Printer-cartridges-vredenburg-0227131111Lets face it… Ink cartridges and toners are a pain in the ass super expensive and always running out. (We know we buy 1,000’s every month)

Here at West Coast Office National we try and take the pain out of ink cartridges by giving you the best deal you can find on the West Coast.

Simply put  if you can find the same ink cartridge any where on the West Coast at a better price, return the cartridge and we will give you your money back no questions just smiles. 😉

The packaging must be intact, meaning it has not been opened, your have the original receipt/invoice, and its no more than 7 days of the purchase date, because the price of ink cartridges are calculate every day on the dollar and we purchase ink cartridge everyday and the prices change everyday with the US Dollar, so can only offer this price guaranteed for 7 days.

The alternative is to enter into a 6 month fixed price deal on ink cartridges with us.

We will fix the price on your ink cartridge for 6 months.
There is a minimum volume over the 6 months, to agreed by both parties.
We guarantee the price regardless of weather it goes up or down.

Rent a Samsung Copier

Contact Eon for more details 022 713 1111

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