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Have you ever noticed how fun it is to go to stationery store? Ok so maybe you didn't because you had to go because you were short on staples. But if you've ever gone to the store with your children you will notice that they actually enjoy visiting a stationery shop. You know why? COLOUR!!!! CHEAP WONDERFUL COLOUR.

Walking in to West Coast Office should be a therapeutic experience. Take a walk down the aisles and feel how the colours absrb int the soul and you start to feel in control of your life. Stationery may be something we are forced to buy - but its cheap and you can buy lots of things. Stationery can make people happy... try it it really is therapeutic. 

West Coast Stationery - Back to School Prices

Have you looked at our new back to school prices? We have put together the lists to get you the best prices on the west coast for your children's back to school needs.

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Spoil your kids and visit our stationery store, it's therapeutic! 

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