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Why label electrical cables or conjunctions?

Electrical Labelling can give your client a lasting impression. The key element of labeling cables is to provide safety, it should also be convenient for the client, professional and time-saving for both Electrician and Customer.

Your labelling application needs to be tough, reliable and capable of producing the most durable results.

Printing durable, long-life labels on-site and on-demand

What type of label printer do I need as an electrician?

Handheld label printers for cables and electrical panels are easy to use and an efficient means to complete the job on-site. They print P-touch Labels that are durable, long-lasting and fully customizable.

The correct label application looks professional and the customer benefits from an easy identification of the fuse box, a well-labelled switchgear can also help clear faults more easily.

It can also help ensure your work meets industry regulations, the South African electrician’s work must comply with SANS 10142-1 (Edition 2), which is the most recent legislation applicable to the electrical trade. (link)
Circuit isolation and protection are both quick and accurate.

Why is Brother the best printer for the job?

They are versatile machines that are:

  • easy to use
  • sturdy enough to handle onsite work
  • provide you with efficient-looking labels 

Brother portable electrician labelling machines use double laminated labels that are long-lasting and dependable.



Handheld Brother P-Touch Label Machines 

Cable, faceplate & sequential numbering shortcuts for quick function access.
Tape cassette, AC adapter & carry case included.
Heavy duty labels resistant to fade, abrasion & extreme temperatures.
Uses 6, 9 & 12mm Tze tapes.
3 Year warranty.

Brother handheld P-Touch printers have been specifically designed for electrical applications.


TZe laminated tape that’s been designed to last.

Tape to be used on PT-H105,PT-D200,PT E100VP, PT-D450, PT-D600, PT-P700, PT-H110,PT-D800W & PT-P900W.

6mm – 12mm TZe laminated tapes


Where do I buy a Printer ?

West Coast Office National has a large variety of printers available for label application for electrical job’s on-site. Price can vary due to the variation in speed - the faster it prints the higher the price.

There are a variety of tapes that help with complying with wiring regulations.

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Need more information on what printer you need

Make sure your work meets industry standards by completing the job professionally.

How do you print labels using a P-Touch Printer?

Create new labels quickly, store and recall them for future editing and printing.

Step 1

Insert batteries into your label machine.

Step 2

Insert a new tape cassette. To advance the label tape, press the "Code" button and the "Feed" button simultaneously.

Step 3

Power on the label printer by pressing the "On/Off" switch.

Step 4

To set the font style, press and hold the "Code" and "Style" button simultaneously.

To set the size of the font, press and hold the "Code" button and the "Size" button . 

Continue to press the “style” and “size” buttons until you see the style and size of the font you wish to use.

Step 5

To type your label, begin by pressing the letter buttons on the label maker.

To insert a space between words, press the "Space" button. 

To type a capital letter, press the "Code" button and the "Caps" button.

Step 6

To view your label press the "<" or ">" keys on your brother label printer.

If you notice an error in your text, use the "<" or ">" keys to scroll to the mistake and press the "Delete" button.

Step 7

To print, press the "Print" button.

Step 8

After it has printed, erase the label by pressing the "Code" button and the "Clear" button.

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