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The market for nutritional supplements is expanding at lightning speed. There are thousands of vitamin solutions for countless conditions, and your products have to compete with them. Having unique, custom-made labels for your dietary supplements may convince consumers to choose your vitamin bottles over those from the competition.
The best way to make your products stand out is to adorn them with eye-catching label stickers of your own design. Consumers prefer DIY nutraceutical labels, whether you are selling imported goods or self-made products.
Our short guide to designing attractive dietary supplement labels will show you an efficient alternative to commercial labelling that will save you money in the long run.

Dietary Supplement Labelling Requirements

South African import companies have to deal with labelling issues all the time. They often encounter popular nutritional supplements in other countries. Unfortunately, these businesses cannot bring them on the market for dietary solutions in South Africa because their packaging does not meet the dietary supplement labelling requirements in this country.

South Africa's labelling requirements are detailed in the Foodstuffs, Cosmetics and Disinfectants Act (Act 54 of 1972), and the various amendments to the Act. Here are some of its most important specifications:

A label for dietary supplements must provide the following information:

  • Brand name
  • Product name
  • Manufacturer / packer / distributor name and street address
  • Country of origin
  • Manufacture and expiry date
  • Batch number
  • Product size or weight
  • List of ingredients with the word ‘Ingredients:’ at the start of the list
  • The names of any preservatives or colorants used
  • If a nutritional claim is made, then the label must contain a nutritional table.
  • The label must be in English.
  • Any product with healing or medical claims needs to be registered at the Medical control council (MCC).
  • Any product with slimming or muscle enhancement claims needs to be registered at the MCC.
  • The labels may not make claims that could be misleading to the consumer.
  • The products may not contain any banned ingredients, such as hydroquinone (used for skin lightening).

It will be easier to get the necessary authorizations to put your products on the South African market once you understand the labelling requirements for dietary supplements in South Africa. You will need to ensure that they will include all the necessary data from the barcode label to the list of ingredients.

Free DIY Printable Templates for Supplement Labelling

The industry of nutritional supplements is a fertile ground for many successful ventures. If you can make or import dietary solutions, you can make a reasonable profit from selling them. However, because it is so profitable, this niche provides stiff competition. Your business requires plenty of time and energy that you have to deliver 24/7, not to mention all the money that you have to invest.

A reliable method of saving money and other resources is to design the labels yourself. Dietary supplements are available in various types of containers, and so do the labels that accompany them. Custom-made labels for your products will make them stand out in the eyes of consumers and help you occupy a dominant position on the market.

Our offer includes templates for free printable supplement labels DIY to help you save money on commercial labelling. You can have your pick from a multitude of labels that fit nicely on any type of vitamin container, including jars, bottles, cans, and boxes.
Designing your own vitamin bottle labels is now easier than ever!

We want you to have full creative control over your labels, so you can either choose our artwork samples or use our ideas to create a label from scratch.

Additionally, you can opt for a label size from a broad collection of dietary supplement labels and print them on Redfern or Tower formats.

Printing Your Own Vitamin Labels

Once you have set your sights on a custom-made supplement bottle label template, you can move on to printing it.

You could start by deciding on the product that you want to print labels for, and you can choose it from our collection of custom printed supplement labels.

Remember that you can print barcode labels on both Redfern and Tower vitamin bottle label templates. The barcode label is the most common form of label and appears on almost every product available on the market.

Some companies have a small number of products that need barcode labels, so they choose to print them at home. 

Nevertheless, if you need a substantial number of them, you should opt to delegate this task to a professional supplement label company to cut costs and production time.

Printing your own dietary supplement bottle label design is easy, even in the comfort of your home. The main advantage of this operation is that you don't have to buy special ink for printing them, so you save some money in the short-term.

Do not forget to include these details on the stickers before supplement bottle label printing begins:

You can always return to this article to check the labelling requirements in South Africa that we mentioned below and see which ones apply to the product for which you are making these labels.

Product Name


Units of measurement: quantity of product

A short description or a tag line

Manufacture and expiration dates

Batch number

Product size or weight

Can You Print Supplement Labels Using a Normal Printer?

Some of the most popular dietary supplement stickers are vinyl labels. You can easily print them at home, and you won’t need anything else than an ordinary inkjet printer. Avoid using a laser printer for vinyl since this machine reaches temperatures as high as 400 degrees, and it would melt the labels.

Once you decide on the design, prepare the file for printing, and load the vinyl paper in the printer. Make sure you print on the chalkier side to get the best out of your labels and not to damage the material.

For a home printing job, you cannot do better than a large format inkjet printer. These machines can run on a large roll, and you do not encounter any issues when producing high-quality labels.

We can provide you with a printer if you don't have one available. Our offer of printing machines includes thermal label printers, Epson printers, and Brother Colour label printers, among many others.

If you need to buy vitamin and supplement label printers online, contact us today!

Where Can I Print Supplement Labels?

Printing dietary supplement labels at home is easy and fun when you have a small number of them to design and produce. However, when you have a large print job and thousands of labels to create, the entire process can be tedious, costly, and time-consuming.

We want to make printing vitamin labels easy, which is why we are always ready to print your labels and provide you with high-quality services.

Why Print Professionally?

We put a team of professionals at your disposal to help you with designing and printing your dietary supplement labels. We guarantee short production times and cost-effective solutions that will benefit your business more than when you print the dietary supplement labels free at home.

Save time and money

When you use our services, you do not have to worry about servicing your home printer or running out of ink midway through printing. In return, you get more time and energy to take care of other areas of your business.

Quality Prints

Our offer includes waterproof labels for dietary supplement bottles and stickers that are oil-resistant to improve the looks and quality of your products.

Print any shape or Size

At West Coast Office National we can print vinyl stickers to almost any size that you would like. We use the latest generation of printing machines that can cut to any shape or outline you choose.

Here at West Coast Office National, we take great pride in providing top-quality services and products when it comes to printing vinyl labels for dietary supplements. Our machines include some of the latest devices in printing technology.

Here are some of the services in our offer:

We print all types of labels on A4-size paper and vinyl on our top-of-the-line Epson Printer.

If you need help with printing custom-made dietary supplement labels at an affordable price, do not hesitate to contact us.

We guarantee a wide array of full, professional services, including designing the labels and choosing the printing material.

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