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Best Coffee on the West Coast

So how can we claim that we have the best coffee on the West Coast? That's because we let you order the coffee you love the most. So it must be the best, for you.  Get all the info on our Coffee Ordering and Delivery in this video:

We are using Coffee as our Office Mascot to spread the message that we do more than just Stationery & "Regular" Office Supplies. Coffee is one of those things that makes every Office complete and that is why we felt it was important to give it the spotlight it deserves. Offices are made up of all sorts of things, like desks, chairs, plants, Filing Cabinets as well as all the regulars from pens, paper and ink to printers computers and loads more. We would like to say that we are in the business of helping your business. The only thing we cant help you with is your staff, they are your problem 😉 (although we can supply you with the labour laws if you like. Our print department has them ready for you.

We don't judge what kind of coffee your office buys. You can have whatever you like.

If you haven't got a catalogue yet come and collect it at 7 Plein Street Vredenburg or give us a call and we can drop it off.

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We can also drop a catalogue at your office or home.
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