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Office Supplies

What if we came to you?

If you are interested in looking at a new Office Chair but don't have the time to come to our showroom let us know and we can come to you. Our team would be delighted to come to your office with ore or two demos of the chair you are most interested in.

What is on offer?

We have a wide range of Office Chairs available to try. Talk to one of our sales consultants about an office chair that suits your budget and needs. Each office chair has a set of unique attributes best suited to different situations. You can also do a little research before you call by ordering an Office National Furniture Catalogue.

Each Office Chair is unique for different needs.

Office Furniture Catalogue 

This page shows a few examples of office chairs that are available in our showroom in Vredenburg.
Please call our store on 022 713 1111 and request a full colour furniture catalog or call out store and collect a catalog.
We can also drop a catalogue at your office or home.
Simply complete the online form 

Not ready for a new chair yet? Why not repair your old one!

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