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Why is Printing on Vinyl so Expensive?

Why is vinyl printing so expensive?

It's important to ask for the right vinyl based upon the application.
The price difference between thick, high-quality vinyl and thin vinyl in the printing industry can be quite substantial and is primarily driven by the materials' distinct characteristics and intended applications.
Thick, high-quality vinyl, often known as premium or cast vinyl, commands a premium price due to its superior durability and versatility.
It can endure harsh weather conditions, UV exposure, and heavy wear and tear, making it ideal for long-term outdoor signage and vehicle wraps.

In contrast, thin vinyl, like calendared vinyl, is more cost-effective but may sacrifice some durability.
It is commonly used for short-term indoor applications like posters, wall graphics, or temporary promotions.
The pricing reflects the specific project requirements, where thick high-quality vinyl offers reliability and longevity at a higher cost, while thin vinyl provides a more budget-friendly option for projects with shorter lifespans or less demanding environmental conditions, making it a versatile choice for a range of printing needs.
It can costs as little of R150 for an A1 print on based upon which vinyl you print on.

What is vinyl used for 

Vinyl plays a pivotal role in the printing industry, serving as a versatile and durable material for various applications.
Its widespread use can be attributed to its exceptional qualities, including flexibility, adhesive properties, and vibrant color retention.
Vinyl is extensively employed in creating eye-catching graphics and signage, from outdoor banners and vehicle wraps to indoor decals and floor graphics.
Its ability to adhere to a wide range of surfaces, including glass, metal, and plastic, makes it a preferred choice for branding and advertising campaigns.
Furthermore, vinyl is a popular medium for creating intricate designs through techniques like digital printing and die-cutting, allowing for intricate and customized prints.
In the printing industry, vinyl stands as a reliable and innovative material that elevates the visual impact of marketing and communication materials while ensuring durability in various environmental conditions.

Make your mark with signage

There is no doubt that signage attracts your eye.
It is one of the most cost-effective and simple ways to create brand awareness with minimal effort. Here at West Coast Office National, we can provide the best Banner printing service on the West Coast.

What do you think of our new Vinyl Signs?

Let your potential clients know who you are and what you do.

Signage is any kind of visual representation which conveys information to a target audience about any office, store, street, park or building. Signs can provide a couple of purposes which include promoting, identifying, providing information and giving directions or raising safety awareness.

Drive down the street, and you will see road signs demonstrating you at which speed you should drive or the directions to a nearby town. At the workplace, you should see health & safety and other types of signs guiding you about your way.

Your business needs to be as obvious to the passers-by as these everyday signs. At first glance people should go: Ah thats where they are. Ah thats what they do.  And that is all about branding.

Vinyl Banners - Durable & Affordable

The most commonly used material in the sign making industry is vinyl.

When it comes to making banners, vinyl is one of the most preferred materials and all credit goes to its durability and affordability.

Whether you are a business seeking a way to promote your new store using a sign, or an event planner seeking an incredible way to guide guests to the right destination, any purpose, vinyl banners are one of the most versatile and affordable signage forms.

What is Vinyl?

Many people are familiar with the terms vinyl banners, vinyl flooring, vinyl siding, etc, but you may still not know what it actually is.

It is not a natural material, but synthetic man-made substance. It is plastic made from chlorine and ethylene. When both substances are processed, they form PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), which is commonly known as vinyl.

Discovery of Vinyl

In 1920, it was first created by scientists wanted to build a material, which would aid in manufacturing daily-use products. Things that were simple and easier to develop, cheaper, and more durable as compared to what was available at the time . At present, vinyl is the 2nd largest manufactured plastic resin all over the globe.

Because of vinyl's durability and flexibility it enables it to roll and unroll for convenient shipping, printing, and installation. Vinyl banners are becoming increasingly more and more popular form of advertising. 

Advertising that will enhance your business

Because of its cost-effective, durable and lightweight nature, vinyl banners are the ultimate investment for advertising your business. Not sure how it works? Don’t panic!
Below we will explore some interesting facts about advertising & branding, and how it helps you have a greater exposure to your target customers.

 Cost Effective, Customisable & Versatile

You can order vinyl banners in bulk or as an individual print. The material used is not expensive, so if you already have a design in mind you pretty much just need to go to print.

Vinyl banners are easily customisable in terms of size, color, and design. This provides you the flexibility to make your banner your own. It is recommended that you have your banner colourful and bright, and try to choose the color that stands out or represents your business CI.

Hang your sign just about anywhere. Fixed feature, roaming or store them for next event, this is the perfect option. Vinyl is light weight and easy to hang or move in various places both outside or inside. Its durable nature makes it an ideal choice when it comes to having outdoor signage.

Attention Grabbing

When creating your banner, you should remember that most of the people are attracted to a banner containing fewer words.  Get to the point and make a bold statement. Vinyl banners are the right choice when it comes to conveying a precise message to your target audience.

Logo & Brand Awareness

There is no doubt that brand recognition is one of the major parts of success for your business. Vinyl banners are a great way to reinforce your logo or brand design.

Wedding Vinyl Printing

Weddings are an expensive affair, lets us help you save on your printing.

When print you Wedding Celebration board print it on one year vinyl, not four year vinyl as its half the price and you only need it on your special day.

A1 print can cost as little as R150 on the 1 year vinyl

Here are a few other items you might need for that special day.
Eye-catching printed signs, including directional signs, table plans, welcome signs, and signs for the gift table or guestbook.

Tips for Designing an Eye-Catchy Vinyl Banner 

For effective branding, creating a banner with a relevant message is crucial. Here are some tips you can follow to design an impressive banner.

Go for a Simple Message 

When it comes to the world of signage, less is more. It means that short, concise and clear messages are more attractive to the target audience. A successful banner is very simplistic in regards to the text content. Remember that no one has time to read a long paragraph, and that’s why keeping simple, is an essential thing.

Size Does Matters

Obviously the space you have is restricted to the space you have. 

When creating a banner try to maximise the use of the available area, because honestly bigger is better.

Consider Color 

Your banner color should match the identity of your brand.

So, choose the color wisely as it can have –a greater impact in attracting target people towards your banner. 

Graphics and Fonts 

When it comes to picking fonts and graphics, the key is simplicity. Avoid fonts that are quite hard to read, especially from a distance. Graphics must be in high resolution, and complimentary your message.

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