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Affordable Custom-Made Cosmetic Labels

The quality of a product determines half of its saleability. The other half relies on its label. Consumers have a knack for attractive, well-designed labels that give them the information they seek in a simple yet friendly manner.

Whether you are selling imported goods or self-made products, the label that you stick on them will determine the profitability of your venture. Here is where affordable custom-made cosmetic labels come in handy. Our short guide to designing eye-catching DIY labels will show you a cost-effective alternative to commercial labelling.

Cosmetic labelling requirements

Importers from South Africa often have to deal with labelling challenges. They find great cosmetic products overseas, but they cannot bring them to the South American market because the packaging does not meet South African cosmetic labelling requirements.
South Africa's labelling requirements are available in the Foodstuffs, Cosmetics and Disinfectants Act (Act 54 of 1972), and the various amendments to the Act. Here are some of its most important specifications:

The label needs to give the following information:

● Brand name

● Product name

● Manufacturer / packer / distributor   name and street address

● Country of origin

● Manufacture and expiry date

● Batch number

● Product size or weight

● List of ingredients with the word ‘Ingredients:’ at the start of the list

● The names of any preservatives or colorants used in the product

● If a nutritional claim is present on it, then the label must contain a nutritional table.

● The label must be in English.

● Any product with healing or medical claims needs to be registered at the Medical control council (MCC).

● Any product with slimming or muscle enhancement claims needs to be registered at the MCC.

● The labels may not make claims that could be misleading to the consumer.

● The products may not contain any banned ingredients, such as hydroquinone (used for skin lightening).

You must have a good grasp of the labelling requirements for cosmetic products in South Africa before advertising them for sale. Even the slightest mistake or omission, like forgetting to include the barcode label may prevent you from launching the product.

Free DIY printable templates for cosmetic labels

Whether you make them or import them, selling cosmetic products is a profitable but tiresome business. You need to be in constant contact with retailers, sellers, affiliates, marketers, and customers, as well. The costs of these operations may deplete your resources, both financially and time-wise.

If you want to save money on labelling, you can choose to design the labels yourself. Cosmetic products come in all shapes and sizes, and so do their labels. By creating custom-made labels for the goods you sell, you enhance their uniqueness and set them apart from similar products on the market.

We provide templates for free printable cosmetic labels DIY to help you save money on commercial labelling. Our collection includes preset layouts for jars, bottles, cans, and all types of containers in which cosmetics are usually stored.

Making your own labels has never been easier!

You can go about it in various ways, depending on whether you prefer using your artwork or the one that we provide. You can also create a label from scratch and start with our simplest cosmetic label design. Next, you can choose from a variety of sizes and select the best size for your custom product labels. You can have your pick from multiple templates that have Redfern or tower formats.

Printing Your Own Cosmetic Labels

The next step in creating your custom cosmetic labels template is printing.

There are easy steps that you need to follow to complete this process, and the first one is deciding on the product that you want to print labels for. Our collection of custom cosmetic labels includes various designs that you can apply on jars, bottles, packets, and even on refrigeration or freezer products.

Additionally, you can print barcodes labels on both Redfern and tower templates. The barcode label is the most common form of a label, and it appears on almost every product available on the market.
When you have a small number of products that need barcode labels, you can easily print them at home. However, if you require a substantial number of them, you might want to employ the services of a label-printing company to cut costs and production time.

Printing your own cosmetic label design at home is easy when the layouts are simple, and you don’t need a huge number of labels. More so, you don’t have to buy special ink for printing them, so the cost will be small.

Here are some of the details that you must include on your labels:

Check the labelling requirements in South Africa that we mentioned below, and see which ones apply to the product for which you are making these labels.

Product Name


 Units of measurement: quantity of product

A short description or tag line

Manufacture and expiration dates

Batch number

Product size or weight

Can you print cosmetic labels using a normal printer?

If you opt for vinyl labels, you can safely print them at home on a regular inkjet printer. Using a laser printer for vinyl would end up melting the labels because these machines reach up to 400 degrees.

After deciding on the design, prepare the file for printing, and load the vinyl paper in the printer. Make sure you print on the chalkier side to get the best out of your labels and not to damage the material.

Your best choice of the printer should be a large format inkjet printer. These devices have been purposefully designed to run on a large roll, and there are fewer difficulties in producing high-quality labels.

We can provide you with a printer if you don't have one available. Our offer of printing machines includes thermal label printers, Epson printers, and brother colour label printers, among many others. 

Where can I print cosmetic sticker labels?

Sometimes, printing your own labels may be too costly or time-consuming for you. That’s why we are always ready to print your labels and make your job easier.

Why Print Professionally?

When you use the services of a print company you have the guarantee that a team of professionals will take proper care of your order. The result is always of the highest possible quality, and the production times are shorter than when you print the cosmetic labels free at home.

Save time and money

Additionally, you do not have to worry about servicing your home printer or running out of ink midway through printing. You get to focus on other areas of your business and have more time to develop other products while we print affordable custom-made cosmetic labels for you.

Quality Prints

Our offer includes waterproof labels for cosmetic bottles and oil-resistant labels that will enhance the quality of your products and make customers appreciate your business even more.

Print any shape or Size

At West Coast Office National we can print vinyl stickers to almost any size that you would like. We use the latest generation of printing machines that can cut to any shape or outline you choose.

Some of our top-quality services include:

At the moment, we print all types of labels on A4-size paper and vinyl on our top-of-the-line Epson Printer.

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and we will gladly help you with every step of printing your custom-made cosmetic labels at an affordable cost. We can provide you with full professional support from A to Z, including designing the labels and choosing the printing material.

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