Licence Disc Sticker Printing

Licence disc stickers (otherwise known as car vinyl stickers) are an excellent branding tool. 

Just think how many hours per week the average person spends commuting to work, dropping the kids at school or going shopping in the car.

Licence disc labels are always visible inside the car window and sit on the windscreen for a minimum of 12 months.

That's why licence disc holders are a fantastic and cheap marketing tool assurring highly visible, top of mind branding opportunities.

Our License Disc Stickers are round-cut adhesive vinyls with a solid white backing. The eco-friendly ink used to perform the full-colour print job is better for the environment than regular solvent-based inks. So, not only will the sticker provide a bright and eye-catching holder for your license disc, but the strong adhesive used will also ensure your license disc stays firmly in place for the whole year.

Licence Disc holders can be printed in any colour at a standard size of 90mm x 90mm. However, if you want a different size or shape we can print any type label on vinyl or paper.

Great places to leave your licence disk holders are at car dealerships, number plate manufacturers, police stations, insurance brokers, tyre and battery fitters, or you can just distribute them to your clients as free gifts.

Always consider a CTA (call to action) when printing your disc. Lots of companies use disc holders just for branding, but why not offer the viewer something extra – like a free consultation or free wheel alignment – on the license disc label.

As a minimum, always put your telephone number on the label, and if you have room add your address, email address and website too; this will add more value to the sticker directing the potential customer to where you want them to go.

If you want to design your label yourself you don't need a license disk sticker template – it's a simple 90mm across.

If you do need help designing your licence disc labels we are happy to help you. Email us at or give our professional design and print team a call on 022 713 1111.

We are a proudly West Coast business supporting Shop Local. Living on the West Coast certainly has its advantages and when it comes to quality of life we don't think you can beat it. The cost of living is also much lower than in the city. It's those savings on printing that we pass onto our clients. 

Licence Disc Sticker Prices

At only R1.80 each you can’t go wrong! (Minimum order of 250 units.)

Quantities more than 50 but less than 249 R2.50 each per sticker.

Printing less than 50 stickers is expensive and we advise against it.
Order 2 500 units or more and pay only R1.40 each.
Artwork and postage (if not on the West Coast) not included. Prices exclude VAT.

Email us at or give our professional print team a call on 022 713 1111.

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