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 Simple hygiene measures can help protect your family’s health and everyone else's.

• Don’t touch your face

• Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. 

• Don’t cough or sneeze into your hands

• Cover your mouth and nose with your elbow or tissue when coughing or sneezing. Dispose of used tissue immediately. 

• Keep your distance 

• Maintain a distance of at least 1 meter (3 feet) from people who are coughing or sneezing.

• Wash, wash, wash your hands  

Did you know? Cold water and warm water are equally effective at killing germs and viruses - as long as you use soap and wash your hands the right way!

Twinsaver Alcohol Liquid Sanitizer

When your on the go or if soap and water are not available, using a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol can help you avoid getting sick and spreading germs to others.


Veerox Gel Sanitizer 500ml

Using a Gel hand sanitizer is easier to handle than liquid hand sanitizer and the application of the gel product is effortless.


Twinsaver Disinfect Hygienic Wipes

The value of ready-to-use disinfectant wipes are precious. Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces are critical interventions for reducing spreading of germs.


Twinsaver Interfold

100% Recycled Fibre
120 Sheets
Box contains 20 packs

Covid - 19 Personalized Posters

Personalized Posters

Prices From R38.00

Covid - 19 Distance Decals

Distance Decals

Prices From R42.00

Paper Towels

100% Recycled Fibre
50 Sheets per roll
2 Rolls packed individually
Contains 12 packs

Tidy Rolls 4PK

100% Recycled Fibre

Toiletpaper 2PLY

Twin Ply Toiletpaper
48 Rolls per pack

Free Floor Standing Perspex Screens with 25m Epoxy Steel Bracket

3m Thickness Clear Perspex Free Standing

800h x 1800mm R2352.21

800h x 1500mm  R1777.44

Fixed Perspex Screens with 25m Steel Epoxy Side Frame

3m Thickness Clear Perspex 4 Screw on base plate

700h x 800mm R1054.55

700h x 1000mm R1088.36

700h x 1200mm R1624.49

700h x 1400mm R1658.30

Desk Mounted Perspex Screens with Perspex Feet

3m Thickness Clear Perspex

500h x 600mm R587.65

700h x 800mm R660.10

700h x 1000mm R753.48

Infrared Thermometer

Measuring body temperature with fast results.


Non Woven Disposable Medical Shoes

5 Pairs per pack


TS Auto Soap Dispenser

Sensor operated - no touching necessary

Versatile unit supports many consumables

Closed system uses sealed refills to prevent contamination

TS Auto Foam Dispenser

Lockable unit prevents theft & tampering

Sealed system prevents cross contamination & is best practice

Versatile - use various consumables

TS Liquid Soap Dispenser

Stainless steel, discourages bacteria growth

Window view to monitor soap level

Refill option, allows for top up

TS Liquid Dispenser

1.2 L capacity with up to 600 washes per fill

Refillable & easy to clean pump system

Convenient viewing window to see soap level

Cotton Facial Masks

Covering mouth AND nose

Can be washed after every use


Disposable Surgical Masks 3PLY

Inexpensive masks

Wear it, dispose of it, put on a new one


Face Guard

Providing a layer of protection covering the wearer's entire face.
Manufactured from 0.3mm PET
Polypropylene adjustable headband*
Visor size 305x240mm
Unit is supplied flat packed
Easy to assemble
300 micron clear visor
0.5mm Polypropylene head band


Hanging Protective Screen

Aluminium hanging kits included

Size: 900h x 1250mm R723.50
Supplied with a 2400mm Cable (Can be cut to the correct length by the customer)
Mounting screws are not included
Can be used for both landscape and portrait orientation

Alcolin Hand & Surface Sanitizer

5 Liter
Hand & Surface Sanitiser with a pleasant odour.
Leaves hands feeling refreshed and germ free.
Contains 70% Alcohol

Hands Free Sanitizer Dispenser


Pine Gel Green

Deodorizes sanitizes and cleans at the same time
5 KG

QAC Anti-Bacterial Cleaner Concentrate

5 Liter
Used for anti - bacterial cleaning purposes
Allow 5 Minutec contact time before rinsing
Use in offices, kitchens, dustbins etc

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