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Load Shedding Schedule for Saldanha Bay 

Eskom implemented Stage 2 load shedding from the start of 2021 in Langebaan, Hopefield, St Helena Bay, Green Village. Stay up to date with the current load shedding times. 

How will I know when Load shedding happens again?

There are 2 ways of staying on top of Load shedding schedules for the Langebaan, Saldanha & Vredenburg areas. 

1. Receive SMS Notifications

2. Get the EskomSePush App





Above is the link to download this handy little app that will update you on any forecast  electricity shutdowns. 

"EskomSePush is about giving back to South Africans -  We're doing it to make you smile
It's free!"

Step 1 - Download    
Step 2 - Click the PLUS
Step 3 - Choose Your Area

3. Download the PDF from the Saldanha Bay Municipality


This link will take you to the long extended sheet of scheduled load shedding when the stages are implemented. There are 8 stages of load shedding. The prediction is that we will experience level 1 & level 2 for the foreseeable future.

V - Vredenburg, Paternoster  (PINK)
S - Saldanha, Jacobsbaai    (GREEN)
L - Langebaan , Hopefield, St Helenabaai, Green Village  (BLUE)

The Question on everyone's mind is will this get worse?

"#PowerAlert : As a result of a loss of additional units overnight the probability of stage 2 load shedding is high from 09:00 to 22:00 today." - Eskom

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So says a tweet from Eskom. Just as we are getting out of our water crisis, so we re-enter our power shortage problems again. Luckily there are plans to grow the grid-supply in the future without relying on coal as much as we currently do. Renewable energies are rapidly advancing due to the supported private sector investing in Power supply solutions, especially in wind energy on the West Coast of South Africa.

But until then we may be experiencing alternating between Load shedding 1 and 2 for the next while!

Is your Data safe?

If you are working on a laptop you are pretty safe. If the power suddenly cuts you have a little time still to save your work and shut down the computer. People on Desktop Computers are not as lucky for 2 reasons:

If the power cuts suddenly you may loose all your unsaved data. Also, loadshedding causes a considerable amount of power surges which are seriously harmful to your electronics. The solution?

Uninterruptible Power Supply

Also known as a UPS. This device acts both as a filter to control the surges as-well as a batter to keep your computer on if the power suddenly goes out.

Call us and ask for EON to speak about a solution for your business.

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