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Are Business Cards Still Needed?

Why you must have a business card in the digital age and how it can further your career?

Modern technology plays a major role in the way we interact nowadays. At the touch of a button, you can contact people from all social circles or work fields even if they are on the other side of the globe.

You can tweet a major corporation, comment on your favourite actor’s Instagram post and even write on the President’s Facebook wall.

With communication made so easy, do we still need to pass business cards around? And are they worth the time and money you invest in their design?

The answer is an emphatic YES!

Contrary to the general misconception, business cards or visiting cards still represent a standard of elegance and professionalism that the digital age cannot wash away into in-existence.

Whether you are part of a large company or an entry-level entrepreneur, investing in high-quality business cards is one of the best moves you can make to further a career.

Let’s look at some of the main reasons why you need business cards!

Straightforward communication

In the world of business, you get to interact with many individuals on a daily basis.

These people may be your clients, your collaborators or potential investors.

They may come from different backgrounds, speak other languages than your own, have various personality traits and talents, and they may have a diverse cultural view on communication.

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A business card is a simple means of dialogue that breaks down all these barriers and establishes the first contact in a clear and appropriate fashion.

Handing out your business card does not require additional explanations. That small piece of paper contains all the personal, professional and contact details that your discussion partner needs to know about you.

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A brief look back into the history of business cards

Business cards first appeared in the 17th century when European merchants and aristocrats used them to announce their impending arrival in a city. Just like now, back then it was one of the best and simplest ways of letting someone know that you mean business.

Not everyone is tech savvy

Now, you might think that business cards are redundant nowadays. You could argue that you can always email or text someone your business details without having to print out anything.

That is perfectly true!

However, you might miss the fact that not everyone is as tech savvy as you are.

Not everyone has a smartphone, and not everybody is so keen on using digital technology to establish a dialogue.

There are still plenty of successful entrepreneurs and investors out there who were doing business long before the Internet was even a real thing.

Handing out a stylish business card shows that you are ready to advance the business relationship with someone past their understanding or use of modern technology.

Furthermore, it prevents reluctant businesspersons from using “I did not get your email / I do not have your contact details” as excuses for not wanting to collaborate with you.

A brief look back into the history of business cards

In the 18th century, today's equivalent of not being tech savvy was illiteracy.
There was no point of giving someone a detailed, printed account on who you are and what you do if that person could not read.
So, many people of that time would draw small symbols of their trade on the business cards that they would hand around.
Through tiny drawings of fruit, paint brushes or teeth you could find out if you were dealing with a merchant, an artist or a dentist.

Distinction and legitimacy

When you establish your first business contact with someone it is natural for both you and your future collaborator to experience trust issues.

Business cards have the essential role of dispersing the fog of doubt and the fear of unknown.

They show that you put your reputation on the line by advancing this business relationship from dialogue to action.

A business card is also a sign of sophistication, elegance and it pays homage to the classic way of doing business.

It says “Here are my contact details. Please feel free to use them for the betterment of our business collaboration.” It is simply more personal and profound than a formal text message or a self-completing email template that you send.

A brief look back into the history of business cards

By the 19th century, business cards had become a staple of high-society.
While lounging in their quarters, aristocrats would receive tens of such cards every day.
They were each presented on a silver tray by their servants while the senders would patiently wait for an audience in the parlor.
The lucky ones who would get to see the master of the household were those whose business cards had the best or most appealing design.

A Timeless Networking Tool

We know that you took extra time and care to set up an attractive LinkedIn profile.

That’s an excellent career move for marketing your business or your profile online.

However, there is still a big, wide world out there that rarely uses virtual tools to engage in business collaborations. 

Without a business card, you will be missing a lot of great opportunities to further your career.

When you have a set of premium quality business cards with you, you can hand them around to all the potential clients and investors that you meet.

They work as excellent networking tools at conventions, workshops, and conferences. Giving them to the other participants at these events enables you to reach a wider audience and maybe get the attention of people you would never have the opportunity to meet online.

A brief look back into the history of business cards

In the 20th century, the advent of print technology made business cards available for everyone. They soon became a must-have marketing tool for everyone that was involved in any sort of business.
From company directors to car salespersons to exterminators every work category required them. As a result, there was an explosion in design features, colours, and presentation.
Even a difference in font could spell success or failure depending on the client's perception of your sense of aesthetics.

How to raise eyebrows with your business card

Now that you have discovered the undeniable benefits of having a business card it is time to design your own card.

Unless you dispose of a remarkable talent in graphic design, you should always approach the services of professionals. They can help you find the cheapest, best method to design your business card layout.

An experienced graphic designer will use your indications and provide you with a high-quality product that matches your expectations.

A professional visiting card design should make you stand out from your competition.

In this regard, it should include essential details such as:

  • ID and contact information
  • An eye-catching image/symbol of your services
  •  A location map of your business
  • An appealing font
  • A call to action

Additionally, you can spend an extra buck to have the card cut in a certain shape that differs from the classic rectangular format.

 Let’s say you sell bar accessories and tools. You could opt for a business card that comes in the form of a bottle opener.

To create an even bigger impact when you hand out your modern business cards, you can opt for striking features like:

  • Textured effects
  • Bright colours
  • Minimalist design
  • Engraved fonts

All of these details are available during the creation process, and you can access them only when working with a skillful graphic designer that has a solid experience in creating unique business cards.

Remember that business cards reflect your professional side, your attention to details and your commitment to high standards of quality.

Therefore, you must always ensure that you get the best possible products that will impress your potential collaborators, clients or employers.

Our expert graphic designers will provide you with top-notch quality for your business cards. Making great use of their creativity and hard-earned skills they can provide you with eye-catching designs that will make everyone who receives them raise their eyebrows with awe and admiration.

Whether you are looking for business cards with a simple, straightforward look or a unique, luxury design we have what you need!

We offer premium quality business cards that match your profession and give you a competitive advantage over your peers.

We provide eye-catching designs in full accordance with your requirements and guaranteed to act as elegant presentations of your high level of professionalism and approach to business.

Contact us TODAY and give us the opportunity to help you further your professional career with high-quality business cards and premium promotional solutions!

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