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Affordable custom made essential oil labels

I am your designer, a liaison – I interpret the idea in your mind that needs to be put on paper – or rather in this case an essential oil label design for your amber bottle?

You have created and sourced, alchemically mixed together essential oils and blends that need branding. In my experience this means you need the correct bottle and an appropriate label to move forward. The constraining factors also involve the budget available – how large are you batches, what are your cheapest options if you are just starting up an essential oil business and most importantly what free content is available for you to lower your business costs so that you can focus on the fun part of creating and marketing your essential oil products.

Essential oil labeling requirements

Let us start with the ‘what’ of essential oils? As a practice of aromatherapy, alleviating and assisting in physical and mental ailments, can lead the way in the design process, the look and feel of your essential oil label template. First and foremost do you have a logo to represent your brand, colour palette and a secondary font that is legible enough to read at 4 pt, as essential oil labels are normally quite small so that they can fit onto 10ml – 50ml bottles. There are a variety of bottles available, clear, amber and even blue glass bottles. We need to set the size of the label and decide what type of label you are going to print on. Most essential oil labels are printed on white vinyl because the bottles are normally on an amber glass bottle, and as essential oils are highly concentrated liquid – they can often destroy most papers and plastics – and thus it is advised to use waterproof labels for essential oil bottles and in glass bottles. Vinyl stickers are the most durable for essential oil labels but unfortunately they are not recyclable. However, there are also cheaper options, if you want to save money. You can print the labels yourself on Redfern or tower labels, there are a variety of sizes to choose from and you can use your home inkjet or laser printer.

With essential oil label requirements it is a good idea to give a clear indication if they are organic or pure aromatherapy-grade oils with traceability, primarily the scientific name, quantity, ingredients and as a secondary element providing some information on its uses, safety instructions, directions, contact details and barcode label.

Like most custom essential oil label designs, they can be adjusted to the needs and criteria of your choosing, however including primary and secondary information can inevitably put your product above the rest. 

In some cases it is all a good idea to add the following into your designs – especially if you want to start stocking your products in places like Dischem, and health stores, a placeholder for the barcode label, and whether or not it is FDA approved or in most cases include the following details, “This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”

Free printable essential oil labels

Are you looking for an affordable cheap essential oil labels diy? Office National has A4 inkjet and laser labels for DIY printing – see link or page 48 in the catalogue.

Printing essential oil labels free from hassle is a great way of getting started after you have your essential oil label design.
You can even print your various designs onto your essential oil template, for example five lavender essential oil designs, one Frankincense and four Rose Geranium on one A4 page, which can save time and money if you only create stock after the order has been placed.
There are a number of sizes available to you for essential oil templates: I would recommend using Templates: A, C, E or S depending on the size of your 10ml and 20ml bottle- for 50ml bottles I would recommend using H and Q templates. (Refer to Image below)

Custom essential oil labels

Looking for essential oil label designs for a start-up business? No problem – we’re fully equipped to assist you in the manufacturing and supplying of small-batch label printing. This includes:

DIY Labels 

  • Tower Label templates
  • Redfern Labels templates

Vinyl Stickers

  • Clear Vinyl Stickers
  • White Vinyl Stickers (matt and gloss)

Custom Label Stickers

  • Paper Label Self-adhesive stickers

Deciding on what’s the right design for you

How can we assist you, do you need a Quote to compare your printing options?
We can also help you with your designs and sizing them to fit your ready-made essential oil template, or designing your custom label from scratch.
Giving your product the opportunity to look and feel professional and addressing the correct target market can go a long way. The design and quality of your print is equally important as your product.
Let us know how we can help you.

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