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What type of label 

is right for your product?

The first question to ask in labelling is what are you printing for?  We make labels perfect for products ranging from jars, bottles, packets and even refrigeration and freezer products.  What we need to find out is what is the most effective in solving your product challenges. 

So let’s start by finding out what you need :

Do your stickers need to be durable, water resistant or match the texture (gloss or matt) of its product and background. Often paper self-adhesive labels are used to stick onto paper bags or accompanying documents, while most product based stickers use vinyl stickers. 

Which is the best - paper or vinyl stickers?

Vinyl stickers are customizable sticker labels and are made from durable vinyl. Vinyl Sticker Paper is a synthetic man-made material which has an adhesive backing. Vinyl material is much stronger than paper labels as they cannot be torn off easily. The benefit of Vinyl stickers include:

  • Durable
  • Don’t fade easily
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Can handle harsh outdoor conditions
  • Long-lasting
  • You can print small batches

Vinyl stickers are popular as most businesses prefer vinyl for their durability and are great for small to large product based businesses because they are fully customizable.

White Vinyl compare to clear vinyl

Can you print vinyl stickers with your inkjet or laser printer? 

Most printable vinyl can only be printed on an inkjet printer as laser printers can reach up to 400 degrees and get too hot and can melt the vinyl paper.
Any model of Inkjet printer using ordinary inks is suitable for printing vinyl stickers. Once the design has been prepared, ready for print, load the vinyl and set the printer. Print on the chalkier side if you are unsure which side of the vinyl which side to print on.

The best suited printer for professional vinyl printing would be a large format inkjet printer because they are specifically built to run on roll.

Should you print your own labels?

If you want to print your own labels it won't require you to purchase special ink for the printing application. That means the costs will be minimal on your end. Additionally, you won't have to wait too long for the print to dry.

What should you put on your label?

  • Product Name
  • Logo
  • Units of measurement: quantity of product
  • A short description, or tag line.

Where can I print branded labels?

If you do not have time to print your own labels let us help you.

Using a print company can also be hugely beneficial to the production of your business - as it can be more efficient, you have a team of professionals leading your print application.
No need to service your home printer. Is vinyl paper too costly? Always running out of ink?
While your prints are prepared you can focus on making the products, however make sure you give the printers at least a week to deliver your prints -

At West Coast Office National we can print vinyl stickers to almost any size that you would like. Matt vinyl is the most popular for sticker labels. Your stickers can be produced on matt vinyl or gloss vinyl.

Other uses for vinyl include:

  • Our advanced machines can cut to any shape pre-designed by you or us with an outline of any shape or letters.
  • die cut lettering or
  • company logos trimmed out of the vinyl for window or
  • vehicle branded application.
  • Bumper stickers & License labels more commonly on gloss vinyl.

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