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What do you want to stick your label on?

That is the first question.
What application is it for are you needing it for food and beverages, as there are specific rules around labels for food, the first one would be you don't want your label to fall off the product when you put it in the freezer, so your going to need a freezer label, then some product's need manufacture, and best by dates.

We can make labels that are perfect for a variety of products ranging from Fruit & Vegetables to glass jars, bottles, packets, sachets and even refrigeration and freezer products like meat & fish.
Each type of sticker or label has a unique set of prerequisites. We can use a variety of vinyl's & sticky paper to best suit your product.

You can also have a custom designed look and feel that is not limited in shape or size.
Talk to us and about what you want and we can help with some suggestions.

The alternative is to call us and describe what you need.
If we cant describe it on the phone we can come bring you some samples.

Call: 022 713 1111 or email print@pencil.co.za

Label & Sticker Printing, on Vinyl and Paper, any shape any size label, available on the West Coast anywhere, 

Label Printing DIY LINK

We print various adhesive labels. They can be trimmed most conveniently as squares or rectangles. Matt self adhesive is best suited for small run digital label options.
Our A3 sheets are crackback for full colour quick apply for quick turn around.  Your labels can be printed in full colour or black and white.  More and more as run lengths increase we find that printing on a roll as it is more economical solution.

Barcode Sticker Labels

Vinyl Stickers

Sticker Printing Vredenburg, West Coast  – we can print vinyl stickers to almost any size that you would like.
Our advanced machines can kiss cut to any shape pre-designed by you or us with an outline of any shape or letters. This being die cut lettering or company logo’s trimmed out of the vinyl for window or vehicle branded application. Your stickers can be produced on matt vinyl or gloss vinyl. Matt vinyl is popular for sticker labels.
Bumper stickers & License labels more commonly on gloss vinyl.

Vinyl Stickers

Freezer Labels

The iconic cold Atlantic Ocean sustains a great fishing industry on the West Coast. Similarly, the secluded farmlands stretching from the Swartland to the the Cederberg provide some of the best meat & fresh produce in all of South Africa.  If you are a part of this incredible ecosystem of businesses that provide the public with great products then this message may be for you. Food product labels have very specific requirements please ask us.

Branding Labels

Brand awareness is a huge topic nowadays. They say your brand needs to be seen more than 7 times a day to stay on top of the competition. If you don't have your brand on your products itself, you are missing a massive opportunity to plant your brand in the mind of your customers forever. 

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