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The Budget Office Chair

Work space environments are one of the most criticised factors when it comes to the efficiency & moral of your staff. However many people underestimate the power of a good Office Chair.
Because many of us spend an extraordinary amount of time seated at our desks, it is vital that we are able to work comfortably.
If your office performance is slouching (excuse the pun) then it's time to start looking at some new Office Chair options.

Teal coloured Drive Chair - operators range
green operators chair without arms
Back rake system on operators office chair

We understand that times get tough and the remaining Office budget is usually looking to be spent on "more needed" items for the office first.
Well lucky for you we have a solution for you to look at including a new chair with your current budget.
Below is the best all rounder budget Office Chair you can find.

The Budget Office Chair has all the features you need for comfort & functionality. With padding and style to conform to the Ergonomic standards to keep your posture healthy you can rest assure no more lower back pain after work. The Budget Chair is a great all rounder meaning it can be utilized in almost any office situation and although may not be a specialized, it surely is the best money can buy in terms of quality and comfort.

Your Budget Should never get in the way of your Comfort

Typist Chair vs Operator's Chair
What is the difference?

Model S4000

In the 50's there was a huge shift in the the workplace environment to employ more women.
This sudden increase in employment was predominantly found in office environments as the road was pathed for the Typist.
A typist was a generalised term for anyone who usually sat at a desk for most of the hours of the day.
This included jobs, but not limited to, secretaries, translators, data capturers, accountants and much more.
The office chair provided for these types of jobs was known as the typist chair.

Standard Features include:

Standard Features include:
120KG Weight Capacity For Office Chair
S750 - Medium "Maxi" B Seat & Back
With Arms
600mm Black Nylon Base
Gas Height Adjustment
Seat & Back - Wood - Veneer
Seat - Foam - VP70 High Density
Back - Foam - VP30 Medium Density Foam
COM: 1.2m Fabric (Seat = 0.6m & Back = 0.7m)
100% South African

The difference between a Typist Chair & an Operator's Chair is the time between their generations. They are basically the same but as office jobs changed over the years so did the need for a new office chair name.

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With the advent of the computer coming into the office even more jobs were created across the board. By the 90's the idea of a typist chair became really outdated and a new word started to dominate the field:
The Computer chair or more commonly known as the Operator's Chair. This is still used widely today but is now seen as an entry level Office chair. 

Operator chair range

Operators chairs come in all shapes and sizes. You can customise the parts to match your own style.

As the Operator's chair does actually come with all the features of a gamer's chair or even an executive chair, its hard to say it's an inferior chair. The bonus is you get all the features you need that also conform to ergonomic standards at a much better price. That's why we have dubbed this range the Budget Office Chair.

As seen in the West Coast Office National Furniture Catalogue:

The office chair fabrics come in a serious of colours ranging from Blue to Green to Red and lost more.
You can also choose to change the chair arms if you would prefer another style.
Add a little style & function to your office?

Orange Typist Chair


Simply Great Value. Typist Chair with gas height adjustment. Draughtsman conversion available in optional chromed nylon.

Catalogue Page: 99

Chair code: GF156404
Variety of colours

Latest Prices

Teal coloured Drive Chair - operators range
green operators chair without arms
black office chair basic
Back rake system on operators office chair

Name: MODO

Ergonomically designed for supreme comfort in the workplace. Comes standard with a 5 star nylon base & typist mechanism.

Catalogue Page: 100

Chair code: GF156407
Variety of colours
Latest Prices

Zoom Office Chair black

Name: ZOOM

Simple Quality with gas height adjustment..

Catalogue Page: 101

Chair code: GF156401
Variety of colours

Latest Prices

Rear view teal office chair
Sand Operator's Chair Zoom
Lime green profile Ergonomic chair
Orange Zoom Typist Chair

Operator's Office Chair in our Office Furniture Showroom:

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