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Frosting sheets, Icing Sheets & Edible Paper are Edible Ink Printers

There is no doubt that cake printing has become more and more popular over the years.
Maybe you can remember getting a Spiderman or Barbie cake for our 5th birthday?

But on the West Coast, where do you go to get a cake like this without having to drive all the way to Cape Town?

Occasions that surely call for a
"Photo on a Cake"

Designer cakes can also be very expensive.
Our solution to both these problems:
Do it Yourself.

Let us print your icing sheets or if this is something you are going to need often we can even look at organising you your very own cake printer.

Birthdays and special events: 

Add that personal touch by including memorable photos, or even embarrassing ones. 

Whether it's a birthday for kids or older people, a wedding anniversary or even a bachelor party adding that "nostalgic factor" can make a big difference.

2  Business catering

It used to be Location Location Location.
Now with the dawn of the internet it doesn't always matter where you are.

Today it's about Branding Branding Branding.

Putting custom designs on cakes at corporate events is a great way to get added branding awareness.

Either by branding your own business or offering your suppliers a slice of the advertising potential, excuse the pun.

Need a cake printed for your event?
Speak to us about edible printing your design or photograph.

Either wait as we do it in store - or drop it off and we'll give you a call when it's done. Phone 022 713 1111

What is Edible Ink? 

There are two types of edible ink. 

One: edible prints used freehand.

It means that cake decorators have various options, such as bottles, or pens that enable them to draw, paint, and spray, and pictures, and textures on a cake directly.

If you consider yourself an artist and know how to draw or paint well, then you can use these edible inks with ease.

But most of us can’t do this and for us, there is option 2.

Two: edible printing ink for printers. 

They work exactly the same as  regular  printers, but there is obviously a difference. It simple is able to process and print on materials that are safe for our consumption.

You can create and download a picture from the internet, and print copies on an edible paper.

Then cut the design using scissors or craft knife as per your choice.

Get your Cake Sheets Printed
It really is quick & easy.

Send us your Work - We'll print it quick sticks.

You can Email, Whatsapp or Drop Off your documents with Leana in our Print Department to get the ball rolling without even leaving your Office.  
Then come and collect your Cake Print Sheets in store or let us deliver it to you. 

Regardless of the edible printing needs you have, we will find an affordable solution for you.

Buying a Cake Printer

Tips to choosing the right "Edible Ink Printer"

So you don't just need a once off cake - you want to do this often.
Then you must know that there are various edible printers are available on the market.
Here are some tips that can help you in buying the right one:

Check reliability 

You must check whether it is designed by a reputable company.
When you are looking at the different edible-ink printers that are available, cost is normally a big problem, the main printers used in South Africa are the Canon and the Epson Printer.

Its very important than you ensure the Frosting sheets, Icing Sheets & Edible Paper are available for your Edible Ink Printers, and the quality is good.

Consider your requirements 

The model and make you select depends on what you are going to print.

Are you going to print in large or small format?
Quality of print capable of High Definition details?
Are there unlimited color options.
These things will lead you to the final decision.

Check compatibility with edible inks 

Don’t simply rush out and purchase any printer.
You have to make sure that it is compatible with edible inks that are available in South Africa
Some brands will sell you a great printer but never have the edible ink and paper in stock.

Consider maintenance 

It is important to select a printer that comes with removable print heads.
Access to clean the parts will not make it last longer but keep hygienic for consumption purposes.

These are some of the tips to think about when selecting the right edible ink printer. 

If you are really interested in owing your own one then give us a call and ask for Darren to help advise you in the right direction.

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