How Many Types of Paper Are There?

Knowing all the different paper types for printing helps you complete a printing job successfully from the first try.

However, there are multiple sheet types and sizes for every kind of paper. Also, they come in different coatings and weigh differently. After a while, memorizing all the types of paper names and characteristics becomes impossible.

Fortunately, we have created this short guide to printer paper to which you can return every time you need to differentiate between the many types of printing paper.

The Most Popular Types of Paper

Whether you need it for an office task or a school project, high-quality bond printing paper makes the difference between a mediocre print and an eye-catching one. Pick the best type of paper for your print job from the options below:

Copier Paper

Also known as copy paper, this type of paper has thinner sheets than other types of paper products. It is made from water-diluted cellulose, and it is ideal for printing advertising copies and newspaper copies. Some of the best copier paper products come from prestigious brands like Rotatrim and Typek.

Board Paper

Many institutions use board paper for its excellent properties and patterns that enable a clear presentation of critical information and facts. Board paper is easy to read and understand, so it is ideal for quick and effective correspondence. You can find high-quality board paper products from brands like Kalideck and Grafton.

Cash Register Rolls

This product is one of the most popular printing paper types gsm 80-120 grams. You probably get a sample from it every time you purchase something in a store. Most businesses use it for their cash registers and calculators. If you have a physical business where you sell products for cash, you need cash register rolls.

Continuous Paper

Also known as stationery paper, continuous paper is a product that many companies use for their dot-matrix and line printers with appropriate paper-feed mechanisms. Most continuous paper sheets have holes punched along each side so that the paper can pass through the printer and a tractor-feed device.

Colour Paper

Also known as construction paper and sugar paper, this product is one of the most popular types of paper for craft. It has a rough texture and an unfinished surface due mainly to its origin of wood pulp.

Colour paper is also ideal for your kid’s school projects. It is one of the most suitable types of paper for art, so you can use it in various structures to create an artistic effect.

Speciality Paper

Specialty paper comes in many forms and sizes. The larger type of specialty paper is ideal for high-quality prints. You can use the smaller ones to print fliers and payslips, among many others.

Without paper, your printers won’t run and neither will your office. Paper is needed for everything from taking notes in a meeting to putting together a presentation. Without paper, faxes won’t come through and the copier won’t work. Paper – from a piece to a ream – is essential to keep your office functioning.

As a paper supplier, we have arguably the biggest range in the region. Let your imagination take flight with exclusive premium bond paper suitable for all printers, copiers and fax machines, with ultra-whiteness and smoothness guaranteed. Or choose from leading paper brands like Rotatrim, Typek and Double A.

Standard paper sizes A series from A0 to A10

Paper Types

If it’s coloured paper you’re after, we have deep tints, pastel tints, marble and more. Stock up on laser paper specially treated for brilliant colour reproduction. Or have the colours of the rainbow on hand with a ream of mixed coloured paper for use in mono/colour copiers, fax machines and inkjet printers. Boards are ideal when you need paper with some extra stability, stiffness and bulk. As with our paper selection, we have a variety of coloured boards available.

Make sure your cash register is never without paper with thermal or bond cash register rolls. Keep the printing production line going with continuous feed paper available in eyeline, blank and pastel. Stock up on laser payslips and specialised paper for use with Pastel/Sage accounting software.

We also have thermal fax paper, copier paper and a wide range of other specialty paper in our catalogue. With us, you’ll never have to run out of paper of any kind ever again. Order today online.

How to Order Printing Paper of all Types

Finding the best type of paper for your printing project can be difficult. That’s why we are here to help you with a wide variety of printing paper products for all kinds of uses and purposes.

You do not have to memorize all the paper type definitions. Contact us TODAY and discover how you can buy printing paper online. Ask us about our printing paper stocks and visit us to buy printing paper in our store.

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