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How to print a

barcode label?

What is a Barcode Label?

Barcode labels can be found everywhere, supermarkets, packages, books and almost every product you buy at a store. Barcode labels one rule is simplification - reducing human error to an encode that transfers data without any problems. 

What is Label Printing?

These self adhesive labels are made by printing onto a construction of 3 layers: a release liner, a layer of adhesive and the face material. There are a variety of adhesive labels that can be printed. They can be trimmed most conveniently as squares or rectangles. Matt self adhesive is best suited for small run digital label options, such as barcodes

Printing custom barcode labels with your home printer can be easy, however it is a good idea to first determine if it is more effective to print your own by comparing the cost vs quality and efficiency of printing your custom labels.

If you need a small batch of simple black and white barcode labels, printing at home can be the convenient way of printing your labels. However, if you need a wide variety of labels in a variation of sizes and colors using a Label printing company may be your best option. 

Whatever your needs are regarding label printing, you can count on us to meet your expectation.

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Barcode Sticker Labels

Barcode Label Printing Service

Printing Your Own Barcode Labels

There are a variety of high quality templates and premade sticker labels that are right for you. Two of the most popular are Redfern and Tower labels. Redfern labels have a variety of templates available for you - and the dedicated support on how to use them. 

Can you print barcodes labels using a normal printer?

Yes, you can use a standard desktop inkjet or laser printer to create barcode label stickers using label sheets or alternatively you can use thermal printers that print onto label rolls, like Tower Labels. Check out our other Product Labels.

How To Print Barcodes Labels with Excel And Word

For Word use the following steps:

  • Switch to the Add-Ins tab.
  • Open the TBarCode Panel.
  • Select the barcode type (e.g. Code 128).
  • Enter your barcode data.
  • Adjust the size of the barcode
  • Click the button Insert Barcode. 

For Excel use 'Mail merge' fields for example the customer number in a column can be selected directly and then printed as barcode. The ‘Mail Merge’ option allows you to use a basic template that prints several labels at once with the same or different content at one go. 

Where can I print barcode sticker labels?

If you do not have time to print your own high quality barcode labels and stickers let us help you. 

At West Coast Office National we print various adhesive labels.

  • They can be trimmed as squares or rectangles.
  • Matt self adhesive is best suited for small run digital label options, such as barcodes.
  • Our A3 sheets are crackback for full colour and apply for a quick turn around.
  • Your labels can be printed in full colour or black and white.
  • More and more as run lengths increase we find that printing on a roll is a more economical solution.

We can help you create premium quality labels for you products including barcode label stickers. Stay ahead of your competition with eye catching custom labels. 

Each type of sticker or label has a unique set of prerequisites. We can use a variety of vinyl's & sticky paper to best suit your product.

We print custom made labels and stickers for any of the following categories:

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