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Affordable custom made lip balm labels

Lip Balm Label designs are kept in containers such as plastic or glass Jars, tin cans and tubes. Before deciding on the lip balm design and lip balm label type it is best to choose your chosen container and the amount per product. This can give you a good jumpstart into the labeling process.

Lip Balm labeling requirements

It is important to keep in mind when creating a lip balm label design that the text is legible. In a 10ml jar the diameter of a lip balm label template can be as small as 26mm not leaving a lot of space to provide your lip balm sticker with all its information.

Lip balm requirements include: Logo (brand identity), Flavour (scent/fragrance) and Ingredients.
If you are using a jar for your lip balm, it is often a great idea to provide two labels. The front should focus on drawing your customers to your eye-catching lip balm design; this can be the colour choices, the hierarchy of your typography, brand focus, and the most beneficial ingredients. The second label is secondary information such as barcode label and the full ingredients list. 

If you would prefer to save on costs and only want one lip balm label - you can still use the same sequence for creating your lip balm design.

Lip Balm labels need to have a strong adhesive label so as not to unwrap on the corners, as they will most often be carried in bags, handbags and pockets. Lip balm and other Balms can be made from a variation of oils and scented with essential oils, making it a necessary lip balm requirement to use waterproof labels that are oil and water resistant, similarly to Essential oil label stickers. These vinyl label stickers are highly durable, flexible and have good clarity for legibility of your small text, making them an ideal sticker for Lip balms.
Lip Balm labels aren't the easiest to label as they are small containers, cylindrical or round, small in size and require a safety seal.

Free printable Lip Balm DIY labels Stickers

Redfern and Tower labels have lip balm templates available for your chosen jars and containers. They are extremely cost effective and you can even print them in the comfort of your own home using your inkjet or laser printer. These free printable lip balm labels are perfect for barcode labelling.  

These free DIY templates are easy and quick to use as you simply run the A4 paper sheets through your printer, as you would a normal sheet of paper.

Do it yourself: See pages 48 49 & 50 in the catalogue

Custom made labels -Need Labels

Do you need a Design for your Lip Balm DIY label printing?

You can print as many or as few labels as necessary and have it cut to any size and shape for your lip balm label design and container. Currently all product label printing we can do on paper (A4 sheets) and vinyl on the Epson printers. If you need any cosmetic and lip balm labels based on your specifications let us know your requirements.

Creating custom Lip balm labels and stickers can be simple and easy. While keeping the lip balm labelling requirements in mind, there are still a number of printing options available to choose from. Do you want to print on clear vinyl or white vinyl on gloss or matt; or self adhesive paper labels? 

Custom made labels - Need a Printer?

We have a variety of thermal label printers, and Epson and brother colour label printers available perfect for printing your lip balm label stickers.

See printer machine pages 51, 52 & 53 

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