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It’s a common answer when you ask people why they like to work from home. Most will respond with that their flexible work environment relieves the amount of stress in their lives and gives them a healthier work-life balance. Since earlier this year those reasons have changed. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused employees to work from home in an effort to practise social distancing and lessen the impact of the virus.

Some challenges have occurred from working at home. Not having the proper equipment can make working from home frustrating and tiring. Not having a proper chair, even if you’re saving some money by re-using a lounge or home chair, you’re probably going to have to pay for your back and neck pain in the long-term. Prevention is always better than a cure, so save your posture and avoid long-term health problems.

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Jumbo Desk Stand

The standing desk can provide proper working positions for people of all heights and reach. This helps ensure a better posture for office workers and prevent long term health conditions such as Musculoskeletal Disorders. Work safety is another benefit that comes from having an ergonomic desk


Desk Options

Do you need space for a printer, monitors and typing room? Not a problem with the Home Compact Unit. A table slides out for a monitor and keyboard or just a laptop, there is room for files on top and below. It even has shelf room for a printer. When you're done, just slide everything back.

If you're looking for something simple yet spacious the Student Desk will be a perfect fit for your home office.

Home Compact Unit

Size: 800 x 900 x 450

Colour: Black and Cherry


Student Desk

Size: 1500 x 750


Laptop Risers

Perfect as a stable surface for getting work done in your home or on the go. The Lap Tray Risers have a soft-touch wrist pads to provide a layer of comfort.

Size: 450 x 325mm


Easy Riser


Size: 450 x 325mm


Wrist Support

Sitting at the PC for 2 hours and more can cause wrist strain that can lead to back and shoulder problems. The Fellowes Keyboard Gel Pad has micro ban antimicrobial protection that keeps products cleaner. The Self-adjusting pads helps put any size hand in a neutral posture.




Glass Desktop Easel


The Glass Desktop Easel and Pad are some new ways to remind yourself about that important zoom conference or just a reminder to take a break in between work.


Glass Desktop Pad



Portable Lumbar Support


Supports your back during extended periods of sitting, the high-density foam promotes neutral posture, adjustable straps hold cushion in place and the soft brushed cover can be removed for easy cleaning.

Uninterrupted Power Supply


Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)

Protects against outages and power surges. It constantly monitors the voltage-current to detect inconsistencies. If it recognises a surge or outage, it immediately switches to battery power. This allows your systems to continue running without power interruption to save your documents and switch off your equipment safely. This is especially helpful now that there is talk of load shedding again.

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Samsung 24" FHD Monitor with Super slim design

Multiple monitors has been proven to increase productivity. You can write a document on one screen while referencing web pages on your other screen.

Display resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels, HD type: Full HD, Display surface: Gloss, Response time: 4 ms, Native aspect ratio: 16:9, Viewing angle, horizontal: 178°, Viewing angle, vertical: 178°. VESA mounting.

Product colour: Black

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Samsung 24" FHD Monitor


Epson M1170 Ink Tank Printer


Epson M1170 Ink Tank Printer

Small printers are ideal for home offices as they don't take up much space. The ink bottles used for this printer is inexpensive compared to cartridges.

The Printer comes with two sets of ink bottles.

Reduce energy usage: Save up to 95% in power consumption.

Time saving: Wi-Fi, double-sided printing, 250-sheet tray, mobile printing.

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Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Wireless mice are easier to use with smaller, more portable devices and also takes up much less space on your desk. With these wireless products you have one less cable to deal with. The mobility means that you don't always have to be within striking distance of your PC to get any work done.

Scripto Wireless Keyboard


Microsoft Wirless Mouse

R287.50 each

Microsoft Wireless Keyboard and mouse



Wireless portable speaker


Philips wireless portable speaker

Powerful sound supported by wireless music streaming via Bluetooth, a rechargeable battery for playback anywhere and a built-in microphone for hands-free phone calls. Also clips onto your belt or bag.

WD Elements

Portable Hard Drive 1TB


WD Elements Portable Hard Drive 1TB

External hard drives are portable, easy to use, and can provide a large amount of storage whenever you need it. Is work taking up all the storage space on your computer or do you just want to keep some files backed up ? Add-on storage for your computer like the Portable Hard Drive 1TB would do just that.

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Letter tray, Storage boxes

Now that you have all the gadgets to get the job done. What happens to the job after?

If it isn't stored digitally how will you keep all those papers together, before you know it you'll misplace them in the kitchen.

But don't worry we got you covered with these products!

Mondi Paper 80gsm

R66.63 per ream

Interstat Letter Tray

R39.64 per tray

R6.51 4pack risers

SFS Storage Box


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