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COLOP - PRINTER LINE 40 Standard 23 x 59mm
classin metal dater stamp
COLOP - PRINTER LINE DATER Printer R30 Dater 30mm Diameter Round
PAID Mini dater stamp

We make ordering rubber stamps really easy.

1. Write on a piece of paper what you want on your rubber stamp.
2. Take a picture of the piece of paper.
3. WhatsApp it to us +27725954929

COLOP - PRINTER LINE DATER Printer Q43 Dater 43 x 43mm Square
Classic line S2300 Plain Stamp
Colop standard stamp
Round Rubber Stamp

Rubber stamps are a versatile tool for personal and business use, providing an easy way to add a professional touch to documents, crafts, and more.
At West Coast Office National, we offer a wide range of customizable rubber stamps to meet your needs.

Our stamps come in various sizes, fonts, and colors, from colop and trodat giving you the flexibility to create a stamp that are self inking and can be custom created to the highest quality for your business
Whether you need a simple address stamp or a stamp with your company logo, we have a range of stamps that cover every service and product, the stamps are quick and easy to order and our turn around service only takes a couple of days.

Ordering your custom rubber stamp from West Coast Office National is simple.
Choose your stamp type, upload your design or enter your custom text, and select your ink color. Our experienced team will create a high-quality stamp that is both durable and long-lasting.

We offer a variety of stamp types, including self-inking stamps, pre-inked stamps, and traditional wooden handle stamps.
Each stamp type has its own unique advantages, and we're happy to assist you in selecting the one that best meets your requirements.

At West Coast Office National, we take pride in our high-quality products and exceptional customer service.
We provide quick turnaround times and competitive pricing, so you can get the stamps you need without breaking the bank.

Don't settle for generic stamps that don't reflect your personal or business style.
Order your custom rubber stamps from West Coast Office National today and start making your mark!

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If your business implies a lot of daily paperwork, you need proper rubber stamps for the office.
With only one stamp you can only imprint one message on all documents. Also, it slows you down and affects your output.

The solution to your problem is using rubber stamps.

A set of customized rubber stamps can help you save time on validating documents and maximize your productivity.
You can have your choice from a wide range of personalization effects to give your documents a unique and classy appearance.

Read on to discover how to get rubber stamps South Africa!

What are Rubber Stamps?

A rubber stamp is a pocket-sized device that carries a message of choice engraved on a rubber layer.
The message can be absolutely anything you want, including the name of your brand, a logo, a date, a symbol, or a short text.

To apply the message on paper, you need to press the rubber stamp on an ink pad and then straight to the document.
The resulting stamp is a sign that you have officially dealt with that specific document.

With these rubber stamps, South African businesses approve payment documents officially or confirm various commercial operations instead of signing them.

Additional uses for rubber stamps include education stamps, loyalty stamps, stamping on food packaging and textiles, as well as arts and crafts.

How Many Types of Rubber Stamps Are There?

Rubber stamps were invented in 1886. Since then, they have evolved into different rubber stamp types, such as:

Pre-Printed Stamps

These rubber stamps come with a message that has already been imprinted on the rubber layer.
You can use pre-printed stamps to mark various paper forms, packaging, and even children’s hands in school to promote regular hand washing.

Rubber Stamp Ink Pads

These small boxes contain small pads of cloth or other material for easy stamp recharging.
You can place an ink pad on your desk to conveniently re-moisten the rubber stamp and imprint paper documents with slick, vivid stamp messages.

Numbering Pads

These rubber stamps are automatic numbering machines that make numbering document pages feel like a breeze.


Ink pads can help moisten rubber stamps indefinitely.
However, they require periodic refills to avoid drying out.
The best way to quench their thirst is with refill ink-backup solutions.

Date Pads

Date pads are some of the most popular rubber stamps.
They help you date documents, payment leaflets, and citations.

Custom Stamps

The beauty of rubber stamps is that you can personalize them in countless ways. With custom stamps, you can get unique stamps that elegantly represent your brand.
These innovative imprinting devices will never allow your company stamp to look faded or unimportant.

Save time with the efficiency of rubber stamps. Instantly date or approve documents, or a multitude of other messages can be added like “copy”, “paid” or “confidential”. order online here
Custom stamps even let you choose the message you repeat the most.

Throughout the day you may repeat a process over and over again that can be simplified with a handy rubber stamp.
Reduce the time and fatigue of writing by using a stamp to replace the action.
Having a range of different messages stamps at hand allows you to switch between and mark each document accordingly.
Hold all your stamps and keep them together in a stamp rack.
Date stamps that can be updated daily make it easy to record the right date, and numbering machines let you select the amount of duplication of individual numbers.
We also have DIY stamps kits and custom stamps.

Preset message stamps provide a broad range of commonly used business words and phrases in either single colour or 2 colour. Messages include “approved”, “completed”, “posted”, “urgent” and “received”.
Custom stamps let you tailor the message to your business, such as your contact details.
With pre-inked stamps you can stamp repeatedly without having to refill the ink between each impression.
Or you may prefer to use traditional stamp pads and ink for a classic experience.
Stamps offer a convenient and efficient way of marking your documents clearly and reliably.

How Much Do Rubber Stamps Cost?

A rubber stamp is a safe and productive investment for any business, no matter how small.
It helps you date and imprint documents, stamp packaging, and other products quickly and efficiently.

The price of rubber stamps is cheap.
You can make them yourself, but it will take time and money that you cannot afford to waste.
In fact, buying rubber stamps online is a bargain in comparison to making them at home.

Where to Buy Rubber Stamps Near Me?

If you are looking for rubber stamps for sale, you have come to the right place!

We offer a wide range of rubber stamps that includes all the types of rubber stamps above. Also, we sell ink refills, ink pads, and other rubber stamp accessories.

printer oblong stamp


Create new marketing opportunities with our printer line stamp. Newly designed with a branded plastic cover, the stamp integrates all the advantages of a stamp with a sleek and modern design. Or find the ideal custom and embosser stamp for reliable repeated use. 

To stamp, a stamp needs a pad and ink. We stock metal stamp pads and endorsing ink from all the leading brands including Foska and Penguin. Find pre-printed, self-inked stock text stamps and repeat the same message up to 20 000 times before having to re-ink. The stamps come in a variety of ergonomic designs and sizes to make sure your stamping work runs like clockwork.

We also have numbering stamps and embossers for you in our stationery catalogue to leave the marks you need on the documents that require them. Order online today, and we’ll deliver it anywhere on the West Coast for free.

We make ordering rubber stamps really easy.

1. Write on a piece of paper what you want on your rubber stamp.

2. Take a picture of the piece of paper.

3. WhatsApp it to us +27725954929

West Coast Office National via WhatsApp on +27725954929 or email ink@pencil.co.za

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