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Keeping our Oceans & Beaches Clean

It's no secret that humans are the number one cause for the destruction of the natural environment. Plastic waste is a serious concern, especially for our oceans. Scientists predict that if we continue to act the way we are now our oceans will have more plastic than fish by the year 2050. 

Added to this, big corporations and businesses are a leading contributor to environmental problems.

Supermarkets are starting to make small changes by leading their customers to use paper over plastic bags. But, that alone is NOT enough. It's up to every business big and small to start looking at ALL their impacts on the environment. 

So, what can you do? And what will we as West Coast Office National do about it. Read more below on some projects that are coming & that we have already been involved in.


West Coast Office National supports
Saldanha Bay Municipality Recycling

Many people might not realise this, but Saldanha Bay Municipality takes great pride in their Waste-Disposal & Recycling systems. Recycling is offered for FREE here. Not all places in the Western Cape are so lucky. 

You may have noticed West Coast Office National has been creating more and more videos lately. This is because our head of digital marketing (Dean) is from the video making world. Earlier this year he joined the Saldanha Bay Municipaly teams for a day out on the dumps to learn more about what happens to our rubbish once it is collected. 

So, where does your rubbish go?

This is a video we created for Saldanha Bay Municipality to showcase their efforts. We are very proud to have been a part of this and look forward to our next project together soon. 

You can learn more about this on their website: SBM Recycling.


What can you do?

It starts with one small action at a time. For example start by using a reusable travel-mug versus single use cups & plastic tops. After just one week there are already 7 pieces of trash less for the world to have to process. Below is a list of everyday practices that you can start to implement in your life. 

  • Reduce Use of Single-Use Plastics
  • Recycle Properly
  • Support Bans
  • Participate In (or Organise) a Beach or River Cleanup
  • Support Organisations Addressing Plastic Pollution
  • Avoid Products Containing Microbeads
  • Spread the Word

For more tangible information on each of these topics go to: Ocean Society.

West Coast Beach Clean-ups

There is an Organisation that focuses on Beach Cleanups here on the West Coast side of South Africa. Clean C has events coming up all the time. Click on the link below to see up coming events.

Most of  Clean C's cleanups are closer to the city. Would you like to help us set-up a beach cleanup closer to home? Please fill in your details below and help us grow interest in getting this going. 

Let's start our own West Coast Beach Clean-up

West Coast Beaches are cleaner than most. But, this doesn't mean they don't need our help. Please see the form below and get involved.

Anywhere you need it...

Does Johan pick up his trash?

We recently launched our "Anywhere you need it" campaign, in which our beach hero Johan is taking advantage of the start of summer. He sets up for his peaceful beach day of Soduko when suddenly he realises his pen has run dry. 

No stress, West Coast Office National to the rescue! We deliver his pen, emphasising our FREE stationery delivery service anywhere on the West Coast. 

We realise that some people where bothered by the fact that he pops his drink cap off, and throws his pen to the ground in frustration. Both of these instances could imply that he is littering on the beach. We can assure you that this is not the case. 

Johan cares for the Ocean & Beaches, just like we do at West Coast Office National. After a relaxing day being able to finish his Soduko puzzles he left nothing but footprints in the sand.

Join us in our campaign now to help keep the seas & beaches clean. We are serious about this and hope that we can contribute to a greener planet in the future.

Less Driving - Less Carbon Emissions

Take advantage of our FREE DELIVERY and reduce the carbon footprint of our road activity. Our weekly delivery routes ensure that we only need to drive out to your area once a week.

To an office, Stationery is a constant need not all that unlike food for humans. Hopping in and out of your vehicle to get office supplies (even we talking about  coffee too) also has an impact on the planet. Let one of our consultants check your office needs on a regular basis and make sure they get delivered in one go. See our vast variety of available products in the catalogue. More info in the link below.

Here's Johan, if you havent seen him yet...

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