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What is Ergonomics

Ergonomics is the study of people’s efficiency in their working environment.
Change your seat, change your life, improve your health. Sitting for extend periods of time has become the norm for most office bound employees and employers.

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Designer Office Chairs in Vredenburg and West Coast

This page is dedicated to a variety of stylish designer office chairs. These are affordable office chairs that come with all the ergonomic features you need to prevent lower back ache.

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The Industrial Work Chair

This chair is build to withsatnd the pressures of industrial use. A regular office chair will not be adequate in a harsh environment like a FACTORY or workshop.

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Choose your Office Chair Arm Rests

Everyone has their own tastes and desires. That’s why we think it is important to give people options. All of our Office Chairs come with the option of a variety of Arm Rests.

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Office Chair Colours, Textures & Fabrics

What would the world be without choice. Today you can choose just about anything at the drop of a hat. Shouldn’t that be the same for your Office Chair? After all your office chair is something you sit on almost every day for long periods of time.

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Office Chair Video Demos

Please Enjoy Our Video Library regarding all things Office Chairs. A selection of our top 10 Best Selling Office Chairs are listed first –  we also have more informative Office Chair information at the bottom of the page. Don’t hesitate to call us if you have any more questions: 022 713 11 11 The Ergonomic […]

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Office Chair Demo comes to you

If you are interested in looking at a new Office Chair but don’t have the time to come to our showroom let us know and we can come to you. Our team would be delighted to come to your office with ore or two demos of the chair you are most interested in.

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Office Chair Repairs on the West Coast

You might not realise it but your Office Chair works hard, every single day. Rolling back and forth and getting up and sitting down puts a lot of pressure on certain components of your office chair. Luckily for you, you don’t need to replace your entire chair every time something breaks. At West Coast Office National we stock all the important components to fix your chair up to be good as new in no time.

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The Visitor’s Chair

Make your visitors feel special with this Visitor’s Chair!Most people have a very basic chair for their office guests, but if you think about it your visitors are very important to you and they should be treated as such. Comfort is one thing, but more importantly (cause they not in it all day) is the […]

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The Executive Chair – Office Chairs

The Executive chair is the highest quality chair in this series. The high density moulded foam is covered in genuine leather – need we say more? The Executive Chair screams Comfort & Style.

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