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Make your Customers feel welcome...

Office National has a large variety of Reception Furniture available. So much so that it's best to talk to one of our sales consultants to find something that suits what you are looking for. Our catalogue will give you a direction but coming into our showroom will give you a feel for the real thing. 

Reception Desks

First impressions are often lasting. Make people feel like they have walked into the right place with the best looking reception setup.

A reception desk is not just about attraction, but it is also very important that it is functional. Make sure your receptionist has space and privacy to keep all those incoming requests organised.

Comfy while they wait

Your reception area is not just a place to interact with your customers but often also a waiting space. Make sure they are comfortable while they wait.

West Coast Office National has a great selection of seating for large offices which require people to wait to be served or small intimate offices for one on one appointments.
Whether its public seating or a couch we can help you.

Free Office Supplies Furniture Catalogue

Call our store on 022 713 1111 and request a full colour furniture and office supplies catalog. We can also drop a catalogue at your office or home.
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Let's get decorative

Why not make your reception a happy place. One thing that always works well are plant. We can arrange coffee tables, plants, coffee machines, magazines, print posters & office plants in pots to match the rest of your decor.

Come try a chair in our Showroom:

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