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Your workplace needs more than just stationery, furniture and tech. For ultimate staff and visitor satisfaction you need a properly stocked kitchen and cleaning cupboard. Facilities Supplies covers it all and offers you a great range of products perfectly suited to the work environment. With leading brands like Nescafe, Nestle and Addis, we can supply every aspect of your business. Keep the troops happy with their favourite brands of coffee and tea, plus biscuits and chips. We can also supply disposable plates, cutlery and cups, plus all the cleaning supplies you need to maintain your canteen or kitchen. Look after your staff’s health and comfort with janitorial supplies and equipment like mops, soap and toilet paper.  View our range of Facilities Supplies below.

No one likes to do their job hungry or in an unclean environment. Constantly thinking of food or refreshments leaves little space for concentration, which can have a negative impact on the quality of the work you produce. Clean air, floors and desks help to create an office space where you want to be.

In the West Coast Office National catalogue you’ll find a wide selection of beverages, sweets and biscuits. Choose from teas, long life milk, creamer and the all-important coffee to keep the wheels turning. Stock the fridge with soft drinks and mineral water and the snack bar with sweets. Equip the kitchen with quality crockery and cutlery for lunch breaks and breakfasts. We also have your disposable goods covered with serviettes, paper towels and more.


Our range of cleaning equipment is made up of products that are both durable and efficient. Keep floors and surfaces spotless with brooms, brushes, mops and more. Get into cracks with sponge scourers and dusters. Keep the office and kitchen tidy with refuse bags and bins, pedal-operated or other. Choose from Addis and other leading cleaning equipment brands.

Whether you need them in large measure or small, our cleaning products will do the job. Multipro is a high-quality brand for all your home and office cleaning needs. From floor polish to air freshener, the range we offer will suit your needs. Also available are household names like Sunlight, Omo and Windolene.

A clean office is a productive office. Use resources from our catalogue to make the maintenance of your work space the last thing to worry about.

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