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Everything You Need to Know About Laminating

Protect your Documents

We all get into a flat spin sometimes. And as the deadline nears and you find yourself slurping through coffees and lunch at your desk…. An inevitable disaster is waiting to happen. Bang… and your documents are soaked in cappuccino.

Do you want  to protect your important documents? If yes, then it is the right time for you to consider laminating your papers.

What is laminating?

Let’s get technical. Lamination is the process of enclosing a material in another. Usually two or more layers are used to ensure that the new "combined material" accomplishes enhanced strength, appearance, stability or sound insulation.

A laminate is generally a permanently assembled element created by heat, pressure, welding or adhesives. In essence it a process to cover or protect one object by combining it with another.

Why You Should Laminate Your Documents?

Protection from tears and spills

The truth is paper isn’t the sturdiest material. It is also quite susceptible to rips & tears. Plus, grubby hands and liquids can easily damage the paper or compromise the contents. If you have ever spilled water or tea on an important document accidentally, then you may know how annoying and stressful this situation can be. Covering your docs in a layer of plastic will help you to prevent these types of frustrating situations. If you accidentally spill anything on it, then you can wipe away with ease.

Need something laminated?

We can laminate your A4 documents and A1 posters in store while you wait. It only takes a few minutes. We also sell lamination machines... if you going to be doing a lot of laminating.

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To preserve your documents

Another reason why laminating documents is a good thing is to preserve them. They can stay in a good condition for years, and amazingly, it won’t fade or yellow as easily. Help make your documents resistant to the effects of nature by going for UV pouches.  These provide protection to your sensitive work from harmful sun rays.

Keep things looking new - no matter how old they are....

Prepare your documents for excessive handling

Paper is fragile material, which means if you handle it too much, then it will  wear down and get damaged. Extra protection is crucial, especially for those documents that you need to handle a lot. If you know you are going to use the same paper again and again then consider covering it in plastic. In the long run it will save you money (as well as time) as you don’t need to re-print your documents.

Enhance the look

If you want to enhance the look and feel of your documents, then the best thing you can do is laminate them. Colour documents, presentations or instructional charts will not only last longer but stand out and shine.

What are the lamination types?

If you have never purchased a laminating machine, then you may probably don’t know that there are two different ways of laminating documents. If you are planning to buy yourself a machine make sure you have the right one for you.

Hot Pouch Laminators

These are the most popular form. They are used for encapsulation documents within a pouch that comes with two connected sides in which document is placed before sealed.

Cold Pouch Laminators

This option is best for heat-sensitive documents, such as photos & faxes. They offer much better UV protection as compared to the hot version.

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Regardless of the printing needs you have, we will find an affordable solution for you.

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