Writing and Correction Supplies

Whether you are working on a school project or a new novel, you cannot do without stationery supplies. Writing down your ideas, plans, and to-do lists is more efficient than storing them on an electronic device, where a software error can have you lose all your work forever.

To some may seem redundant, but having pen and paper handy can help you take notes quickly and have them last a lifetime. From school children to famous artists, everyone needs high-quality writing materials.

Types of Writing Supplies

Below is a writing supplies list containing all the stationery items you need to complete your projects.

Correction Supplies

The beauty of writing by hand is that you have to focus on every word you pin down on paper. There is no “backspace” in handwriting. So, when you make a mistake, you have to come up with a nifty idea to correct it without making the text unreadable.

Fortunately, you can edit your writing mistakes with correction pens, fluid, and tapes. Children are used to these types of school supplies saving their homework and exams.

When you opt for top-quality correction supplies from brands like Croxley, Pentel, or Pilot, you can count on them making your writing projects error-free.


When it comes to writing supplies, you cannot do without professional markers. They are ideal for highlighting important notes, underlining ideas, or covering mistakes in your text.

Markers come in various shapes, sizes, and colours. You have permanent markers to use on packaging or markers that wipe off a glass or school boards. They are easy to use, and most brands, like Luxor and Edding, produce marker pens that last a very long time.

If you are looking for decorative markers for your art projects, you can easily use high-quality markers from Artline.


The pencil is one of the oldest writing tools. You can find them in school stationery, writers supplies, artists, and carpenter materials. They come in numerous colours and tip thickness. Some have a traditional design and boast a wooden casing with a lead tip. Others are mechanical, technical, or with a clutch.

Pencils are ideal for taking notes, writing text that you can wipe off with an eraser, or colouring books and art materials. You can always use high-quality pencils from top brands, including Staedtler, Nexx, and Pentel to complete your projects in style.


The pen is one of the most popular writing supplies for authors. Many artists prefer using a pen for its classic and elegant design. Also, school children can improve their handwriting by using a pen instead of a pencil.

Like many other stationery supplies, pens are available in many forms and sizes. Some of them are rollerball, and others are ballpoint or fountain pens. You can always count on top brands like Max Frank and Parker to provide you with top-quality pens.

Pens and pencils are still an essential part of everyone's life, even in this digital age, its still faster to full a pen out of your pocket and write a note, or record a voice note on your phone you cant find again. 
Pens aren't going away any day soon, on contrary they are being re introduced back into the school curriculums because children are not learning the motor skills they need.

Being able to write is a basic human function and fundamental to education.
Being able to choose what to write with is a personal freedom and fundamental to the joy of writing.

We have the luxury of choice when it comes to writing instruments, with something for every possible writing situation. 
You’ll find the pen you prefer to write with, or the marker you need to make a permanent statement, or the marker you want to be able to remove, or the highlighter you like to emphasize with, or pencils, sharpeners or correction. 
We have bulk buying options to keep you on budget, plus premium tools for specialized tasks or for the pure joy of a small indulgence.

Most of the time you’re going to know exactly what you’re after in a writing instrument, whether it’s the day-to-day convenience of a reliable pen, or coloured markers to make your work pop. 
For the times you’re not quite sure, we are here to help you find what you need. 
You’ll also benefit from accessories like pencil sharpeners, pencil cases, and our range of correction products. 
Our pens come in every style, from ballpoint or gel to retractable or fineliner. 
Keep your stationery cupboard stocked with a variety of pens, pencils and markers to meet the needs of your workplace.


Make sure you have what you need within reach with our wide range of writing and correction stationery. Start over with correction tape and fluid available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Erase mistakes with quality erasers.

For the times that forgetting is not an option, stock up on markers and kokis. We have everything you need from permanent markers to whiteboard markers to kokis of all the colours you can think of. Highlight important information, take down notes and more.

If you need to pencil in an appointment or make a sketch, we’ve got you covered. From H to HB through to B2 you’ll find what you need. Keep your pencils sharp with state-of-the-art sharpeners and erase without a trace with quality erasers. Have a look at our sundry offers and stock up on executive sets.

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You can count on West Coast Office National writing supplies to provide you with all the writing materials you need.

If you are working on a school project or an artwork, you will find it easy to order stationery online. We have all types of the best writing materials available, including pencils, pens, correctors, pen leads, ink refill, and markers.

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