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Binding your Reports
Add that Professional Touch

It  can really be embarrassing when you arrive for a presentation and you find you’ve misplaced a page.

Maybe you were about to show someone your portfolio and that pesky South Easter wind blows your work off down the Langebaan Lagoon.

Or perhaps your children simply keep messing up the page-order on that school project you helped them with.

Keeping it together
West Coast Document Binding

The simple solution is to buy a stapler and keep those darn things together. But there are drawbacks to stapling together a carefully laid out Report.

The kink in the corner will eventually look like a chewed off ear and it’s just missing that touch of professionalism.

Don’t get us wrong a stapler is really useful for binding all sorts of documents. It’s quick, easy and cheap, and guess what so is binding.

What are the benefits of binding?

There are many benefits of binding your papers . This will not only make your work look quite impressive, but it also enhances its shelf-life. Here are the benefits of putting a ring on it:

Professional look

Binding provides a professional look to your work.

Imagine your annual report, training material or CV is neatly bound on presentation day, it will surely leave a good impression on your teachers, colleagues & superiors.

Nowadays there are plenty of amazing pre-made binding covers you can use to seal the work off with a touch of class.

You can also talk to us about designing a unique cover to match your business identity.

I bound by CV with a custom cover and look at me now!


Binding enhances the shelf life of your work and documents.

Unbound papers don’t stay intact forever, easily getting separated and lost over time.

Accounts, contracts and reports are documents you will need in the future and keeping them locked together will ensure their integrity.

Filing Boxes are a great way to keep all your bound documents packed away. 

Bind it.  Box it.  Store it. 

What type of binding do you need?

Like with lamination, there are many different types of binding options are available. Let’s quickly look at the most efficient types so you can have an idea of which type is the right for what you need:

Plastic comb binding

This process is a pretty easy and cheap way to bind your important documents.

It is commonly used for regular daily office documents.

Because it only takes a few minutes to do, Moms often pop in to quickly bind their children's school assignments. 

Wire Binding

This option is similar to the above, but a much better way to bind documents to provide a more professional look & feel.

It is a bit more expensive, but is less likely to wear out over time.

Its shows a commitment to long term dedication and is great for binding a CV. Show them you are here to stay!

Slide binders

Side binders are a pretty easy and quick way for getting non-punched documents together in a logical order.

It's very popular amongst college & university students. Thesis Binding is really important to Universities.

The quick access enables for easy adding & removing of pages, which is great if you want to update your work on a regular basis.

This a way to Do-It-Yourself, saving you the time and hassle of having to run back and forth to the print shop.

Thermal binding

Thermal binding uses heat to glue the backs of pages together.

It gives a great polished look to your work. This is most often used for books.

Create your own log book, invoice books or even come and bind your Novel.

We use thermal binding to put together our very own Office National Stationery Catalogue. 

Looking for a FREE Binding Sample?

If you would like a great example of a finished Thermal Binding Product, then get your own FREE Office National Catalogue delivered to you.

Get your Work bound.
It really is quick & easy.

Send us your Work - We'll bind it quick sticks.

You can Email, Whatsapp or Drop Off your documents with Michelle in our Print Department to get the ball rolling without even leaving your Office.  Then come and collect your bound work in store or let us deliver it to you. 

Binding is a quick job that happens while you wait. Pop into our store, drop your papers or a flash-drive and get your documents bound while you wait. Or kill two birds with one stone and do your shopping at Pick n Pay right next door. 

Regardless of your binding needs you have we will find an affordable solution for you.

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