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A selection of our top 10 Best Selling Office Chairs are listed first -  we also have more informative Office Chair information at the bottom of the page.
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The Ergonomic Chair

The Ergonomic Chair is also Known as the Xenon, XC6 & the OXYGEN Chair. Regardless of what you call this Office Chair it is a stand out for two reasons:
A - Top in comfort
B - Locally Made

This Office Chair takes Ergonomic to the next level. Go on and support a locally made product!

The Operator's Range

We understand that times get tough and the remaining Office budget is usually looking to be spent on "more needed" items for the office first. Well lucky for you we have a solution for you to look at including a new chair with your current budget. Below is the best all rounder budget Office Chair you can find.

The Draughtsman Chair

The Specialised back rest & adjustable foot ring lie in perfect ratio to each other to compliment the needs of any Drawing based jobs. Come in and see how comfortable your life can be.

The Winston Range

The Winston or Black Back Netted Office Chair is a stylish favourite. Breathable back rest, support in all the right places and available in some super cool colours. 

You can choose from the executive, standard and visitor chair models.

The HEAVY Duty Chair

Made for the big guys! (and gals). Let's face it some people are just heavier than others. If you are tired of your chair not lasting then its time to find a chair that is built to last.

This Office Chair come with all the modified parts to support a little extra load. The Coasters are 4x4, the seat is nice and broad high density foam and the Knee joint under the seat will prevent the chair from ever collapsing.

The Manager's Range

The Manger's Office Chair is stylish and bold. The large backrest (density foam) is ridiculously comfortable for those moments where you need to be at ease. Day to day activities as a manger can have you on your feet a-lot. The best you can do is at least be comfortable when you are sitting. Go on and be a boss!

The Industrial Chair

This office chair will is for harsh environment like a FACTORY or workshop. The Industrial work chair is designed to be easy to clean & perfect for medical or industrial environments. Polyurethane surface for easy cleaning.

The Executive Range

The Executive chair is the highest quality chair in this series. The high density moulded foam is covered in genuine leather - need we say more? The Executive Chair screams Comfort & Style.

Choose Your Arms

Different things work for different people. Why not apply this to your office chair as well. Office Chair arms go beyond just style, but also take comfort into effect. Some people like to rest their elbows on their high desk, other like to rest their wrists on a low desk.
Depending on your needs you may want to consider heigh adjustable arms. The flamingo, loop and bar arms all have their benefits.

Choose your Chair Fabric Colour

We all have our favourite colours. Some colours calm & others excite... What colour do you want in your office? 

Choosing your Office Chair colour says a lot about you and can effect your outlook on your day. Use something that will compliment your style. Remember we can offer different fabrics too. Call us and find out more.

Repair your Chair

Before you run off and spend money on a brand new chair have you considered fixing up your old one?
Maybe you want to hand your old chair to a fellow colleague or someone in the office who really needs an upgrade but your wheels fell off...
Don't worry we have all the components in store to fix up your Office Chair good and proper.

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