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What printing you might need for your wedding day

This is just a basic list, and there are numerous other wedding-related printing products available to make your big day even more memorable, and you don't have to print everything on the list sometimes a whatsapp group or email can be very useful to keep everyone in the loop.

  1. Wedding Invitations:
    Beautifully printed wedding invitations to set the tone for your special day.
  2. Save the Date Cards:
    Custom printed wedding cards to ensure your guests mark their calendars for your upcoming wedding. You can also just email them.
  3. RSVP Cards:
    Printed response cards to track guest attendance and food preferences.
  4. Wedding Menu Cards:
    Elegant printed wedding cards displaying the delicious culinary offerings at your reception.
  5. Welcome Board:
    A welcome board is a celebration of the bride and grooms new beginning together. product wedding celebration welcome board.
  6. Place Cards:
    Personalized printed name cards to guide guests to their designated seats. 
  7. Table Numbers:
    Large printed wedding table numbers for easy navigation at the reception venue.
  8. Seating Chart:
    A professionally printed display to help guests find their assigned wedding tables.
  9. Ceremony Programs:
    Custom printed programs outlining the order of events, participants, and readings during your wedding ceremony.
  10. Thank You Cards:
    Thoughtfully printed cards to express your gratitude to guests for their presence and gifts. Also nice to hand write a reply.
  11. Wedding Signage:
    Eye-catching printed signs, including directional signs, table plans, welcome signs, and signs for the gift table or guestbook.
  12. Wedding Programs:
    Tailored printed programs for multi-day wedding celebrations, highlighting schedules and activities.
  13. Escort Cards:
    Printed cards displayed at the entrance, directing guests to their respective tables. A follow the arrow style print.
  14. Bottle Labels:
    At west coast we also print water bottle labels, wine bottle labels, champagne & sparkling wine labels.

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