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Running an office with old and worn electrical accessories is both dangerous and annoying. The lights could go out at any moment, plus hardware could suffer irreparable damage after an electrical surge.


Cut down on the time spent looking for extension cords and create a safe environment with trusted multi-coloured quality Ellies products. Make sure it’s all systems go with Ellies multiplugs, and protect your hardware with Ellies surge protectors, with illuminated on/off switches.

At West Coast Office National you’ll also find the batteries you need to stay powered up on the go. Choose between Duracell and Energizer batteries across a wide range of strengths and durability. Re-use with a battery recharger and rechargeable batteries on hand, or pick from lithium coins, alkaline batteries and more.

Find the right power solutions to solve your electricity problems to keep the lights on. Speaking of which, get the lighting you need for the requirements you have, whether that be overhead or on your desk. Never drop a call with trustworthy telephone accessories.

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