of any office. Without them within arm’s reach or, at the very least, on the premises, your day can go from great to grey in an instant. With the West Coast Office National stationery range, your desk accessories needs are met.

Choose between clear tape, double-sided tape and many more, whatever your adhesive needs. We have Prestik, Pritt and Bostik Super Glue for your basic sticking needs as well as glue dots and super clear tape for more specialised requirements. Find wood glue, Bostik Clear and more.
When it comes to filling a notice board or any other pinning you may need done, have a look at our wide range of pins in a variety of colours. We have clips of all sizes and shapes. Choose between two leading brands of paper clips and find the perfect magnetic dispenser to prevent a desk littered with clips.

Find bulldog clips, foldback clips and more.

For posters, signs and cards or any other laminating you need done, have a look at our selection of laminators. With super-fast warm-up times and a variety of widths, you cover and seal documents with ease. Choose from leading brands such as Parrot, Fellowes and others.

We have all the desk accessories, filing accessories and organisers you need to keep your workspace tidy at all times. Keep your office clutter free with bent prong filing fasteners and econo filing laces. Other desk accessories include tape dispensers and a wide variety and forms of corrective tape from leading brands.

Find the pencil sharpeners and the rulers you need. We also have telephone and business books for those all-important contact details, and book coverings to keep your books protected and as good as new. For all your other needs, have a look at our sundries section.

Order your desk accessories online and we’ll deliver them free anywhere on the West Coast. And if we don’t have it, we’ll get it for you.

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