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A1 Colour Printing

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Poster & Plan Printing Solution on the West Coast

Printing anything bigger than an A4 page starts to become tricky.
Most people only have a regular document printer at home or in the office, which is fine most of the time.
But what if you need A1 colour printing - and you need it now?

When that odd project comes along and you need print a poster sized colour image or document, you usually have to drive off to some far away print shop right?
Then get sent home to get a higher resolution image and then back again. STOP RIGHT THERE!!!

We can deliver your A1 prints to your door or you can collect them from us in Vredenburg

A1 Printing cuts the cost

A1 paper is the second largest  size in the selection of available printing options. We recently acquired a brand new A1 Colour printer.

Ordering A1 sheets is more cost effective than buying pre-cut paper. We can now either print your full A1s or even cut your A2 & A3 posters  for more cost effective results.

If you only going to use the printer a couple of times a month rather talk to us about setting up a regular print run and cut your costs. 

         Standard paper sizes A series from A0 to A10

Printing Process

Two things are important here. How much does it cost and when can i have it!!!

Rather than printing one colour page at a time we can now process loads of your final product in one go.
No Colour print is too big, small or difficult. We want to get it done now.

Our goal is to be efficient as possible and that means we must implement a printing system that works for you.

What type of A1 Colour Printing do you need?

We can think of a number of reasons to get it done. Is it on this list? If not let us know anyway....

Event Posters

Are you hosting an event?
Perhaps it's in the arts like a band playing down the road in Langebaan or a school theatre show right here in Vredenburg.

Create Colour Birthday Banners Or Year End Function Notifications.

Let people know you want their attention.
We can help protect your colour poster from the elements by either laminating it putting it on hardboard for you.

It's actually quite important to have a massive print of the building plans on site, for all the contractors and project management team.

Building plans are also mandatory for the municipality who require lots of A1 colour plans printed.

Builders and Architects rely heavily on these to keep your building on schedule and up to standards.

Colour Plans are useful for quickly identifying which sections and systems are where. 

Make sure you don't mix those plumbing lines with electrical ones.

Extra Tip - Place your A1 Colour Prints in an open area so that when contractors have discussions and meetings they are not standing in a tight passage way.

Product Promotion

Ever noticed how often your local Spar or Pick-n-Pay changes the posters on their walls?

That is because prices and products keep changing.

Keep your customers up to date with your latest offerings, products, services & specials with regular new colour posters. 

Wedding Notices

  • Welcome Board:
    A welcome board is a celebration of the bride and grooms new beginning together. product wedding celebration welcome board.
  • Wedding Signage:
    Eye-catching printed signs, including directional signs, table plans, welcome signs, and signs for the gift table or guestbook.
  • Seating Chart:
    A professionally printed display to help guests find their assigned wedding tables.

    More Wedding Information
  • Health & Safety Notices

    We'd like to say this is an absolute must for any business to have mounted on the walls. Keep the guidelines of the health and safety rules BIG and VISIBLE to avoid disputes when things go wrong.

    It's unfortunate but one must protect oneself, but at the end of the day you also want to protect your employees so make the rules speak out loud and clear.

    Restaurant Signage and offers

    An alternative to the chalk board option is to print your Menu on A1 Colour sheets. 

    Naturally the design is very important to prevent your menu from looking cheap.

    Our high quality Printers will do the trick.

    Let us know if you need help with your designs.

    Classroom Posters

    Visual Educational posters are vital to a child's development.

    We all remember those ABC and 1+1 posters in our first class room.

    With thousands of templates available online you can pick and choose the educational posters that best suit your classroom.

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