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The world is getting faster and faster. One of the dangers of this technology driven world is that things get too complicated. We have too many methods of communicating and too many expectations of instant gratification. However, it is an adapt or die situation we are facing. We need to provide people with what they want when they want it.

You get to choose your method of communication

West Coast Office National has made a point to include Facebook and Whatsapp as communications tools for toy to use. We are striving to communicate as fast as possible to allow you to make your orders as you please, because at the end of the day we really do want to make your life easier.

West Coast Office National Whatsapp: 072 592 4920

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How it works

1. Simply save the West Coast Office National Whatsapp number to your phone

2. Send us a message of what you would like. You can request a price, make an order or ask a question.

3. You can even take a picture of the items and send that.

Whatsapp is the future of Business Communication

In November 2018 Whatsapp developers (same as Facebook) have announced that they will include more tools to make the business communication even easier. We want to stay ahead of the game and start by letting you order through Whatsapp now already.

West Coast Office Furniture supplies the widest range of quality office chairs for sale on the West Coast. Office chairs include ergonomic chairs, orthopaedic chairs, kneeling chairs, mesh back chairs, leather office chairs, executive chairs, heavy duty chairs, industrial chairs, typist chairs, draughtsman chairs, boardroom chairs to mention a few and more. Browse through our 194 page fully priced website to view office chair prices and images.

Office Furniture Catalogue 

This page shows a few examples of office chairs that are available in our showroom in Vredenburg.
Please call our store on 022 713 1111 and request a full colour furniture catalog or call out store and collect a catalog.
We can also drop a catalogue at your office or home.
Simply complete the online form 

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