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How to use the Stationery Catalogue

The West Coast Office National Stationery Catalogue is quite an impressive book, if we don’t say so ourselves. But we do understand that these 162 pages of EVERYTHING YOUR OFFICE COULD POSSIBLY NEED can be a little overwhelming. In this video we want to show you how to use the catalogue to get exactly what you need - fast.

Focus on the Colours

Focus on the colours. As you open the catalogue, On the very first Page You will find the Quick Find Directory. All items are placed into one of 21 Categories. The categories are represented with a small icon each with a unique colour. For example the the Paper is green, pens are blue and the Coffee is red. As you flip through the book you will find these same colours on the outside edge to match up for a quick reference. Take just moment to familiarise yourself with the categories that are most relevant to your needs.

Picture, Text & Code

Once you have your page the next thing you need to focus on is the picture. Quickly identify the product, read the specs and and look at the table for the Code, which will vary based on the variety available like colour. Call us if you have any questions about a product or need help deciding what item is best for your situation. Our sales team are always happy to advise you towards the best products for you. you can Whatsapp, email or call us to get Get your own Stationery and Office Supplies Catalogue - we’d be happy to drop it off.

Flag it

You can place a Sticky flag to re-find your most needed pages even faster. The flags are on page 58 incase you were wondering.

Light it up

We like to use a highlighter to then highlight the code of a regular item. (page 81)

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